Man faces charges for urinating on Art Modell’s grave


A Browns fan that made a video of himself urinating on Art Modell’s grave may find himself in jail as a result of his decision to vent his anger in that manner and share it with the world.

Authorities in Maryland said Tuesday that they will charge the man, whose identity has not been revealed beyond being a Browns fan with disorderly conduct in a cemetery. The charge carries a possible penalty of two years in jail and a $500 fine.

“Everyone who has buried a loved one has the right to believe that their final resting place will be treated with respect,” Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger said in a statement, via the Associated Press. “Bringing charges against this individual should act as a deterrent to others and assure the rest of us that no matter who you are, indecencies will not be committed against your final resting place.”

Modell’s son David thanked the police and prosecutors for their work on the case, adding that being angry at his father for moving the Browns to Baltimore doesn’t give people the right to break the law.

31 responses to “Man faces charges for urinating on Art Modell’s grave

  1. By the time the legal process is over, I’m sure the Browns fan will recognize that he had made a grave mistake.

  2. To all Browns fans. As a Ravens fan I get your anger at the Art and The Ravens.

    Be glad you didn’t lose your team name or histroy like we did in 1983.

  3. You can get 2 years for peeing on a grave? You wouldn’t even get 2 years peeing on a living person

  4. That doesn’t say much for the individual involved in this act of disrespect, must have the IQ of a rock. Filming the act makes you even more of a moron.You know his lawyers will try to make it a ‘Freedom of Speech’ type case. A good punishment for this guy is to have him wash headstones every weekend for the next year or something along those lines.

  5. What Modell did to the city of Cleveland was wrong.

    What this man did was even worse.

    Give this clown the maximum penalty possible then force him to watch the 1986 AFC Championship Game every day for the rest of his life.

  6. As a long time Cleveland fan, this was completely embarrassing and disgusting. I apologize to Ravens fans for the extremely small minority of our fans who act like this. He deserves to go to jail.

  7. Few, if any, Cleveland fans will agree with this — but Modell wasn’t a bad guy at all. He tried and tried to make it work, and got stiffed — even after the City of Cleveland bent over backwards to please the Cleveland Indians.

    Modell, who by NFL ownership standards, was less than wealthy. By average wage earner, he was doing quite well but not by the standards of his peers. So he was forced to move the team to Baltimore, another passionate football city — that embraced Modell, and the team that would become the Ravens.

    Modell also did something I’m not sure I’ve ever seen from any departing professional owner in any league. Modell graciously let Cleveland keep the name Browns, the colors, etc. — for free.

    Cleveland should look in the mirror if they want to know where to place blame — and find a toilet or a urinal if they want know where to place their urine.

    Steeler Fan (who is not a fan of either team and thus, neutral on these two teams in this context)

  8. Thought that guy was kinda over the top.
    And immature for a 45 year old.
    And dumb for taping himself douing it.
    And idiotic for posting it to youtube.

  9. This guy deserves to go to jail for being a stupid piece of trash. This is a good warning for fans of any NFL team. The NFL is a business first. Don’t fall in love with your home town team. Cheer for your team and enjoy the game, but in an age of owners moving teams, holding up cities for new stadiums and violating every antitrust law ever written, it is not healthy to give your heart to something you have no control over. Like it or not, Modell made a business decision on a business he owned.

  10. This goes in the line of, “When keeping it real goes wrong.” I am a Browns fan – a lifelong Browns fan. I wouldn’t have done it, but if I had done it I wouldn’t have made a damned video and posted it on youtube. World’s Dumbest Criminals. He earned it, and may well rest in a cell because of it.

  11. Like it or not, Modell made a business decision on a business he owned.

    I imagine it’s the lying that people are still bitter over. If he’d been upfront I don’t think Cleveland fans would still hate him as much as they do. Am I off-base here, Brownies?

  12. Browns fans have to let this Modell/Baltimore thing go.

    They have a team now and should be happy to have one when others would want one.

    If NCAA players have to be told “a scholarship is enough” Browns fans can be told “enough with Modell already. Let it go and grow up!”

  13. As a Browns fan, this guy definitely went over the top with this.Especially taping it. Not too smart. I wish I have had run into some of these sympathetic Baltimore fans toward us Browns fans because all the Baltimore fans I have ever met have rubbed in their Super Bowl wins and laughing at us saying sucks to be you. So us Browns fans didn’t just start this resentment all ourselves. A lot of you Baltimore fans have fueled the fire over the years. So political correctness needs to be spread all the way around.

  14. He will get more of a punishment for assaulting a dead man than Ray rice got for knocking out a woman!

  15. what an efficient use of the state’s resources!!! baltimore is flush with cash lets just burn some more over a crime that in the grand scheme of things isn’t that big of a deal

    if it was anyone else’s grave it wouldn’t be mentioned but because it was the former NFL team’s owner it makes the front page???

  16. At least he didn’t do it behind everyone’s back like scum bag Art did. I think what he did is funny and a loyal Browns fan. I give him a thumbs up.

  17. Peeing on the grass above a skeleton really isn’t that big a deal. I say a slap on the wrist for being stupid enough to film it and that’s it.

  18. I’m guessing the “The Baltimore NFL franchise” fans who cheered Ray Rice on his return to the practice field are not the ones all angry at this guy.

  19. I was at the game following Modell’s moving announcement. There were thousands urinating on his picture in every urinal & commode. My prediction is the fans will soon be peeing on pics of Johnny Manziel.

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