Brandon Browner gets heated at Patriots practice


The Patriots signed Brandon Browner this offseason because he’s a big, physical cornerback capable of keeping wide receivers from doing exactly what they want while running their routes.

On Wednesday, the Pats offense got an up-close view of how Browner makes that happen. Browner shoved wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins to the ground after a pair of plays that saw the duo matched up one-on-one and then got into a shouting match with receivers coach Chad O’Shea that ended when other members of the team separated the two.

Browner said afterwards that he came into practice with the mindset of being more aggressive after the defense “gave up a few easy balls” in Tuesday’s session. He said that he and O’Shea “hugged it out” after practice and explained why he thought the scrapes would make for a better team.

“It gets us both better,” Browner said, via “Guys on the other side of the ball, it’s what [opponents are] going to do in guys in games. And it’s what they’re going to do to me in games … That’s my style of play. Play aggressive. You don’t want to cost your team any penalties, but we’ll let the officials do their job.”

Browner will have to cool his jets for the first four games of the regular season while serving a suspension for violating the league’s drug policy, leaving the Patriots to hope that his summer work helps his teammates enough to make the absence less of a hindrance for the defense.

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  1. It’s how he was coached to play in Seattle. All those Seahawk CBs do is push and grab. What do they expect?

  2. Get after it BB. You may be in NE but you’ll always be a Hawk in my eyes. Best of luck.

  3. Dude’s slow, if he doesn’t get his hands on you at the line of scrimmage WRs burn him. The only thing he can do at that point is get a pass interference penalty. Don’t expect too much.

  4. Guess the PEDs he used in Seattle are still in his system. We will continue to see this type of behavior from the Legion is Doomed, especially once the LOB rule is in effect.

  5. T.Y. Hilton & Anthony Armstrong wanna know why didn’t he get heated when he covered them ?? Revis has some help now as long as he stays away from the weed & PEDs.

  6. Huge fan of Brandon Browner. 6’3″ about 220 and moves better than a lot of small corners and is Grade A technically. Is a problem for any team’s #1. Keep playing physical, jamming up these MC Hammer receivers these days. Love it when I see it every time I see it.

    Panthers fan

  7. according to seattle fans hes not even that good and is on the decline…but thats any guy thats not on the team anymore

  8. I have always thought that Brandon Browner might be the scariest defensive player in the league. He’s like a MMA fighter playing cornerback. LOB GO HAWKS

  9. Scary? Hardly

    Seven Pro-Bowlers and 7 1rst rnd pks on that D. Coached up by Belichick. What’s scary about that?

  10. Pat’s fans, you got a baller in BB. He is not the fastest corner out there but he is serious about his game. He has no problem making a physical statement. The guy could deliver a clinic when it comes to bump and run and inside out technique. Covering outside in is not his forte but his length helps overcome that at times. And yes, many receivers will have a step on him 30-40 yards down the field. He typically needs safety help on deep throws. But what the man does bring he brings in spades. I hope you all enjoy him as much as we did in Seatown.

  11. It’s probably a good idea that he’s physical.
    With the patsies lack of a championship front 4 on the d-line, they’re going to need all of the fake bravado they can muster up. Good luck with that.

  12. I doubt Belichick minds this sort of passion in camp – in fact he’s not above encouraging it

    Those who say “he’s suspended half the season” (he’s not of course) forget that for the Patriots the season doesn’t truly start until the playoffs!

  13. Brandon Browner is a very physical in-your-face kind of DB. He will get receivers wanting to fight him instead of concentrating on their routes. Then he will kick their ass as well. He is a very big; verytough guy. I wish he was still in Seattle. As long as you have a big physical receiver he will be great, When you get the smaller quicker receivers, he will get burned like toast. I am sure the Patriots know this.

  14. BB did lose a little pep in his step after the groin injury…he is still WAY better than any corner the Niners have!

  15. Actually he is suspended 1/4 of the season. I’m pumped, when healthy this defense will be very scary. They made it to the ECF last year without Mayo, Wilfork and other guys oft injured.

    Now Mayo, Wilfork, Collins, Hightower, Jones, Revis, Browner, Dennard, Ryan, McCourty, and Easley look out.

  16. That’s what playing cb. Is all about! wide receivers Are bigger faster stronger nowadays, you gotta jam em and be physical with them or they’ll eat you up! Defense is doing as much illegal stuff as you can get away with. Especially with all these don’t touch each other rules, you gotta take advantage Of those first 5yards as well.

  17. He also has Revis and Dennard to cover the quicker receivers, all he has to do is take out the bigger physical one. He will have help over the top with McCourty and this secondary will be very deep and tough to beat.

    Couple that with a physical deep and versatile front 7 this defense will be very hard to play against.

  18. I watched him ragdoll Ridley on Sunday at camp. This dude is just what the doctor ordered in that old Patriot “smurf” DB group.

  19. .
    With Revis, Dennard, and an improving Logan Ryan already at CB, Browner will most likely fill a situational role. He may spend time at safety, or covering oversized TE’s like Graham and Gates.

  20. I can’t wait ’til they play the Colts. He’s gonna hit Wayne so hard he’ll think he was shot by Marvin Harrison.

  21. One more thing. With Revis locking down the other side of the field. Browner will get a lot of help, especially over the top. Pats secondary is shaping up to be real scary.

  22. Be physical, be smart and don’t get caught in the physical over indulgences. Those grey areas are all exposed this year and zebras will be looking for bumping past the first 5yds especially when playing against whiners like Peyton or coaches like Rex, they will be in the ears of the officials before, during and after every play! BB tends to emphasize these things too as well as TB so I hope they just suck it up and PLAY FOOTBALL! I CAN’T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL, YEAH!!! Welcome back NFL.

  23. Now if only some of that “nasty” would rub off on McCourty we’d have a scary defensive backfield!

  24. Yeah, real Scary Pats Defense- the hapless Dolphins with the worst Offensive Line in history and 3 missing Starters still beat them. So, yes the Patriots will tear through the AFC Least and then lose immediately in the Playoffs. No Spying -No Championships.

  25. “….and then got into a shouting match with receivers coach Chad O’Shea that ended when other members of the team separated the two.”

    Funny to hear O’Shea’s name in the news this week, in this manner. I’m sure Browner was just giving him some coaching tips on hand positioning relative to body position while route running, and how it relates to catching a football. Browner doesn’t want to be on the sideline watching easy balls get dropped again this season, forcing the defense back onto the field repeatedly, losing the time of possession battle, and exhausting the defense. He’s apparently seen the game films from last season. What went unreported was Tom Brady was standing behind Browner yelling “Yeah!!! What he said!!!” Lolz.

  26. You idiots who keep saying Roid Rage get your facts straight BB never was involved with Steroids Adderall is not a Steroid

  27. I see Pats fans now have to hear the idiocy of haters saying Browner is a roid guy. hahaha.

    He will be slightly missed here in Seattle. Lots of penalties. He does get burned by fast down the field guys. But excellent against big , tall, physical receivers.

  28. Anyone who wouldn’t love to have Browner doesn’t understand the NFL game.

    His game isn’t the same as Revis….although they will compliment each other nicely.

    Put him on the opposition’s biggest receiver, …Browner will hold his own nicely
    Most corner need help with speed guys downfield, that’s why teams have a safety

    Great player, great attitude, will be missed in Seattle

  29. Well now that he is a pat he gona end up like Rodney no more random testing and no flags simply because he is employed by kraft who helped change rules with bb this off season and he sits on the rules committe just like before the broncos afc champ they cried about the screen game and broncos got flags on most of em kraft extra cheese please

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