Oakland mayor says “continued progress” being made with the Raiders

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If Raiders owner Mark Davis flirted with San Antonio to get the attention of Oakland, it worked.

After news broke of Davis visiting Texas recently for a tour of potential stadium sites (and after Davis acknowledged it via messages posted on the team’s Twitter feed), Oakland mayor Jean Quan took to Twitter to address the effort to placate — and keep — both the Raiders and A’s over the long haul.

“Oakland is working to help build new ballparks for both the Raiders and the A’s, and we’re seeing progress on both fronts,” Quan said.  “We are making continued progress at the table with the Raider and the world’s third-largest real estate firm talking about Coliseum City.  The 10-year lease extension for the A’s includes a commitment from the teams’ owners to sit down to talk building a new Oakland ballpark.”

In June, Davis said that talks on a new stadium had occurred, but he bemoaned the lack of progress.  It’s unclear whether he’d agree with Quan’s assessment that progress actually has been made.

The real question becomes whether progress toward a new stadium in Oakland will be made now that Davis has shown the powers-that-be in Oakland that he has some power, and that he’s willing to consider using it.  Especially with a lease that last for only 10 more games.

43 responses to “Oakland mayor says “continued progress” being made with the Raiders

  1. I love the Raiders, and I want to see them stay in Oakland. If what it took to get this done was to scare the pants off them by going to San Antonio, good move by Davis.

  2. Spurs uniforms = Black, silver & white
    Raiders uniforms = Black, silver & white


  3. If they really want to stay in the Bay Area, explain to me again why they couldn’t have just gone halvesies with the 49ers on their new place? Its just as far from Oakland as it is from San Fran…

  4. Al Davis proved throughout his career that if the city wasn’t getting it done they were not afraid to move the team. So even though this is not Al, I think the city of Oakland better take this very seriously. I just think the Raiders belong in Oakland, as I feel the Bills belong in Buffalo. The Jaguars, well, I have no feelings on them either way.

  5. Newsflash: Mr. Davis has been visiting a mistress in TX, I repeat he’s looking for Ex’s in TX.

  6. So sign a 10 year extension to talk about a new stadium?

    Or move to Texas pay less taxes, and get a new stadium.

    Just on a tax/income basis how can anyone choose California over Texas ?

  7. coachbeck, I agree.

    San Antonio would be a great market for the Raiders and Mark Davis would go from a local nothing to the king of the city.

    Not to mention the additional bank he’ll make in Texas and NOT pay to the State of California.

  8. All I can picture is Leslie Nielson in Airplane, assuring everyone that everything is perfectly fine, as his nose is growing longer and longer…

  9. I love it. Imagine the coronary Goodell is having at the potential of San Antonio getting a team before LA or even London!!

    Power move or legit interest, this is such a Raider/Al Davis-esque move. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  10. With that kind of progress things are on pace to get a new stadium in Oakland for the Raiders in the year 2075. Its time for MD to seriously explore other options, if only to create leverage. And be ready to move.

  11. The bay area has a far greater economy in San Antonio. Yeah they pay less in taxes but they wouldn’t make nearly as much revenue especially trying to win over a Fanbase that is already split between two current NFL teams as well as the San Antonio Spurs. The Raiders would just not fit in there and frankly I don’t think the NFL would allow it. The San Antonio Raiders just doesn’t sound right. Oakland better get their stuff together and get these stadium deals done and keep our beloved Raiders in town.

  12. Move from a second rate city without a stadium in a state that is trending downward to greener pastures in another state makes all the sense in the World.

  13. I hope he does move them to San Antonio and teach the City of Oakland a lesson. Stop taking the Raiders and the NFL for granted. Didn’t you learn anything the last time the Raiders left? The requirements of a new stadium have been known for over a decade now. But the city of Oakland’s city council acts like nothing will happen.

    Leave Raiders. And go some place where they will treat you with respect.

  14. Im so tired of you people calling my city a dump, obviously you have never been here, this city is beautiful, its the prople that mess it up, smh

  15. It would be a terrible business decision to move to San Antonio. Raiders would lose most of it’s Cali fans and San Antonio is Cowboys country. You haters can hate on the Cowboys but their fans are loyal. The only reason the Texans survive is that most of those people are old Oilers fans. How many people in Houston pulled for the Titans once they move to Knoxville?

  16. The Raiders should move to Oregon. They would still be on the west coast and have an entire state to themselves. Not to mention the fans there would definitely support them.

  17. All you guys are funny with your reasoning and used car sales pitches of why it would work. The bottom line is…It will never happen. Never Ever ever ever happen. San Antonio doesn’t have the number of fans it would take to replace the fans it lost. Goodell won’t let the move go through, Jerry Jones will dump heaps of $$$ to block the move. San Antonio’s best action to get a team is to move the city to north Texas and start an ice farm.

  18. This isn’t about the Raiders. This is about Oakland. Cali is a financial mess…and rightly so…they are idiots…and where is the city gonna get the money for a new stadium?

    Really? Move the Raiders now let the money go to better things to server the Oakland taxpayers.

  19. Building the Coliseum City will be good for the A’s Raiders AND Warriors. Not to mention for the City of Oakland. Lots of jobs and tax money. The problem is who pays and how much. Best of luck to all involved.


  20. It’s safe to say that we are at a day and age where professional baseball teams and professional football teams no longer need to share a stadium.

    There is nothing I hate more than seeing dirt on a football field.

  21. Ownership in Houston and Dallas will fight a team going to San Antonio.
    Now is the time for Oakland to double the rent for next year since no new stadiums exist.

  22. Honestly, the Chicago suburbs would be a great place.

    Soldier Field holds 61,000 people only.

    You put a retractable in the burbs near transportation, and you get a Super Bowl in the best city in the country.

  23. Build a stadium on the waterfront with a Raiders Hall of Fame museum attached. Start retiring numbers and put bronze statues of Davis And Madden at entrance.

  24. Texas is a cowboys/ college football state. The spurs, mavs, and rockets also have their own day in day out fans. I don’t think San Antonio would appreciate a Nfl team like Oakland does. RAIDERS BELONG IN OAKLAND!!

  25. There was a local report about 4 or 5 months ago here in Oklahoma group of business men were thinking of approaching Oakland about building a stadium here.

    1) No other NFL team in state
    2) OKC could support a stadium size that Marc Davis is looking for.
    3) The NBA Thunder shows a transplant team would take off here.
    4) Current fan base is split between cowboys, KC and Denver so are ripe to have a home town team
    5) Football is huge in OK at the college level between OU and OSU and in our 6A and below HS programs.
    6) Would be geographically closer to rivals KC and Denver

    Never saw anything beyond the local report but would love it if they moved here

  26. Fact is , if they move it would be to so cal. With that said they should call themselves “The Raiders” and play 1/2 the games up north, and half the games in so cal.

  27. johnnyblood24 says: Jul 30, 2014 10:45 AM

    It’s safe to say that we are at a day and age where professional baseball teams and professional football teams no longer need to share a stadium.

    There is nothing I hate more than seeing dirt on a football field.

    That in a nutshell is why local governments are in the mess they’re in. Waaaa, I don’t want dirt on my football field! Build TWO half billion dollar stadiums that hardly get used so I don’t have to see dirt on my football field. Waaaaa.

  28. Oakland, a Democratic-run cesspool of crime and terrible schools is going to pay some multimillionaire to keep his football team there? LOL!

  29. The NFL has had a nut for the Raiders forever. Al dies and they still want to kill tha Raiders. San Francisco gets a stadium, nfl money involved?
    Oakland has done nothing to keep this team.
    I am a life long raider fan, it is a total shame again

    Al says Up yours again. Were moving

  30. This whole thing better be a scare tactic. It would be dumb to move to San Antonio considering most of the people there would be Cowboy fans already. The Raiders belong in Oakland and I hope it stays that way.

  31. How can you compare living in Texas with living in California. Why do you think they don’t have State income taxes? Anything they can do to lure people there. Oh, what they don’t mention are the sky high property taxes.

    Just Say No Baby

  32. It’s kind of a stupid argument to say San Antonio is full of Cowboys fans, so they won’t support the Raiders.

    I’m sure Los Angeles was full of Rams fans when the Raiders moved in 1982, but they STILL got fan support.

    St. Louis was full of Chiefs/Bears fans when the Rams moved there, they still got fan support.

    Jacksonville was a Dolphins hotbed when they got the Jaguars, but they still support the Jags.

    Cities will generally support a team that’s theres when they get the chance. I mean, after 13 years of being abandoned by the Raiders, Oakland fans eventually dumped the 49ers and went back to the Raiders, right? LoL..

  33. Simple fix to the stadium debacle. .. The Arizona cardinals have a rolling Stadium floor. Build a Stadium at the coliseum complex that can roll in a baseball field for the A’s over an artificial turf football field for the Raiders. Then replace the sewage system. ..

  34. Time for both teams to stop that dam crying and grow up. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates uses to play in the same stadium (Three Rivers Stadium). The people of Pittsburg and Allegheny County Pennsylvania alone with both teams and corporate help where able to keep both teams in Pittsburg and build two new sport stadiums. BMC Park for the Pirates and Heinz Field for the Steelers. The same can be done in Oakland if the community is really behind both teams and both teams are really dedicated the community.

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