Jerry Jones doesn’t “make a lot” of Raiders meeting with San Antonio

Tuesday night brought news of the Raiders talking to officials from San Antonio as part of what the city manager called “preliminary due diligence” about a possible move to the city for the stadium seeking team from Oakland.

There’s no sign that any move is imminent, not least because any relocation would need the approval of 23 other owners. One of those owners has had his team hold parts of training camp in San Antonio in the past and Jerry Jones called the town “very important” to the Cowboys franchise while discussing word of Raiders owner Mark Davis’ conversations.

Jones didn’t say whether that importance would make the Raiders moving to San Antonio problematic, but he didn’t sound overly worried about having to protect the Alamo from outside invaders.

“I don’t make a lot of this. At all,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s not … something I necessarily would be familiar with. Again, my interest in San Antonio is because how important it is to the Cowboys, and our history of having our training camp there and the fact that we’ve got such a tremendous fan base in San Antonio.”

Jones and Texans owner Bob McNair will surely have more to say if things move forward in San Antonio. For now, though, they can focus on getting their own teams back into the playoffs.

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  1. Maybe cowboys can move to Toronto that would leave the two most competitive teams in Texas problem solved

  2. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this as a Raider fan. I’m torn…personally. I want my team in a real stadium making true revenue and competing. I’m from Maine so not being in Oakland stings but I’m displaced anyway….I don’t know.

    What I do know is that any argument that the State of Texas has 2 teams and that’s enough is just foolish. They can handle it. California has 3 teams and none are in it’s biggest market. Texas has 1 NHL team, 2 NBA Teams, 2 MLB teams and 2 NFL teams….California has 3 NHL teams, 4 NBA teams, 5 MLB Teams and 3 NFL teams.

    San Antonio can handle it without any true affect on the Cowboys or Texans.

  3. Because it’s the lamest attempt to gain leverage EVER. Nobody’s buyin’ it & Mullett Davis shouldn’t be sellin it.

  4. What is the distance between Dallas and San Antonio? 250 Miles? On the East Coast the NFL might have 3 or 4 teams bunched up like that. Houston might be 200 miles away.

    Bottom line is, if a great football state like Texas shows it can support 3 NFL teams. Then why not? 23 other owners who do the profit sharing dance might not worry about Jones/McNair who are going to make a lot off of that team.

  5. This move by the Raiders, of course, is nothing more than a bargaining ploy with the city of Oakland.
    But if there is a chance of moving, why on earth would you not simply move to Los Angeles? Could someone please explain to me why L.A. is off limits to the NFL? What is the deep, dark secret that the second largest market in the nation can’t field an NFL team? How could San Antonio, about the size of Milwaukee or Portland, be considered a better market with two established, hardcore, fan bases in Dallas and Houston already in place?
    When the Rams were in L.A. they had great success, yet the Rosenblooms moved out of L.A. for St. Louis of all places.
    What is the deep, dark hole that makes L.A. unworkable?

  6. San Antonio is such a lame threat. The market in San Antonio will continue to grow for years but it’s too small right now, the Cowboys own that market, anyway. Everyone knows the league would want them to move back to LA, and would pressure the bejeesus out of them to do it. My thought is this: if the Raiders left Oakland, and didn’t move to LA, no team will ever go there. EVER.

  7. Secretly Jerry is fuming. He knows that if this happens the Cowboys would instantly be Texas’s third best team. Which I don’t see why he would have a problem with being its their customary place in the NFCE.

  8. Cowboys are hemorrhaging fans to the Texans around SA (at least until last season) due to 3 straight 8-8 seasons and piss poor ownership decisions. Not to mention SA fandom finds it hard to travel up there just to watch the game on the big screen and pay $40 to park, $25 for hamburger and $14 beers.
    Bring the Raiders over and we’ll have a new silver and black team to root for!

  9. 99% of Raiders fans are from Mexico, so it really just makes sense.

    The other 1% are white trash who feel tough dressing up as skeletons and splashing warm american beer on everyone from the cheap seats.

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