Tom Coughlin, Odell Beckham clear the air about hamstring


It wasn’t hard to read the frustration in coach Tom Coughlin’s tone, regarding Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s hamstring problems.

So the rookie sat down with his old-school coach to make sure they were on the same page.

“We had that talk today and it was just kind of like, ‘I know I’m new and we don’t know each other that well,’ ” Beckham said, via Mitch Abramson of the New York Daily News. “So over time you get to know people, and the bad part about it is your first impression is the kind that lasts forever, so you don’t ever want to leave a bad impression.

“But at the same time I’m just trying to reassure him that he knows how hard it is for me to not be practicing.”

Beckham missed OTA time with the hamstring problem as well, giving Coughlin a limited scope to see the 12th overall pick in the draft.

“We just had a discussion, that’s all, player [and] coach, trying to get to know each other better,” Coughlin said. “I see his frustration and he sees our frustration — but don’t make anything more of it than it is. It’s a coach wanting a player on the field and the player wanting the player on the field.”

Beckham had tests which showed no structural damage, so it’s a matter of day-to-day recovery. He said he hopes to play in some preseason games, which would certainly help Coughlin get to know him even better.

14 responses to “Tom Coughlin, Odell Beckham clear the air about hamstring

  1. Every year the prima donna WRs seem to tweek a hammy when it is time to work.

    Go to work, you won’t be in the league long if you don’t work hard and have a nagging hammy except on game day.

  2. Coughlin needs to remember this is a different offense under McAdoo… the WRs’ “read my body language and guess what route I’m running” days under Gilbride are over. Eli knows where the WRs are going when they get to the line, unless he audibles, and then he still knows their routes. If Beckham can run the right route, gain separation early, and gain YACs (all of which he has demonstrated in college), Eli will find him… and often. So with all due respect Mr. Coughlin, lighten up on the injured rookie top pick before you make things much, much worse than they are. Screwing with his mind to get him on the field just before he’s healed isn’t the right thing to do here… because then you’ll be doing it to him again mid season.

  3. Who would actually voluntarily choose to play for Coughlin?

    Seems like he’s always angry and on a power trip.

  4. “Who would actually voluntarily choose to play for Coughlin?

    Seems like he’s always angry and on a power trip.”

    Lots of people. All the greats (Noll, Lombardi, Ditka etc) held people accountable.

  5. @buljos, this is exactly why they drafted OBJ; his clean route running and separation ability. I do believe the longer he is off the field the steeper the learning curve. If he can get on the field by mid August I think they will be fine.

  6. Didn’t know he beat the eagles in February.

    Well we know he doesn’t break out against the eagles in sept, oct, nov,dec or even January. 0-2 vs the eagles in the playoffs

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