Report: No structural problems with Lardarius Webb’s back


The Ravens got more worried about cornerback Lardarius Webb’s back after his Friday injury had not resolved itself in time for Monday’s practice, which led them to send him for more tests in hopes of finding out when he’d be able to get back to work.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that doctors found no structural damage to Webb’s back during their examination. It is thought to be a muscular problem that will be treated with rest and rehabilitation.

In other words, it is going to take some time for Webb’s back to get well enough for football action. The Ravens don’t think that his availability for the season opener is at risk at this point and a cautious approach from here will be designed to keep Webb on track for early September.

Webb had 74 tackles and two interceptions last season, making a successful move from a torn ACL back to the top of the depth chart at cornerback in Baltimore.

11 responses to “Report: No structural problems with Lardarius Webb’s back

  1. Line up in front of A. Brown then twist to TRY and stay with him. A. Brown catches the pass for a 1st down. Webb walks off the field like a 90 yr old man.

    Season over.

  2. Ozzie needs to get on the horn. There is zero depth behind Jimmy Smith and backs can linger all year round. A potential trade or free agent pick up is a necessity right now.

  3. It is a shame this guy has so many issues with his health. He is an amazing CB and we’re definitely a lot better with him on the field.

    People not familiar with the Ravens might not know that he wasn’t a CB in college, he was actually a safety. He is also one of the best tackling cornerbacks in the game right now. It is rare that he misses a tackle and doesn’t find a way to get down whomever he tackles.

  4. Looks like you sent packing a few too many defensive players last year. But no worries I’m sure the Flacco, Smith, Daniels connection will be effective. Just hope the games aren’t during bingo time or aarp meetings.

  5. You better do something before week 2! Haha, come into that game with Maypop DB’s if you want to. Go look at the tape, you don’t trust Chykie Brown on that left side.

    You will already be behind the 8ball against the Steelers run offense.

  6. Antonio Brown will be blanketed by double coverage everywhere he goes. Everyone knows after him there is no real receiving threat.

    But when the Ravens do face a team with multiple receiving threats they will need good defensive backfield and it’s not there yet.

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