Cassel, Bridgewater begin even split of first-team reps


The Vikings have a trio of quarterbacks about whom offensive coordinator Norv Turner periodically has raved.  With camp in full swing and the preseason games approaching, Turner has officially narrowed his focus to a pair of finalists for the Week One starting job.

Via multiple reports, veteran Matt Cassel and rookie Teddy Bridgewater have begun equally splitting first-team reps, with former starter Christian Ponder working exclusively with the reserves.

It’s unclear when a starter will be picked.  Appearing on Wednesday’s PFT Live, tight end Kyle Rudolph said that he and the other pass catchers prefer that a decision be made as soon as possible, so that the pass-catchers can focus on working with the guy who’ll be throwing the passes when the season begins.

For more from Rudolph, click the thing in the thing below.

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  1. Think of it this way:

    Last place in the division again (and again and again) builds character, so when these players leave the horrid Vikings in search for a ring, they’ll be much more grateful when they win one.

    Outside of Minnesota.


  2. Hi haters!! Vikings are coming. 3 great drafts in row and signing a couple starters with experience that are both under 25. Stocking up on talent. And a great coaching staff. I can’t wait for this season!!!!!

  3. I think it’s become obvious that Teddy Bridgewater is going to be a fantastic NFL quarterback. This frightens Packer fans more than the thought of going on a diet or giving up beer with breakfast. The Vikings with a quarterback is their worst nightmare because they know that the Vikings’ roster outside of quarterback is far superior to the Packers’. The only thing they’ve been able to cling to is the chasm between Aaron Rodgers and Christian Ponder. No more. Cassel cuts that difference at least in half, and as Bridgewater takes over and continues to improve, the difference will quickly become too small to matter.

    At least they’ll still have all those championships they can brag about while they’re getting beaten again and again by the Vikings.

  4. Should actually be a fun preseason to watch the Vikings quarterback, linebacker, and back up running back situations work out. Let alone the new look schemes on both offense and defense.

  5. i want to thank teddy for having a bad pro day as well as all the dumb NFL execs who relied solely on that pro day in making their decision not to draft him. kid was a baller in college and ever report sounds like he is going to be a talented NFL QB.

  6. The NFC North rival’s fans should fear Bridgewater being a legitimate franchise QB. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

  7. Saying you’re even with Cassel does NOT mean he’s becoming a “great NFL QB” – not even close….

    Because he wouldn’t be there if Cassel was a good QB to begin with.

  8. I think in the long term it might be better that Cassel start. The first 6 games are against some of the best teams in the league and there is no need to destroy his confidence if he isn’t ready. I think part of TJack’s and Ponder’s problem was they were not ready for the big time and they never recovered (well, and a lack of reading defenses).

    Bridgewater has plenty of time. Rodgers sat behind Favre for three years. If Cassel falters or struggles during the first six, then Bridgewater can replace him. If Bridgewater is as good as people think, giving him another few weeks to digest and learn the pro system can only help him. Instant gratification is nice, but in the long run it may be better if he has some time to learn.

  9. Poor Vikings three quarterbacks who are as bad as Ryan Leaf,Akili Smith and David Carr. Guess they will look towards next years draft to find a quarterback. Patriots will dominate them

  10. 6-10. Which is an improvement for the Vikings.

    Homer Simpson has better luck with a rubik’s cube than the Vikings have at solving their QB situation.

    What a dumpster fire.

  11. All 6’3″ and 195 pounds, Twiggy Teddy will be broken long before the Packers get a chance at him in week 5. He’ll be happy to be put out of his misery, of course. But then again, he’ll never be out of his misery while in Minnesota.

  12. If it wasn’t for Minny’s tough schedule, they should start Bridgewater in week one, but since they face mostly top teams until week 5, let’s not burn him.

    How ironic that the “bad pro day” guy, the one who was bashed every day is the one that’s most likely to start, unlike Johnny Mediaball and Blake Gabbert.

  13. What a hot mess this is going to be all year. If I didn’t enjoy destroying you 2x every year so much, I might feel sorry for Viking fans. ..


  14. There is no shortage of Qb’s who played very well in college and proceeded to stink it up once they hit the NFL. Some of them even won the Heisman Trophy, others were national champions. It’s the single hardest position to hit in the draft, just ask Spielman as he has just wasted his second 1st rounder in his attempt to climb out of last place, yet again.

    So until any one of the three Qb’s comes out and throws for 400 yards and 3 TD’s with a QB rating north of 110 in a regular season game, I am not going to get too excited about who splits what in the first week of training camp. Playing Qb for the Vikings is like being the recreational director on the Titanic, on paper its a great job, in reality, the ship is going down.

  15. Viking fans either don’t understand the game or are in denial about how awful their team really is. They boast about their draft success but none of that has been proven on the field yet.

    The Vikings draft in the top 10 every year because they finish in the bottom 10 every year, even though they always play a 4th place schedule. So while GB plays Seattle (SB champ) and Philly (Division winner), Minny gets Washington and St Louis (cellar dwellers like the Vikings). Given that, it’s still a lock that GB will finish ahead of the Vikings anyway…as usual.

    These facts are not open for debate.

  16. Carl Gersch knows that TB has the it that’s y he never post any comment bc he’ll be embarrass when TB torch them yellow heads in little town WI. It’ll be fun watching him put the dirt on those clowns mouth in WI. Soon, they’ll be crying like they did when Brett lose the Championship game in 07 and left those losers crying 2:00 am dark/cold in the morning. TB being humbled and desire to learn will bring him greatness in MN. Jealous jealous packs here. SKOL!!!!!!!!!!

  17. He’s projected to go 1st pick and them Texan clowns are stupid enough not to draft this guy due to bad throws at work out. We got a steal n he’s a steel. Will torch those yellow pathetic clowns in WI for years to come. They better get Favre back if they wanna win. SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Y’all do realize TB has yet to throw a pass in the nfl right? I’m anxious to see him play, but to pronounce him the second coming when he hasn’t taken a snap yet is just stupid. Why don’t you wait and see how he actually plays before puffing out your chests so much? It’s pathetic how desperate some of you are for a winner.

  19. And with that, The Minnesota Vikings have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs! What an awfully special group of people up there in Minnesota…finishing last in the NFCN year after year takes talent. Delusional fans that continue to cheer for them, well that equals short bus special!

  20. Oh, it’s so fun for the Vikings to finally have a story about them that they can click thumbs up for!

  21. I’d like to know if rick spielman understands that when it comes to the quarterback position, quality far outweighs quantity. But good old rick seems to like having three guys compete for that spot. I wonder why this team always struggles passing the ball…

  22. gotta love packer fans, bridgewater hasnt played one down in the nfl and he’s already a bust. why did rodgers ride the pine for 3 years behind favre? if he was so great they would have benched favre right?

  23. If I were a Packer fan (and Im not) I don’t think I would brag about winning the division last year considering it took the Lions, And bears to fall apart to do it!! And then what do they do? The go one and done like they have for the last four years so brag away idiots

  24. The point of splitting the repetitions is purely for John Sullivan’s sake. They figure if he can snap the ball into the small space of approximately 31.62 square inches (total, ) he can snap that ball into the hands of anyone. The smaller the target, the more accurate you become. Sullivan needs the work and Bridgewater continues to benefit this team in ways not previously considered.

  25. I would think that a rookie quarterback in his fourth training camp practice being even with a 10-year veteran would be a positive thing, but Packer fans apparently think he’s hit his ceiling. Brilliant take.

  26. The only thing that the Packers can honestly say is that they have won more super bowls. All that proves is that they had better teams during whatever year they had won. But, truth be told, since 1966 the Vikings have won the Division 18 times to GB’s 13. Vikings have had 27 playoff births to GB’s 20. So granted the Packers have won the Superbowl 4 times, but history shows the Vikings have had more success and better teams throughout the years.

  27. So you’re saying Rogers was Favre’s equal from day 1? And speaking of Rogers, Teddy has a lot of the same chaactoristics. SKOL ON

  28. I love how Packer fans think it’s clever to put ‘SKOL’ at the end of their comments…that’s hilarious. What’s next? Gonna ask how many Super Bowl trophies the Vikings have?? God you clowns are so predictable and pathetic.

  29. Not saying TB has proven anything, but even you trolls know that if after 4 days of training camp he is looking to beat out a former pro bowl, playoff caliber qb it can’t be a bad thing.

    I wonder where you’ll be when Rodgers has his second year plagued with injury cause the great Ted Thompson won’t put together a line to protect him….

  30. I could imagine Manziel playing for the Vikes…Johnnysota,Manzielopolis, whatever madness beer creates, but after losing some key players,you guys seriously think you’ll compete with anyone in that division…with Cassel or Bridgewater? I’m tuning in!

  31. I see people are saying how good can he be if he’s even with cassel. I think the point here is that if he’s even with cassel already a few months into his career, then he looks to have a bright future. It should only go up from here. Good luck to him, hope he succeeds. The better the QB talent in NFL, the more entertaining the league will become.

  32. Viking’s fans say Packer fans are delirious, and here they are getting all hyped up about another rookie QB. Maybe Bridgewater will be good, but he hasn’t even played a snap yet. Also, I don’t understand the comments about getting Favre back if we want to win. Are you saying we can’t win with Rodgers?

  33. It’ll be fun to see Teddy try and hold the ball while playing outdoors later this year, I hope his 12 year old asian girl hands can grip it when the temp drops. Poor Vikings, lost the heart and soul of their D, and now they don’t even have the best running back in the division. Two easy wins for GB, thanks queens.

  34. The only quarterback competition that matters is the ones during the regular season. You know, against other teams. So until they put either one of these guys out there who cares. History is the only gauge until quarter 1 starts, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic about this situation.

  35. This guy was rated number one at a time and knew his pro day must have been a fluke. I wanted this guy as Vikings new QB and his drive to be great and his passion to win is just amazing. At this rate he will start sooner rather than later. Still a bit sceptical if he should start right away though.

  36. The Vikings would LOVE to go one and done in the postseason. For the Packers, it’s a travesty. For the Vikings, it’s Mardi Gras.

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