Peterson’s deal technically makes him the highest paid corner in new money


Continuing a trend among highly-paid cornerbacks to announce their new contracts via Twitter with basic financial information, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has informed the tweet-watching world that he has signed a five-year, $70 million extension with $48 million guaranteed.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the deal is actually with $70.05 million over five years, a minor distinction that makes him the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL based on a new-money analysis.  Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman signed in May four-year, $56 million extension, worth $14 million a year in new money.  Peterson’s average is $14.01 million.

While Peterson was a little low on the total amount, he’s also a little high on the guaranteed money.  We hope to have more details about the guaranteed money in the morning.

The key for Peterson comes from both shifting the injury risk to the team and getting a big-money extension with two years left on his rookie contract.  Sherman and Browns cornerback Joe Haden got their new deals with one year left on existing deals.  Peterson becomes the first 2011 first-round pick to get a long-term deal despite having two years remaining under contract.

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  1. Looking at their component stats, there’s no area where Peterson beats Sherman: Since 2012, Peterson has allowed a higher completion percentage (53 percent to Sherman’s 49 percent) and a much higher touchdown percentage (7 percent to Sherman’s 2.8 percent). Peterson also has a lower interception percentage (5.4 percent to Sherman’s 11 percent) and a much higher Adjusted Yards per Attempt figure (6.3 to Sherman’s 2.9). Even if you subscribe to the theory that a good cornerback’s primary value is in preventing passes from ever being attempted — which I do — opponents threw at Peterson once every 11.8 snaps, and at Sherman once every 13.7 snaps.
    that is all

  2. And when Peterson has another season where the opposing quarterback rating against him is technically 90+ again, the Cards will technically be a little perturbed.

  3. This is good news for the rest of the division. Peterson is simply not as good as his reputation. It’s good to see Arizona dedicating so much cap money to him. But then again, who do they have?

  4. Big contract for his big mouth. He said the west is ripe for the taking. Yeah right. Cards defense has taken a step back this off season. Niners and hawks gonna be tougher

  5. Good for him, best corner in the league and not a classless moron like another nfc west corner

  6. Haha. The cardinals paid $14 million a year for the 3rd best corner…

    In the NFC West.

  7. I am a die hard Hawks fan, but Peterson should get a little more because he runs back kicks or punts. (I can’t remember which)

  8. Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson combined to give up 8 TD’s in 2013… Peterson gave up 7 of them… Sherman won a ring… Just the facts…

  9. LOL, LOVE IT!!!

    I’m a Seahawks fan and this is the best news I’ve seen all day. Keep overpaying your mediocre players AZ and letting the good ones go. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

  10. Smart move by the Cards to lock him up for the decade. They’ll be laughing when Seattle is trying to recoup some of their money after cutting Sherman.

  11. If “guaranteed” means the money is actually guaranteed, then Peterson has done very well. If “guaranteed” means injury-guaranteed, then it’s just the usual NFL misstatement to mislead the fans. The correct phrase in that case, instead of “guaranteed”, would be “not guaranteed”. #NFLscam

  12. “becomes the first 2011 first-round pick to get a long-term deal despite having two years ”

    The other owners are gonna be pissed. Because you know collusion doesn’t happen in the NFL. LOL..

  13. Good for him, but as a Rams fan this kinda concerns me, Robert Quinn, also from the same ’11 draft class as Peterson, will command a similar deal for a DE when his contract is up.

  14. Not even a Cardnials fan but it’s about time the best CB (yes the one that follows the opposing teams best WR no matter where he goes) and one of the most dynamic players in the league gets paid. Enjoy PP you earned it.

  15. Even as a huge Arizona Cardinals fan i think they way overpaid PP. I do not understand this trend going on in the NFL where every time has to make that next person the highest paid person in there respected position just does not make any sense.

  16. Honestly he’s a bit overrated at CB…his value was high bc of his return skills but now that the Cards took those duties away from him, he’ll be exposed as an average CB. He gambles too much and gets beat by pedestrian WRs…sure he can take it back to the house if he gets an INT but remember– the best CBs dont get many INTs bc no one throws at them

  17. Meanwhile, all-time legends like Deion Sanders and Darrell Green are like … “Wait … how much?”

  18. All those saying is he overrated, is dead right. Revis a few seasons ago was light years ahead of any of these guys and now they’re all getting paid Revis money, which kind of pi$$es me off because I want Revis to stay put! Who knows maybe he will decide to take a modest pay cut to stay.

    I understand both sides of the argument though. There’s definitely more value to a guy that shadow one receiver and remove him from the game, thankfully for the Seahawks Sherman doesn’t need to do and is an absolutely perfect fit for their scheme. Say what you want about scheme fit and zone vs man, but it doesn’t change that Sherman was the most effective CB in football last year. Maybe Peterson will be better, he has the tools, he just hasn’t put it all together yet. Obviously that’s what the Cardinals are banking on. At the very least they will have slightly overpaid for a very good corner. Not the worst thing in the world.

  19. If Sherman gets paid as much as he did to be louder and cover a team’s 2nd and 3rd best WR’s each week, I would say the Cardinals got a bargain for Peterson who is manned up on the opposing #1 WR every game.

    Here’s the truth, Peterson is a vocal and talented leader in a young secondary. Revis was a me-first selfish talent. Sherman is loud and doesn’t cover the number 1 guy the majority of the game. Haden is amazingly good and quiet and is everything you should want in a CB.

    When you look at it like that, seems to make sense.

  20. Not a Cardinals fan but he’s a lot better than the cheat Hawks long hair Shaman and Revis, etc. People are just jealous he’s got the highest paid corner back. To me, honestly I would not pay a player that kind of money, even a qb doesn’t deserved that kind of pay but it’s the NFL. They’re dumb for over paying players.

  21. The marginal state tax rate in Arizona for those making $300,000 or more is 4.54%.

    Washington has no state income tax.

    Peterson has the larger contract. Sherm gets to keep more money.


  22. As a divisional rival I hope the cardinals keep forcing him to be a receiver tracker while his is better as an island locking one side of the field (more especifically, the left one, since he allowed only a 9.9 QB rating as a left corner).

  23. Maybe he is worth it, but that’s still so much money committed to one position, how many quality players is that going to cost Arizona in the long run? Honestly I feel that if you get a player like that, think Herschel Walker trade.

  24. I would rather have a “zone corner” like Sherman anyday. Not because he is necessarily a better one on one defender, but because from a cost standpoint it is so much better for a franchise. If you are a GM, do you want to find a shutdown corner, pay him a ton, and hope you find a #2 corner who also is good enough to move around the field when a team moves their WRs around? I understand a shutdown man corner gives coordinators a lot of flexibility in blitzes, but I think the Seahawks were able to win a Super Bowl without having that. I don’t remember the last time an elite man-to-man cornerback was a Super Bowl champ. That’s all I’m saying

  25. does sherman run back multiple kickoffs and punt returns for TDs!??!?!
    PP had like 4 last season, alone, and more the years before, not too sure of the stats.
    not a cards fan
    end of story

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