Jim Harbaugh annoyed with questions about Aldon Smith


The 49ers didn’t have linebacker Aldon Smith at practice today because Smith was in Los Angeles, dealing with the fallout from an April incident in which he was accused of making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport. Coach Jim Harbaugh wasn’t in the mood to talk about it.

As reporters questioned Harbaugh, he was having none of it. Here’s the transcript:

Is LB Aldon Smith here today?

He’s in Los Angeles?
“What’s that?”

He’s in Los Angeles for his meeting there?
“He’s not here today.”

You can’t say where he is?
“No. Is that my responsibility to tell you where he is?”

You’re the head coach of the football team.
“Yeah, OK. Well you seem to already know. He’s going through a process.”

Then there’s a couple of places he could be. New York being one of them, Los Angeles being the other. He’s in the latter.
“OK. I don’t know if that was a question or a statement?”

Harbaugh answered five follow-up questions without providing reporters with any relevant information. Bill Belichick would be proud.

64 responses to “Jim Harbaugh annoyed with questions about Aldon Smith

  1. I see a future in politics for Harbaugh. Anyone that can talk for a half an hour without saying anything relevant to the subject at hand is a natural.

  2. How would the reporters get relevant information if they don’t ask any good questions? All I see are 4 lousy questions and 2 lame statements, none of which were sincere or productive. That’s a very disappointing effort and Harbaugh’s responses are higher quality than what was offered his way and sufficiently informative anyhow.

  3. This guy is a throwback, and I for one have no problem with it. And the guy can flat out coach, and cares not at all what you, me or anyone else outside the Niners organization thinks.

  4. I love Jim because he makes it so easy to hate the team that lost the NFC Championship. … And the Super Bowl before that. … And the NFC Championship before that.

  5. I heard Aldon Smith is real annoyed with harbaughs super tight Wal-Mart khaki collection.

  6. Jim Harbaugh better hope he never has a losing season. If everything goes wrong one year and the Niners finish 6-10 it will be amazing how quickly “Throwback” turns into “Petulant 6 year old.”

  7. Most childish coach in sports. Has an aneurysm every time something doesn’t go his way, flailing around like a duck with a broken wing. Great coach, moron personality.

  8. Well, Harbaugh makes millions of dollars and someone like Aldon Smith makes millions of dollars for one reason and one reason only–because the media decided they were in love with professional football. It is not because of Harbaugh’s excellent coaching or Smith’s excellent play because if that as the reason, then we would know about excellent coaches and players in water polo or badminton. No, it’s because the media and the public fell in love with football. So if Harbaugh wants to make a mockery of the very people and process that gave him a great life, that is no problem. But he should send back the several million dollars he has earned because of the media. Then he can get a job for $50,000 a year. Were you going to send the money back today, Harbaugh, or are you just a gobble gobble turkey jive artist? We’re waiting.

  9. Que the hating fans of the 30 other teams fans that would be singing a different tune if Haurbagh was their coach…

  10. I love how people can be funny when they’re trying to be evasive. However, my first thought when I read the headlines was that he’s probably not as annoyed with questions about Aldon Smith as we are annoyed about all the shenanigans from Aldon Smith.

  11. Jim, you made the coaching profession proud but let’s give BA and the Cardinals some credit. They knew about John Abrahams DUI in late June and NO ONE knew until several days into training camp.

  12. Some day everyone will realize that it isn’t Harbaugh out there on the podium, but a hologram he created with the local computer geeks. When they’re bored they throw random divergances into the Q. & A. sessions.

  13. Jim Harbaugh better hope he never has a losing season. If everything goes wrong one year and the Niners finish 6-10 it will be amazing how quickly “Throwback” turns into “Petulant 6 year old.”

    You mean you haven’t seen him throw his headset and pout on the sideline every Sunday?

  14. 8 out of ten coaches in the league can handle questions like these with some savvy. Harbs fits in the 2 out of ten category who are incapable…. He manages to display his lack of emotional intelligence each time. Can’t lie, I find it to be very entertaining….

  15. Pats fan: when Bill B. answers questions like these, he comes off as intelligent and calculated. When Harbs does it, he comes off as defensive and annoyed. Hence my comment above.

  16. Aldon Smith , Josh Gordon, Ray Rice, Ben Rothlesberger, Marshawn Lynch, Mark Chumura, Johnny Manziel, Brett Favre, Lawrence Phillips, etc… If not in the NFL, they would be in jail for drug or assault, or sex, or other stupidity events. But Morons like Jimmy H defend them, but he was one of them , so what do you expect?

  17. Annoyed Jim Harbaugh is my favorite Jim Harbaugh. I hope he gets grilled on Aldon Smith every single day.

  18. He asked a question he already knew the answer too of course he got annoyed. I have to deal with this stuff everyday and I just want to slap the people who do it. Get to the point and ask the real question and stop waisting time beating around the bush.

  19. It sounds like Jim has his dockers in a bunch! He loves to talk stuff when it’s not directed at him. He is a complete douche… F him and his ray rice backing brother. I liked him better when he played for Indy and Bruce would sack his ass 3x per game. If you can’t play qb you may as well coach. If you can’t coach go to ESPN. That your future Harbaughs….

  20. Jim basically played the media IMO.
    They knew the answer to Aldons’ whereabouts but simply wanted a reaction from the Coach.

    No one is pleased with or, accepting of the circumstances Aldon has put the 9ers in but, the process has to play itself out.
    We all know the deal, as does the media.

    Aldon screwed up, several times.

    He’s not the 1st, nor will he be the last.
    Young guys, making millions of dollars as a Pro athletes, are still young guys.

    He’ll go through a process that anyone of us would have been locked up for.

    Trying to get Jim to provide a headline was nothing but a weak stunt.

    Aldon put himself in this situation, let Aldon answer the questions about his whereabouts.

  21. norcalmafia says:
    Jul 30, 2014 8:07 PM
    Que the hating fans of the 30 other teams fans that would be singing a different tune if Haurbagh was their coach…
    That’s right, norcalsissy, 30 teams…not 31. Because that whiny little crybaby couldn’t clean the dirty jocks in Seattle. Punk.

  22. I would love to see how Jim Hairball would have handled the Ray Rice incident, being how much he respects women-beaters and all.

  23. Yeah, the blankety blank player that’s so good I had to hypocritically trash my zero tolerance policy had to answer to more stupid charges. Just can’t stand being called out on it again.

  24. Another kawakami zinger..and jim handled him like a boss again.

    Gotta love a Jim Harbaugh interview..1 cup of quirky, 1 cup of sarcasm, half cup of intensity and arrogance, and a table spoon of awkwardness..

  25. No wonder 49ers management doesn’t exactly want to have him around San Francisco.

  26. Seattle fans still act like they never been there before. Oh Wait. They haven’t. Last yr was the first and only. There is a shortage in ped and skittles.

  27. Everyone who writes in these comments sections and especially the hacks that write these inflammatory articles really ought to go to the team website and watch the entire press conference – or any Harbaugh press conference. He typically makes a few corny jokes, makes a couple oddly funny analogies (Harbaughisms) and generally entertains. He refuses to throw his players under the bus – a quality that 90% of football coaches lack and – and he never talks about anyone’s personal business, be it money, legal problems, whatever. But keep cherry picking 30 second bits out of a 15 minute press conference and it’s pretty easy to paint a skewed picture of the guy.

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