David Wilson out this week, will see his surgeon on Monday


Giants running back David Wilson went to the hospital for a battery of tests after suffering a burner during Tuesday’s practice, but that won’t be the end of the medical evaluations for a player who had spinal fusion surgery last year.

The Giants said Wednesday, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, that Wilson will visit Dr. Frank Cammisa on Monday. Cammisa performed the surgery on Wilson and will presumably checking to make sure that Tuesday’s injury didn’t adversely impact the structural repairs made during the operation.

Wilson will be out of action until at least that appointment, which means he won’t be practicing this week or facing the Bills in the Hall of Fame game on Sunday. That game is one of five that the Giants will play this preseason, so there will still be a lot of time for Wilson to shake off any rust during the preseason as long as the doctors feel that playing won’t create further problems.

It also gives the Giants time to be cautious in bringing Wilson back, something that will almost certainly be their preferred course of action given the nature of Wilson’s injury in 2013 and his quick return to the medical report this year.

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  1. I justed watched film of DW’s awesome talent returning kicks, breaking into the backfield to score against the Saints his rookie year.
    BUT, he runs into his own OG with his head down and now his playing football at RB, unlike Kiwi who had a very similar fusion, is gambling with his life.
    His spine is “narrowing” which means it could be a serious threat to him, anytime he gets hit.
    I hope the giants, like good parents, advise this 23 year old, that he could be a ‘wheelchair” person unless the doctors rule that out, somehow?
    As a giants/football fan, it concerns me every time he carries the ball, another Daryl Stingley I could not handle.

  2. This is not a good start to the season for we Giants fans. Wilson probably done. And the entire WR corps seems to have become one huge hamstring injury.

    Anyone else feeling the Coughlin 8-8 coming?

  3. I am seriously scared of seeing this guy paralyzed or worse on the field one day.

    Not sure playing football is worth the risk for him, but he must make that determination. Would be a blow to my team no doubt but would rather see him walking and talking than the alternative.

  4. Cammisa did my mom’s neck surgery after a serious car accident with a tractor trailer. He’s a beast. If he performed Wilson’s surgery and cleared him before this latest incident, I’m confident that it’s just a routine burner like anyone can get. Fingers crossed for DW.

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