Kyle Rudolph visits PFT Live on Wednesday


On Sunday, he signed a long-term, big-money deal with the Vikings.  On Wednesday, he’ll give PFT Live a little of his time for free.

We think.

Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph inked a five-year, $36.5 million contract that can be worth up to $40 million.  I’ll ask him about that and other stuff related to the 2014 edition of the team, his fourth NFL season, and the first year with coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner during the show that streams right here at 12:00 p.m. ET.

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9 responses to “Kyle Rudolph visits PFT Live on Wednesday

  1. As a Vikings fan I’m a little concerned about the contracts that Spielman has been giving out. He’s locked up three guys in Robison, Griffen and Rudolph that have huge potential but have yet to warrant the kind of money given.
    Brob has shown his skill set enough, I can see the reasons for his contract, being 30 yrs old is a little alarming though. Grif is a beast but hasn’t been a full time player, he has a great skill set and should improve with Zimmmer.
    Rudy needs to stay on the field first, injuries have been to much of an issue. Hopes are with norv he will force the ball his way, there’s no doubt he’s a mismatch for linebackers/secondarys. But he really needs to improve a lot to warrant that contract.

  2. The Vikings have a long history of signing players with upside potential but once the check is cashed and in the bank, no corresponding level of production. (Smoot, Berriman, Craig Jennings just to name a few)

    You can’t keep doing that and expect to not finish in last place, which is something that Vikings are doing on a consistent basis.

  3. Interesting way they teach math over there in Wisconsin. According to my Minnesota math education, Rudolph has played 2.5 seasons, averaging 422 yards and 6 touchdowns. Keep in mind he wasn’t exactly playing with Aaron Rodgers. His talent is obvious and he’s going to have a huge season this year. The Vikings give players fair, team-friendly contracts just before they have their breakout season. If it doesn’t work out, little is lost. If it does, they have a great player at a bargain.

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