Antonio Brown unhappy after Emmanuel Sanders critiques Big Ben


Former Steelers and current Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders said recently that his current quarterback is a better leader than his former quarterback. One of his former teammates isn’t happy about that.

Responding to Sanders saying that Peyton Manning is “a far better leader” than Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown lashed out at Sanders.

That was terrible,” Brown said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “You don’t throw the quarterback under the bus, the guy who makes you what you are.”

After realizing he had stirred up a controversy, Sanders took to Twitter to try to clarify.

“I never said Ben wasn’t a leader,” Sanders wrote. “I just said Peyton is a better one. I have nothing but respect for Ben as a man and as a player.”

But when a fan asked Sanders about Brown’s comments, Sanders seemed to take umbrage.

They throw dirt on my name-that means they still dig me,” Sanders wrote.

The folks in Pittsburgh won’t dig Sanders’ comments about Roethlisberger, but Sanders was just giving his honest assessment: He’s in a position to know, and he says Manning is a better leader than Roethlisberger.

86 responses to “Antonio Brown unhappy after Emmanuel Sanders critiques Big Ben

  1. It’s not that Pittsburgh didn’t want to keep Sanders. They didn’t want to keep him at that price tag with his injury history.

  2. Personally don’t like the Steelers or Big Ben but that is a super lame thing to do on Sanders part. Ben is what helped you make all that money, be a better man than that.

  3. Sanders was name dropping in Denver and now he will continue to football drop as well.

  4. Sanders says Manning works harder in preparation than Ben, is that really news to anyone?

    Manning works harder than any other player in the league that’s not a secret.

  5. Sanders has not even played a regular season game yet.. Sure Manning can lead better in OTA’s,Training Camp, & after practice. Regular season maybe, but in playoffs & SB’s not so much. Sanders will learn that very soon.

  6. Ben would still be throwin Sanders the ball if Sanders had the hands to warrent a contract extension. AB put up 1,500 yards and freaking Jericho Cotchery put up 10 TDs with that same QB you’re throwing dirt on, so maybe it was you who needs to work on things.

    AB is that dude.

  7. Funny how steeler fans always bash their ex players….especially their wrs. But when they played for the steelers they were the best ever.

  8. Wait till Sanders drops the third down passes then you will see the true Sanders.

  9. Ben’s win pct in regular season, playoffs, and SuperBowl trumps Manning. This is the media trying to start something. Both QBs are leaders and both will be in HOF one day. Hopefully this is a learning experience for Emmanuel. Everything you say can and will be taken the wrong way by the media. All propaganda!

  10. Does any honestly think ben could even compare to peyton as leader? Bens done a lot to lose respect and peyton hasnt, other than choking in the superbowl…

  11. He should have said that they are both great quarterbacks but just have different styles.

    Always take the high road. You’ll always be glad you did.

  12. People can’t say the truth anymore.

    It’s known that Peyton works hard and prepares like crazy. It would be difficult for anyone to outwork him.

    Peyton leads by example, is there early and late and he bugs his players.

    He sends texts to new guys, seeks them out, walks up and introduces himself to them etc…

    He doesn’t sit back and coast.

  13. Its too bad that Ben is nothing compared to Russell Wilson. Wilson is easily the best QB in the history of the NFL during his first 2 season. Seahawks Nation is so proud of this young man, as he is practically Jesus personified wearing a #3 jersey. I am thrilled that the Seahawks are the absolute best run organization in all of professional sports. The REAL 12th Man supports you.


  14. Sanders is obviously right. He roasted Big Ben pretty good though. Settle down Antonio.

  15. denver defense may struggle to assimilate all the new talent. sure talib and ward are great defenders. and maybe ware has some gas left in the tank. but can the entire defense jell as a unit, particularly with 3 new prima donnas ?

    chances are it takes awhile…if at all.

  16. I can’t wait until he drops some passes and Manning tears him a new one.

  17. It’s funny how nobody talks about how Roethlisberger has twice as many rings as Peyton. Ben was a beast during the second Super Bowl run and led them in 2010 with a solid run in the playoffs.

    As dominating as Manning has been during his career (he obviously outproduces Ben in the regular season), I’m not sure he’s been as good in clutch moments and the playoffs as Ben has been.

  18. How can grown men have such thin skin? Keep up the never ending victim-ology, progressives. I know you don’t see this as a by product of your evil incessant whining about everything but it is.

    So many taking offense to very little now. It’s disgusting.

  19. Come on man you could of kept to yourself. Don’t trash the man after you left town hoping to catch more passes from Peyton. Remember he got you paid!

  20. Being a victim of Roethlisberger SB 2 minute comeback attempt I think highly of him as QB.

    However PM is a great QB also as well as a great human being. Which is the better leader on the football field is like comparing Washington to Lincoln.

  21. I wonder if he had played for DEN first, and was then traded to PIT if he would have said the same thing?

    My new QB is better than my old QB.
    I bet he would have…

  22. If Peyton is such a great Leader and a Better one than Ben, maybe Peyton would have conveyed to the wanting receiver that you don’t run your mouth about a previous team or teammate. Perhaps Sanders should listen more than talk and when he does have something to say, it may actually have some merit. He’s just mad cause he ain’t a steeler anymore.

  23. I’m inclined to side with the pro-bowl receiver (Brown) over the guy that’s been a starter for one season in the league (Sanders).

  24. Sanders will have much better numbers now that he’s with manning. And comparing SBs is asinine. Ben was gifted his 1st one by the zebras & actually had a pretty bad game. The play to santonio to beat AZ for the 2nd was great (mostly santonio making a ridiculous catch though) but they barely beat a cards team that was just lucky to be there.

  25. Isn’t it fun to watch to fragile steelers wide receivers (who can’t make it thru a whole season without breaking down) argue with each other?!?


  26. Maybe at the end of the year when the Broncos are in the playoffs, and Sanders shortarms a critical 3rd down pass and they lose. Maybe then he will get to see the better leader and feel a little of that bus tread on him.

  27. How can you decide who is a better leader one week into training camp and have never played a live game w the person..and I hate both QBs

  28. The Steelers have one of the worst drafting records in the NFL. That’s why they lose so much.

  29. Emmanuel Sanders needs to stay after practice, good thing he’s been getting in that extra work. Now maybe he won’t be dropping all those passes.

    You tell ’em, ‘tonio! The only one of the Young Money Crew ever to amount to anything.

  30. Of course Peyton will make Sanders look even better. Great QB’s do that, and that’s exactly what Peyton is. (Watch Eric Decker disappear in NY this season forward).

    Peyton- thank you for making football smarter and being one of the greatest of all time. But you know what?

    Thank you Ben for pulling that rabbit out of the hat year after year when we could’ve been 6-10.

    You both deserve praise.

    Joe Flacco- I got nothing.

  31. Roethlisberger’s mo has always been last one in, first one out. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. If he worked half as hard as Manning has he would be a sure fire hof’er.

  32. I’m a Ravens fan, but this was low class on the part of Sanders. I watched Ngata bend Big Ben’s nose into another universe, and the dude came back and beat my team. Yes Peyton prepares more, and is a better QB, but part of being a leader is picking your team up when things are tough, and Ben has done that repeatedly. Even if Peyton is better, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that’s the case, it’s low rent to throw a guy you shared a locker room with under the bus just because you’re out of the locker room now.

  33. At first I thought the Steelers really were foolish for letting him walk. After some thought, it may have been the right move? The Broncos are a win now team. Where as the Steelers are in the middle of rebuilding. So yes it was a wise move on the Steelers part. The Steelers can always draft a great receiver in the next year or two. Along with some really good, young, fresh defensive players. Saving on the cap will help the Steelers to be right back in the Super Bowl mix again in the next 2,3 to 4 years. Good move on there part!

  34. The problem wasn’t saying Peyton is a better leader than Ben. It was when he liead about Ben not staying after practices to work with WRs who wanted help.

    Ben worked with Antonio Brown all the time and that’s why he’s now a top WR.

    Sanders didn’t put in the work and he’s trying to put that on Ben. That’s what people in Pittsburgh are upset about.

  35. I remember his last dropped pass that cost the Steelers the playoffs…

    Trailing by 8, Ben drove all the way down the field and scored a TD with almost no time remaining. On the 2 pt conversion to send it to OT, Ben trusted Sanders and threw him the perfect pass and Sanders watched it go through his arms and sat there feeling embarrassed as he cost the team the division and berth to playoffs.

    And now Sanders lets Ben and the team down again with his mouth. Smh

  36. You never heard Ben talk about all the crucial drops that Sanders had while with the Steelers, or how Sanders often had a hard time staying on the field.

  37. All the Steelers players are great. Until they stop playing for the Steelers.


  38. I’ll be interested to see how much Sanders’ new “leader” appreciates him once he starts running the wrong routes and dropping passes and fumbling.

  39. This Sanders guy wont have a lot of friends if he doesnt see things well from other peoples perspective before he talks. I think thats sad.

  40. Any sane Steeler fan would agree that Peyton is a better leader. I just don’t think Sanders needed to say “far better” and insinuate that Ben wasn’t available to put in extra work. If he said “Peyton is a great leader and his tireless work ethic is helping me to become a better player” there would be no story. Why even bring up Big Ben as a comparison?

  41. Sanders knows that his bread and butter today is Manning, and he can throw the man who got him to where he is away. Look what happened to Wallace after Pittsburgh. When the same happens to Sanders, people will know it was Rothlesberger’s ability all along that made these and others (Santanio Holmes, Plaxico Burress) the stars they were.

  42. Ben is the toughest quarterback in the league and a great leader of that team. And this is coming from a Ravens fan !!!!

  43. He just stated the obvious. Brady and Manning are far above the rest of the league as leaders. GO EAGLES

  44. Rings per year brah!
    Playoffs head to head homey!
    Overall playoff record!

    Ben has the upper hand in all 3 over Pey Pey.

  45. Liked Sanderss as a player, the only problem I ever had with him was his knack for dropping easy TD passes in the endzone which he did multiple times last season, now Denver can deal with that because he’s going to do the same thing a few times for them.

  46. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s another ball bouncing off Sanders’ stone hands and hitting the ground. It can be heard all the way to Pittsburgh.

    Peyton has too much class to say “Sanders is no Reggie Wayne. Hell, he’s no Eric Decker!”

  47. If Sanders didn’t have issues catching the ball he’d still be a Steeler…I’m willing to bet Manning won’t be as patient as Ben was.

  48. These guys are so sensitive. Awwwww, someone likes Peyton better than you …. awwww ….

  49. Manning working so hard and putting in so many hours. Ever stop to think why? He is just not as physically gifted as other QB’s and has to in order to be successful.

  50. Wait until he gets the Peyton pissed off stare and yelling tactics when he drops critical passes like he did for the Steelers. He will wish he had Ben back.

  51. Steelers know WRs are like disposable cameras with a QB like Ben.

    Nate Washington. Plax. Randel El. Santonio. Mike Wallace. Sanders. Cotchery……

    The only WRs ever to get a second contract with Ben were Hines and Santonio.

    We’ll see if you gives more value to their teams.

    Moore in Pitt.
    Cotchery in Carolina.
    Sanders in Denver.

  52. I wouldn’t trade Big Ben for any other quarterback in the NFL. Sanders is just crying because he’s going to miss out the 7th SB in the next couple of years.

  53. It should be a clue when Ben says how great he feels because for the FIRST time in his career he used a nutritionist and work out regimen during the off season.

    And sure fire HOF? Serious. Dude has two seasons with 100+QB rating during his entire career.

  54. Call me crazy, but if I were Denver heading into this season — I would trade Peyton for Ben if I could.

    And if I were Pittsburgh, and received such an offer from the Donks, I would say, “No thank you.”

    I absolutely love our guy — he’s a warrior. I love Ben, and love it even more that A.B. had his back here. Those two are REAL Steelers.

    Sanders is a fine player who will flourish in Denver, but there was no good purpose served slamming Ben in that passive-aggressive fashion he opted for.

    Ben’s Nose after his nose did its version of the Ickey Shuffle After Accidentally Getting Blown Up Legendeary Beast Ngata’s Ham Fist (and Ben still came back firing in clutch time!!!)

  55. Wow Wilson’s got under some people’s skin if you have to make up posts.

    It is a FACT, Wilson has had the best first two years in the history of the NFL. Numbers don’t lie and I challenge anyone to show me who has done better.

    Now you can say that it’s only been two seasons and he has to put together many more before being considered elite and that’s fair.

    But first two seasons, he’s in first.

  56. Ease up on putting Wilson in the HOF. Defenses in the NFL have a way of figuring guys out. If Pete Carroll is 1/2 the coach he thinks he is he’ll figure out how to keep Wilson playing at the level he has been to this point. Keep things the same and he will get eaten alive. Time will tell.

  57. How soon we forget.
    Just a few weeks ago, PFT offered a thread authored by Alan Robinson of the Tribune-Review that Antonio Brown had told him that the Steelers do or have lacked leadership. Sanders is only confirming what Brown had told Robinson just a few weeks ago.

  58. I have to laugh at all these idiots….Pittsburgh & Seattle fans. The guy makes a simple statement that everyone in the NFL already knew and the Steeler fans get their panties in a ruffle and the idiot Seahawk fans can’t focus on anything but bragging about themselves.
    Sanders meant no harm….he just didn’t say it politically correct. The players just listed Peyton as the #1 player in the NFL…..all your morons do you understand what that means? He’s the best no matter what position….they know how he leads, how he prepares…no mystery there. So don’t get upset…Ben is still a very good QB with 2 rings. Peyton will go down as one of if not the best QB of all time and no matter how much you whine or cry about it that won’t change the fact he’s the best.
    Seattle fans…enjoy the title because you won’t have it long. So keep on sending in these one sided blogs little birdies. You guys really need to put down your lighters and step away from the crack pipes….its ruining your little brains.

  59. seahawksnation12godsteam is not a Seahawks fan.

    Reread the post including the #.

  60. Since Peyton is generally regarded as one of the best QBs in the game’s history, I don’t find Sanders’s comment particularly offensive. But it’s never a good idea to make comparisons. If he wanted to praise Manning, he should have just referred to Peyton’s leadership skills, rather than discussing how they match up to Ben’s.

  61. Very well said Deb. Lately your post have been well said and on the money. Hopefully, like the steelers season! I have a good feeling it will be.

  62. Peyton clearly is the best QB in the game right now and quite possibly ever to play the game. Ben Roethlisberger would probably tell you the same, or make the statement about Tom Brady.

    However, Ben has his own way of playing the position, and quite frankly, has done it well more often than not.

    For Sanders to throw him under the bus like he did is classless. Did Roethlisberger call him out for dropping pass after pass last season? Don’t think so.

    Some people can’t just say thanks and move on.

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