Seahawks G.M. on Lynch holdout: “Next man up”


The Marshawn Lynch holdout continues.  And the team continues to create the impression that it’s not worried by his absence.

Even if it is.

Asked on Tuesday by ESPN’s John Clayton whether the team is concerned about the situation, G.M. John Schneider reiterated the team’s philosophy when answering whether the team is concerned.

You know, no,” Schneider said, via the Seattle Times.  “Everybody loves Beast Mode.  We love him and respect the guy. I think what he’s done in this community, for this franchise, is outstanding.  It’s one of those deals where you can never get inside somebody’s head.  We’re just going with our plan, and I know it’s cliché-ish but next man up.  We’ve had a plan in place here for a number of years, and we can’t veer from that plan for one person because it’s the ultimate team sport.”

The plan, as Schneider explained it, is premised on making “tough decisions.”

“You make models two and three years out, and you have to stick to that and know that there’s going to be tough decisions along the way,” Schneider told Clayton.  “We had to let guys like Red Bryant go, Chris Clemons, we weren’t able to sign Breno [Giacomini], Golden Tate.  You have to be able to make those decisions along the way knowing you’ll be able to re-sign Michael Bennett and maybe there’s a free agent that comes in and fits in your bracket. It’s just one of those deals where you have to keep going about your business, and you can’t veer off of that.

“Around here we talk about what’s next, and the next person is up. That being said, last year we went through this with Brandon Browner. He had his [injury], and [Byron Maxwell] got his opportunity. Hey, Marshawn Lynch is phenomenal. Phenomenal player and just a unique part of what we’ve had going on here.  Two years ago we were able to redo his deal, and he was a big part of that foundation that we started here.”

Schneider’s explanation hints at the point of Lynch’s holdout.  A year from now, he may be one of those “tough decisions” the team has to make, when he’s closing in on 30 and he’s due to count $9 million against the cap and Christine Michael or Robert Turbin are ready to take over.  Currently, Lynch continues to be the bell cow.  Which means it’s his last, best chance to extract more money from the franchise.

None of it really matters for now.  Sure, Lynch is racking up $30,000 per day in fines, and his $1.5 million signing bonus allocation is now partially at risk.  But the Seahawks would surely waive all fines and penalties immediately if it gets Lynch back before Week One, especially since he otherwise would be used sparingly in practice and in preseason games before Week One.

That’s why the holdout really isn’t a holdout yet, because Lynch isn’t missing much.  Last year, he had five carries in the entire preseason.  The year before, also five.  In 2011, a whopping six.

This one won’t really register until Labor Day, when the Seahawks are roughly 72 hours away from raising their first-ever championship banner and launching the effort to win a second one.  If Lynch isn’t in the fold come Tuesday morning September 2, it could take more than a bad call on a last-play Hail Mary to emerge from Opening Night with a 1-0 record.

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  1. These guys either have to find a way to work more leverage into their contracts or don’t sign the damn contract.

    I know their careers can be over tomorrow slipping in the shower, but it’s asinine every week to hear about this crap.

    If the CBA allowed for teams to cut a guy’s salary down based on lousy performance after a deal was made (I’d call it the Haynesworth Rule) after signing, then I’d be okay with it.

    That said…nothing would be better than the SeaChickens calling this guy’s bluff and playing poker face.

  2. Is this the part where the Hawks fans do a 180 on Lynch? Last year the fans went from Browner is awesome to Maxwell is better and Browner wouldnt even be playing if he was healthy…. So the expectation is that the Hawks fans are going to go from Lynch is awesome to Turbin is actually better for the offense, blah blah blah… Just saying

  3. There’s so much truth in what Schneider says, it hurts. Love me some Beast Mode, but if he isn’t comfortable playing for what Seahawks are willing to pay him then he needs to go. And the Seahawks shouldn’t look back. He’s good but he’s one piece in a team full of pieces.

  4. This is why the Hawks are the model the rest of the NFL tries to emulate.

    And by the way…

    “Tie goes to the offense. Good call ref. Good call.”

  5. I don’t know what Lynch hopes to gain. If they gave him a new contract this year, they would just cut him next year. So why give him a new contract at all? They took Michael in the second round last year. He should be ready to take over now.

  6. Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are young guys who need the chance to develop. Combined, they absolutely have the talent to accomplish everything Lynch accomplished.

    The fact is Marshawn is old in running back years, and in 2 years, he’ll be ancient. Seattle doesn’t, nor should they want to pay a lot of money to a guy who’ll soon be ancient. Sorry Marshawn. The hard truth is, the Seahawks don’t need you as much as you need them.

    And I’m not a seawhawks fan, in fact I kind of hate them. But I’m a realist too- and as such I know they’re an unbelievable team with or without him.

  7. When you are the one responsible for constructing the most complete team in the NFL you can get away with stances like this. Schneider is the man for now.

  8. They have no problem cutting a player when they don’t want to honor the player’s contract but have issue when it’s the other way around.

  9. These guys want the big guarantees and signing bonuses which they won’t return if they play poorly.

    Yet if the supposedly “over perform” suddenly they want a new contract with another huge batch of guaranteed money and another signing bonus that they won’t give back if they play poorly after that.

    Can’t have it both ways. Either they should have contracts that are almost totally incentive based or else shut up and play out the contracts they willingly signed.

  10. .
    Seattle’s chief rivals: 49ers, Cardinals, Rams and the salary cap.

    Often it’s the cap that’s most difficult to contend with.

  11. Problem in college … problem in Buffalo … problem in Seattle. Anyone detect a pattern?

  12. That means they’re not going any where. They think they can just plug in any body and repeat Super Bowl. Dreaming is more realistic. This is the NFL not high school football. You need the best talented players out there every game. Should bring my granny in for RB than. My grandma can do better than those clowns.

  13. Eventually both Lynch and Alex Boone will crawl back to their teams with their tails between their legs.

    Lynch is making $5mil on a $7.5 mil avg contract so his hold-out is in the Vernon Davis “brotha please” group.

    Boone is underpaid and probably would get some kind of new deal (like Staley got) but for some reason decided to go about it in the ONE way he surely WOULDN’T get one. Not the brightest bulb that’s for sure. Or his agent is a moron … one or the other (or both).

  14. It’s like E.T., you just need to lure him back to the stadium with a trail of skittles.

  15. Seems like Lynch is going to get screwed, and I wouldn’t assume the team would be willing to let him get that fine money back. They could also choose to decide to trade him as an alternative to the pay raise or return of the fines.

    But you can’t blame Lynch for being upset, after all it was Schneider that provoked him by giving “Richard Sherman money” to Richard Sherman. When those numbers came out it was probably implied to Lynch that he absolutely without a shadow of a doubt is getting more money, otherwise how do you justify those contract numbers? They threw him a curve ball, maybe hoping he would swing and miss so they could fine him and nickel and dime him before pawning him off in trade.

    They better be right that Michael or Turbin are good. Or work it out and go back to running Beast Mode.

  16. Seriously if I were a hawks fan I could care less if this cry baby doesn’t come back. You have Turbin (big fan of him) and Michael who are younger and have the beast mode potential. I appreciate the Seahawks stance. Its refreshing.

  17. His ego is going to get butt-hurt. I dont see him as a guy who would crall back to anyone.

    The only solution might be a trade at this point. Not that he would get the new contract he wants, but only for the fact he would not have to go back to the team with his tail between his legs so t0 speak.

    I would LOVE to see him in the S&B but I think Reggie Mackenzie is content with the old & washed up club + the 2nd year guy + the CFL guy… But Beast Mode with a cheap on his shoulder playing for his hometown in the S&B uniform, wow just the thought of it is awesome…

  18. It’s the Madden Curse.

    Peyton Hillis graced the Madden ’12 cover. “Sickness & Injuries” along with Contract Dispute/Holdout. Hasn’t produced the same ever since.

    Beast Mode might morph into Broke Mode soon.

  19. “Seattle’s chief rivals: 49ers, Cardinals, Rams and the salary cap.”

    Except that Seattle is 7.9 million under the cap, only 18th in the NFL, we are no Jaguars/Raiders but no Lions too, middle of the pack cap-wise.

  20. Mark my words, Seahawks will start the season 0-1. The pack is going to light them up Thursday night.

  21. seahawks will not make the playoffs if beastmode aint there. FACT. u cant just replace beastmode. he has speed and breaks tackles. seahawks fans have no clue. 7-9 rec

  22. As a 49ers fan this doesn’t hurt my feelings BUT I also think the guy behind him, Christine Michael, is a freak too. Either way I don’t think Seattle is the least bit concerned.

  23. The cheese heads are scared of beast mode and wished he would hold out beyond week 1. What a pathetic small town franchise in losing city Wisconsin. Obviously, ur not going to win playing scare of 1 Lynch x 11 players on defense. Oh, wait can little hands Rodgers play defense?

  24. Everyone keeps talking about it’s pointless to pay Lynch… This guy is a different type if running back…. He has been taking hits for years and is still looking like he has 4 or more years left in the tank….. look at his yards after contact…… How many games has he missed in his NFL career because of injury….. He is a beast……

  25. The difference between Lynch and everyone else who feels like he wants a bigger payday is that Lynch is the heart and soul of Seattle’s strategy. They are going to smash you in the mouth, again and again. And when you start putting eight in the box to prevent that, Russell Wilson takes a shot down the field for a big play.

    When Schneider took the reins a few years ago, he said he wanted a team that could beat you up in an alley fight. Lynch personifies this. He’s more likely to run over you than run around you.

    Take away Lynch, and unless Turbin and Michael can replace his production (a pretty big question mark), then the strategy no longer works. The offensive line simply isn’t good enough at pass protection to hand the keys over to Wilson to throw it 40 times a game.

    So holding firm like this is either playing poker, or, it’s a belief that the next two guys will not miss a beat. We shall see.

    Or, this is just a ploy by Lynch to skip training camp, like Walter Jones used to do, and it didn’t seem to hurt him once the season started.

  26. yes right that what Jerry Jones and the annoying dude on Fox thought until Sherman Williams stunk it up just enough to get Emitt his Money… History always repeats its self and RB’s are going to have do this to get paid because the league wants to pay them less than the value of their position

  27. There’s no getting around the pronunciation, Christine is Christine no matter how much you try to church it up. Christine Mode just doesn’t ring as well as Beast Mode.

  28. He’s a running back for gosh sakes they’re the easiest position on the field to replace. I rank them 25th right after the long snapper.

  29. This holdout is riduclous. Based on performance he should be paid more, but thats not how an NFL contract works. You dont get paid less if you play like crap and you dont get paid more if you outperform your contract. A contract is a contract and Lynch signed one.

    When the Seahawks aquired Lynch, no one would have imagined Seattle was a Super Bowl team. At the time, the Seahawks weren’t much better than the Bills. If Seattle was still the poor team everyone had came accustomed to for years, Lynch would be singing his praises for the money he got.

    Now the Seahawks are a pretty good team and next to Russel Wilson, Lynch has been the biggest part of the team’s success on offense. Seattle fans act like Turbin and Michael can just easily replace that. Rookie RBs might get hyped their rookie seasons and just never turn out to be the beast everyone thought all the time. With that said, Seattle shouldnt cave in one dime on this.

  30. “Next man up” Thats hilarious good luck with that! You take away Lynch last season you take away that dirty Lombardi.

  31. Still going on about that Packer game? Listen up….the Packers lost that game because they scored TWELVE POINTS. If you can only muster 12points in an NFL game, then you deserve to lose. How about getting ONE first down on the final possession…do that and the hail mary play never happens. The new American Way….blame others for your failures.

  32. A good move by an ex-Packer. That’s where he learned all about “next man up.”

    The Seahawks are overrated and over-confident. The Denver blow-out was a sun-moon-and-stars-aligned event. It happens. The Vikings were blown out 41-0 by the Giants in the postseason a few years back. Were they that bad and NY that good? Of course not. It too was a magic moment.

    The Packers know the Seahawks and know they are lucky and opportunistic. And they are not afraid of them.

    The Packers are not only going to win on Opening Day, they will send a message to every other team on their schedule.

  33. Be strong Marshawn! You’re the engine of that offense. Wilson has never seen combo coverages with you in. That changes with you out.

    Tell Seattle that for every loss they open up with, your price goes up $500K!

    Get it while you can because you’re on the chopping block next year anyway.

  34. I know it feels like the sky is falling but, fast forward to next year and we will all be talking about Christine Michael and his explosiveness. Turbin and Ware will provide support and PC will figure out how to get the best out of this! Go Hawks!

  35. Guy has had 3 straight 1000+ yard seasons with over 4.2 average yards. 12 TDs. Watch the game tape and he couldn’t be brought down. He fought for yards. Most RBs don’t do that anymore. He is beast mode and they should pay.

  36. I love it. When it looked like Vernon Davis was going to hold out all the Seahawks fans were quick to point out the Niners were done. Now that the heart and soul and team MVP IMO is holding out they’re like it’s no big deal. Next man up. Hilarious! They are so myopic.

  37. I can’t get behind holdouts w/ 2 years remaining… contracts usually have a nice fat signing bonus up front and it’s a little disingenuous to try and get out of the contract after loading up on the early guaranteed money.

    Buck up, trooper. 5 mil doesn’t suck.

  38. “You dont get paid less if you play like crap and you dont get paid more if you outperform your contract.”

    Ummm…. if you play like crap, you get cut. And earn zero point zero zero. I think that qualifies as “paid less”.

  39. A one year “dynasty” self imploding in front of our eyes. Once leadership says things like that, players stop wanting to work hard for them. 8-8 Seahawks at best.

  40. Trade Lynch to the Raiders for their #1 pick and RB-Latavius Murray.

    he can finish out his career back home and Seattle just rolls onto to another Super Bowl victory in 2015.

  41. numba1wiscosportsfan says: Jul 30, 2014 10:40 AM

    He should come join m’Packas! I think TT could make an exception for beast mode. Good player!

    They already have Eddie Lacy, who’s basically a younger version of Lynch, and they have quality depth at the position in Starks and Harris, why would they need to bring in another back??? /smh

  42. They keep talking about “the plan.” I think the plan is to gradually replace him over the next 2 years with younger backs, instead of paying him top dollars. Carroll is a defense minded coach. All of the players with top salaries on the Seahawk roster are defensive players, like Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril. They refuse to offer Golden Tate, their number 1 receiver, a good enough contract, and balked for a long time before extending Doug Baldwin. And they asked Zach Miller, their starting TE, to take a pay cut in order to stay. It is true that defense wins championships. The Ravens won one when they had a dominant defense, and the Tampa Bay Bucs won one when they had a dominant defense, but to repeat, a team needs to have more than just a dominant defense. Their overemphasis on defense will cost them.

  43. You sir, do not know what your talking about.
    For all the people who really don’t know what’s going on in Seattle, you better learn this name:

    Christine Micheal.

    Because Micheal will be one of the best RB in the NFL. And that’s why Lynch feels the urgency to get his money now. But Lynch go a big payday just two years now he’s acting like Revis in wanting more and more money. Lynch has been compensated very, very well by the Seahawks already.

    He sees the handwriting on the wall with Michael so he’s trying to make one last money grab. But it’s not going to work. Lynch can be moved now.

  44. codythao35 says:
    Jul 30, 2014 11:27 AM

    The cheese heads are scared of beast mode and wished he would hold out beyond week 1. What a pathetic small town franchise in losing city Wisconsin. Obviously, ur not going to win playing scare of 1 Lynch x 11 players on defense. Oh, wait can little hands Rodgers play defense?

    Typical queen fan having to jump on another team to try and ridicule the Packers because his own team has managed 1 pathetic win against the Pack out of the last 10! Sad bandwagon fans.

  45. hey leagueobserverguy. ne need to be hateing on the PACK! I’d be EXCSTATIC to add a guy like Lynch. Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t. Heck of a player. I like Lacey too btw.

  46. Hard to drum up much blue collar support for a guy with 21 million guaranteed. Not gonna shed a tear if he loses 30K a day. 30K is way more than some of us make in a year. He carries a football. Now, if emergency room doctors, nurses, emts held out….you’d have my attention :)!

  47. Bottom line this is really sad for us fans……. And no I dont like the way the organization is approaching this. It is kind of killing our morale and our eneregy to see Lynch the heart and soul of this team getting treated this way.

    I understand he signed a contract but to think that we dont need him next year? Or to have him go out like this? It is just not right. If it wasnt for this guy we would have had a very hard time getting the inches that mattered in games.

    I wish they would re negotiate some and give him more this year and less over like 2 more years so that he can retire a hawk and still not effect the cap in a huge way.

    I dont want to see Marshawn go out from the Hawks like this, he is a superstar, his picture is on the side of the CLINK…… To say we dont need this guys is stupid as a lot of people will be let down by this not getting fixed…. Go ahead and kill the 12’s enthusiasm and see where that gets you.

  48. I truly could not believe ESPN yesterday.
    Do they realize no one cares about the Seahawks?
    I would have rathered watched paint dry than their “training camp special”

  49. Cracks me up how people are saying Seattle should just pay the guy.

    Newsflash: THEY DID. Beast Mode is in the top-5 RB contracts in the NFL, and just got a HUGE signing bonus two years ago on a 4-year deal. At the time, it was the largest signing bonus for a RB in the NFL and Seattle was criticized for giving him that big of a contract and bonus. The Seahawks aren’t going to just give a highly-paid player more cash simply because they’re at the tail end of their career, because that would be stupid and destructive to the team. Beast – you got paid WELL. Now you’re just being a distraction. And giving the young guys a head-start on taking your job.

    As to the Packers fan saying the Superbowl was a fluke and the Packers are going to destroy us Week 1 – you want to put some money on that? Tell ya what, I’ll put a grand on the Seahawks right now and even spot you 6 points. Packers have been getting demolished by the Niners easily, and that’s our little brothers right there. I laugh at the delusions of Packers fans. They are great comedy fodder.


  50. Best part of the story…

    “We’ve had a plan in place here for a number of years, and we can’t veer from that plan for one person because it’s the ultimate team sport.”

    The plan, as Schneider explained it, is premised on making “tough decisions.”

    “You make models two and three years out, and you have to stick to that and know that there’s going to be tough decisions along the way,” Schneider told Clayton.”

    Hawks have this all scripted while other teams flail.

    Lynch will be back before the season starts and without a big raise.

    Book it.

  51. This is one of the most short sighted responses I have ever seen. Given all of the praise that the world has bestowed upon Schneider and Carroll, I never would have expected this.

    Marshawn is responsible for the uptick in Seattle football. Yes he had problems in Buffalo and we all remember his joyride at Cal after they won, but I’m sure everyone remembers his run against NO above all.

    Seattle would be smart to take care of him and extend him 2 years. Make sure he is with the Seahawks for at least the next two years if not 3. I don’t envision him slowing down one bit. He’s not your average running back.

    While I understand the “next man up” mentality, opposing defenses won’t and that could get ugly. Many have talked about how teams will stack the box and how this opens the field for Russell Wilson. Schneider needs to keep in mind that this will have last effects in Free Agency. This will likely discourage other players(mainly offensive) from joining the Seahawks as Schneider and Carroll seem willing to pay top dollar for defense, but not offensive personnel.

    If they can pay Harvin, they surely can pay Lynch a bit more or at least offer him an extension at the same annual salary of 7.5 million.

  52. The guy is beastmode. He is an exceptional back that you can’t just replace. The guy is “the complete package”. I think it would be foolish to dismiss him

  53. John Schneider learned that in Green Bay at the feet of Ted Thompson and before that Ron Wolf.

  54. The money will have to come out of someone else’s salary if the team pays him more. That means less depth overall. At his position, it’s probably not worth it.

  55. All that Beast Mode has to do is to skip preseason and holdout for the first game. Carroll and Schneider will be on their knees begging him to come back after they lose to the Green Bay Packers at CenturyLink in the season opener.

  56. I love Turbin but he is not Marshawn Lynch. It’s ok to stick to your plan, but it’s also foolish to cut off your nose to spite your face. Just because your plan has worked so far, doesn’t mean it’s going to continue. I love Pete Carroll and Schneider has done an amazing job, no beast mode no repeat simple as that.

    It will be interesting to see if they let him hold out, how effective Wilson will Continue to be. No way he will be as effective without the threat of Marshawn Lynch. Michael and Turbin aren’t close to Lynch

  57. bronco1st says:
    Jul 30, 2014 2:50 PM
    Every SeaSquawk from the top down do nothing but run their mouths.
    Fun fact: the only way to get Lynch to run his mouth is to threaten him with a $50K fine.

    Even then, he won’t say much.

  58. Seattle owes all its success to Beast Mode, huh? Need I remind people that we lost the playoff game following the BeastQuake. The following season, with nearly the same team as today, we missed the playoffs. 7-9, and then 9-7. Mediocre. It wasn’t until Russell Wilson arrived that Seattle went on a tear, barely missing the NFCCG his rookie season (11-5) and winning the Superbowl the following season (13-3).

    I’m grateful that Carroll and Schneider have a strong vision, and have built the best team in the NFL through that vision. With Carroll and Wilson running this team, we will continue to see playoff football in Seattle for a long time. If Beast Mode chooses not to be a part of that, all that will do is tarnish his reputation with the fans. It’s his choice and frankly, I don’t care anymore. Next man up!

  59. For all those whining about the fact that teams cut players, let’s be clear: They don’t cut them unless the contract says they can. If players wanted to, they could similarly negotiate an upside kicker to the contract, but they don’t do that. At the very least it would really make things interesting – Underperform a contract, team option to hit the trap door button; Outperform a contract, player option to hit the “big freaking raise” button. Hold breath now for it to happen.

  60. I’m pretty disappointed in Lynch. Growing up in Northern CA, I have followed him since he was in high school and then at Cal. I think he’s one of the best talents in the game, but this holdout is a poor move on his part. He signed a great deal when he came over from Buffalo knowing full well that he was going to be the workhorse for a team on the upswing. If he failed in his performance, I can guarantee that he wouldn’t have taken a pay cut.

  61. As a lifelong Hawk fan and going through many, many years of crappy football teams, I’m inclined to trust Carroll & Schneider. Next man up! It’s been working and it will continue to work, with or without the Beast. Furthermore, We invested heavily in Michael with a second round pick. I have no doubt he and Turbin can easily carry the load. Michael is lightning quick with great top end speed and a tough, big body. Turbin has the same toe of skills. I say trade Marshawn for a second or third, save the cash and put it toward RW3 next year. Go Hawks!!!!

  62. Can’t wait until the wheel falls off the band wagon. 2 whole years after the SB they lost Microsoft and Hone Depot had to buy thousands of seats to prevent blackouts… 12th Man.. Yeah right.

  63. Seahawks will be faster on offense (AKA receiving core)

    Russell Wilson has yet to show the world what he can do.

    Faster receiving core represents more holes for running backs. No denying what Marshawn can do, but somehow Shawn Alexander did quite a bit when he could get away from arm tackles.

    Defense can get you the ball, keep the other team off the board!

    I would much rather have Marshawn running the Ball. He is a guarantee! Holding out for more money is his choice, but teams have to move on. The Hawks have some leverage.

    I don’t think you can replace Marshawn with Michael and Turbin, but I do believe that the Hawks have shown us under Caroll and Schneider that they will adapt and thrive.

    Finally: UPSIDE: with Marshawn, Seahawks have a better chance of a repeat! UPSIDE: Seahawks will still be around and fighting for the SUPERBOWL without Marshawn.

    Marshawn, get back to camp. Let your abilities, drive and BEAST get you what you need now and well into the future. There is a red carpet beneath you, it is a good ride and a lot of folk out there fighting for one envy you!

    SIDENOTE: Walter held out every year and showed up in “GREAT SHAPE!” I believe MARSHAWN can do this! SHAWN ALEXANDER got paid as a SEAHAWK running back in his sunset years and well let’s say it wasn’t what we were expecting.


  64. It sounds like the 12s like the “team” philosophy… And could care less if he comes back… Whereas everyone else has no idea how good this team is and how they’re built for the long haul… Probably Niners and Raider fans.

  65. The Seahawks were a run first offense last season and won the Super Bowl. Even when Lynch’s yards were down defenses had to game plan to stop him, which opened up the passing game and slowed the pass rush. It may be they can repeat without Lynch, and his backups can carry the load, but to follow a “plan” that takes so much for granted seems shortsighted. I know it just a dance they play, but I hope to see Marshawn plowing through defenses again this year. He’s a large part of what makes Seahawks entertaining to watch. Without him they are just another pass happy wannabe offense.

  66. No filling those shoes..if they can’t find a way to get beast back in camp, good luck to that offense..Oft injured Michael won’t fill those shoes, and Turbin hasnt produced anything..that whole offense runs through beast

  67. If you look at the numbers,…Beastmode is on the downside of his career.

    He’s not going to ever produce the numbers that he has up to this point. Period.

    If you’re a smart franchise,…you lock them up for the last few years of their career, just as Seattle did, and then you work towards the future, which is the next guy up, just like Seattle did.

    Marshawn obviously has horrible representation. His amount of leverage is almost non existent.

    Nobody plays with more heart than Marshawn Lynch,….but, he’s not irreplaceable. There are two capable backs that can share the time and achieve an even more effective attack this year than last year.

    I love Beastmode. I love his heart, his unrelenting running,…even his disregard for the media,…but he’s not the only man on this team.

    The Seahawks will adjust. Make no mistake, there will be no drop off as it pertains to the running game. The passing game is about to be one of the most dynamic in the league.

    The Defense,…will be as dominating as ever,..if not more.

    I’m thinking a trade would be about the best thing for the Seahawks. They could get a high draft pick perhaps. They have a good core of people that are on contract and focused on repeating. Marshawn wants what he can’t have. As far as the Seahawks are concerned, they gave him the contract they thought he deserved, and he signed it. End of story.

    Next man up. Go ‘Hawks!!!

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