NFL makes Cris Carter, Michael Irvin Pro Bowl captains


For the second year in a row, the NFL will eschew the traditional AFC-NFC Pro Bowl format and instead use Hall of Famers as team captains. The league announced today that Cris Carter and Michael Irvin will pick Pro Bowl squads this year.

The Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday, January 25 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, which will also host the Super Bowl a week later. The Pro Bowlers will be selected using votes of players, coaches and fans, but the teams will be divided not by conference but by Carter and Irvin conducting a “draft” and choosing their own rosters.

Carter was an eight-time Pro Bowler who was enshrined in Canton last year. Irvin was a five-time Pro Bowler who was selected to the Hall of Fame in 2007.

Although the Pro Bowl is often derided for its low quality of play, the NFL likes to boast that it has been America’s most-watched All-Star game for four years in a row. The gimmick of using retired stars as team captains is an effort to make the game feel less stale, and help keep those TV ratings high.

Let’s just hope Carter and Irvin can get through the draft without Carter saying anything to Irvin’s wife.

41 responses to “NFL makes Cris Carter, Michael Irvin Pro Bowl captains

  1. Must we ALWAYS have some loudmouth diva WRs as Pro Bowl coaches?

    How about a couple humble linemen? Or Commisioner v. Commissioner? How about coach vs. coach? Bill Parcells vs. Mike Ditka? Johnathan Ogden vs. Richard Dent?

    I’m starting to think maybe the NFL needs some kind of Rooney rule for these selections.

  2. Why do fans have a preference on who’s captain of the Pro Bowl when apparently no one cares about the Pro Bowl anyways?

    It’ll be fun to see Carter and Irvin out there. I liked the Deion and Jerry matchup better though. Good duo to kick off a new tradition.

  3. deweyaxewound: Wasn’t Deion Sanders a CB? You can find divas at EVERY position! Even coaches and O lineman….. I just thought it funny that they put up those two WRs!

  4. I can imagine Carter picking Doug Baldwin and Baldwin beating the crap out of him.

    Carter is an idiot who thinks a Gold jacket makes him an expert.

  5. Couldn’t have picked 2 better players to make this game even more unappealing.

  6. Top 5 WR’s of All Time :

    1. Randy Moss
    2. Chris Carter
    3. Jerry Rice
    4. Michael Irvin
    5. Cordarrelle Patterson


    Even a diehard Vikings fan needs to put Rice first.

  7. deweyaxewound Rooney rule? Every captain has been black. Nor have they been the same positions last year, Deion CB/Jerry WR.

  8. Potheads get year-long suspensions now, but former Cokeheads get celebrated by the league.


    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…

  9. Would be cooler if the Captains were the highest voted player(s). Like JJWatt & Brees last year minus the idiotic nonsense from the Sanders and Rice sideshow…

    But still was fun to watch.

  10. This format was dumb last year and it continues. Not surprising, people will watch damned near anything. How else do you explain the success of “reality TV”?

  11. Jerry Rice is a respected former player and was a good choice for this format.

    Carter bounced around the league due to drug and off the field issues.

    Irvin has also had off the field issues from stabbing a guy as he sat for a haircut, drug abuse, a paraphernalia arrest he could have avoided by just paying traffic fines, hookers and coke, etc.

    They rudely only get louder in a conversation so no one else can speak creating a monolog of bad English.

    The last thing I want to see is is a microphone under the nostrils of either of them.

    Why did they not go with RESPECTED former players?

  12. Considering the comments made by Irvin recently regarding Carter, this is obviously contrived to generate some attention for a game no one cares about any longer. This is pathetic.

  13. ruthlessburgher says:Jul 30, 2014 1:45 PM

    Potheads get year-long suspensions now, but former Cokeheads get celebrated by the league.


    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…


    If Gordon was a “former” pot head he’d be fine now too.

  14. They should just do away with the Pro Bowl. It’s Stupid. Change it to a skills competition or do a tour of the Cities that don’t have NFL teams and have the players sign autographs.

  15. Here’s a list of team names :


    Loud vs Louder

    Coke VS Pepsi

    You’re Fired vs You Should Be Fired

    They should’ve made Micheal Irvins wife a co-captain..Then maybe Carter would try to get her to leave the team as well.

  16. I love the irony of Chris Carter drafting the players as if he knows anything. This is the same airhead who came on Seattle radio, mocked the Seattle media and the Seahawks live on air, literally asked Warren Moon if he would like to see Carter’s HOF ring (maybe he was unaware that Moon has one as well), said we had no chance in the Superbowl and that our receivers were pedestrian. The same receivers who put up multiple TDs on the Broncos, while the supposedly superior Broncos receivers did exactly nothing.

    But hey, maybe he’ll pick Doug Baldwin so Doug can show him what a Superbowl ring looks like.

    Chris Cater is a hack and a joke. And I find it hilarious that he hasn’t come on Seattle sports radio to eat his crow. Where you at, Carter? All mouth before the Superbowl, but you sure are quiet now. LOL… what a loser.

  17. For the second year in a row, I will not be watching the probowl.

    The only reason I even bothered watching every year before was because of the competition between conferences, which they have now removed.

    This new format has made the game even more meaningless.

  18. It’s astounding. Michael Irvin is not the most embarrassing member of the Hall of Fame. Michael Irvin is not the worst NFL analyst on television. Now, Michael Irvin will not be the most disgraceful captain at the Pro Bowl. Who does Michael Irvin have to thank for his good fortune? Idiotic voters for the Hall of Fame, tone deaf television executives and Roger Goodell for picking cris carter. cris carter’s bust at the Hall of Fame should be a full size Randy Moss cradling a tiny cris carter in his arms.

  19. The only way this would come to be is if there was a master plan to get them both in the same place for a bolt of lightning or similar.

    I’m coming back to church, God.

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