Tyron Smith’s 10-year deal is “nuts”

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It’s hard to say that a guy who signed an eight-year contract reportedly worth $98 million made a mistake.  But in the NFL, where the player is far more bound to the deal than the team, left tackle Tyron Smith apparently has given the Cowboys near-unilateral control over the balance of his career.

“There’s no way you can do a deal that long,” a league source with extensive experience negotiating player contracts told PFT.  “I’m stunned. . . .  10 years is nuts.”

The extension reportedly places Smith under contract for a total of 10 years at a payout of $110 million.  He’ll have no power to get more money, no matter how well he performs.  And if he doesn’t perform well, the only security he’ll have is the fully-guaranteed money that he received when committing himself to the Cowboys for the next decade.

The full details eventually will be known, and we’ll get a chance to see just how team friendly the contract is.  Unless every year of the contract is fully guaranteed (and if it were, that detail would have been leaked), the mere duration of the deal makes it a bad one for the player — who apparently wanted to do a contract badly enough that he was willing to make a commitment that, for nearly all NFL contracts, never is mutual.

Apparently, the Cowboys knew how badly Smith wanted that new contract, and the Cowboys took full advantage of it.

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  1. Hard to say a guy getting 110 million is nuts when he lives in Texas with no income tax.

    Plus knowing Jerry they will need cap space at some time and restructure the deal.

  2. It could also help out the cash-strapped Cowboys. By extending the contract out that long, they can maximize amortization of any guaranteed money, such that Smith’s cap hit each year is, subject to the terms of the CBA, minimized. This could potentially soften the cap figures of people like Tony Romo, who’ll hit the Cowboys’ cap to the tune of $27M next year. In order to ensure they keep someone like Smith around for the long term, the Cowboys themselves may thought a 10-year deal was worth it.

  3. Dallas has the upper hand. Looks like Jerry is final doing contracts correctly. Smith is very young and top 3 if not best LT in the game. A couple years ago he couldn’t buy beer legally. Haters will always find ways to hate. Proceed.

  4. They must be REALLY sure he’s gonna be REALLY good for a REALLY long time.

  5. no income tax is huge, but also realize he can play the contract for 4-5 years, then look at who is the top tackle, if he is among the top in the game still then he can ask for more money. players do it all the time. or he can threaten to walk not like his tax free money is going to leave him broke after 5 seasons

  6. I’d do this with Dontari Poe, JJ Watt. there are some guys who I think you just lock up forever. if something happens, well. sucks. but its worth locking them up.

  7. Wait for the details of the contract before giving your opinion people….

  8. The contract may limit Smith’s options to get more money later if he feels he is owed more, but he still has a chance and some options he can explore to try and get more if/when it comes to that point. This deal only hurts him if it does, and that’s not guaranteed to happen. Smith probably has placed a higher value on making sure he stays with this team for his whole career and when he asked Jerry Jones how to do that, Jerry said sign this.

    And the more years he commits to would likely give him the largest possible amount upfront that he can get, so he might like the early access especially if he has a certain plan for investing/saving that money that he feels gives him an extra advantage to have access to the cash now. And what if tax rates rise in the future? He might believe those rates have potential to go way up and to remove his tax liability on as much money upfront and in early years after interest could be seen as very appealing instead of deferring his tax calculations to the far out future.

  9. An agents nightmare?

    And by the way, it is state income tax, not federal. Some states still have the right to say you don’t have to pay income taxes. Obama will get his share and more, don’t worry.

  10. As if the deal cannot be renegotiated later. Nothing “nuts” about this.

    The only question is why would you give up a bit of leverage 5 years from now when you are still in your prime to get such a deal like this that plays out until you are 37, 38? But even that isn’t “nuts”, he may just want the stability so that he can focus on football. It’s not like he got low-balled. He isn’t the best LT in football, although he could be in the next couple of years, and with no state income tax, he’ll still be taking home more on average 5-6 years into the deal than almost every LT in the league.

  11. Best Jones deal in a long time. He was due with the disasters of Lee and Romo. Having Smith, Frederick, and Martin together for the foreseeable future is great.

  12. Not a bad deal up front for Tyron, 32M in the first three years plus a 10M signing bonus. 40M in 3 years is a great haul for an elite tackle like Tyron.

  13. This is a smart deal. Smith is one of those stars who does not live for the bling. He wants security and the Cowboys wanted to stabilize the OL. Just because Smith is not screaming for top dollar or wearing bling does not make this wrong. He just goes out and works hard and now he is rewarded and he has the security for him and his family.

  14. Smith put out a statement basically saying this was his way of thanking the team for helping and supporting him through his crazy family member(s) drama.

    Seems like a good dude. Good for him.

  15. This is by far the best business move the Cowboys have made in years. smith is a 24 year old second team all-pro LT. $10M a year is close to 50% below market value for a pro bowl Left Tackle and they lock him up for 10 years at that rate with essentially only 4 years guaranteed. Best move I’ve seen from Jerry since the beginning of the salary cap.

  16. If he sucks like all long-term extended Cowboys and they cut him in year 3 like we all expect, will the cap hit be so vicious that they finally can’t field their moribund team? Just asking

  17. If you think the Cowboys got the best of that deal, well then there is no reasoning with you. Who cares about 10 years in an NFL contract? If Smith turned down $40 million guaranteed in a sport where you are one play from your career being over and where even the best players at his position don’t last 10 years, he would have been truly “nuts.”

  18. It was an 8 year extension, bringing the total contract to 10 years. In 8 years Tyron will be 30, still a few years left at that point…. Cowboys lock him up long term, they want him his whole career and who wouldn’t, and Tyrone gets a nice chunk of change over the next 8 years without breaking the bank for his team. I don’t see what’s “nuts” about any of that.

  19. Good deal. He’s 23 and already a pro-bowl LT and all-pro. Sounds like too much money to people who don’t know the NFL, because he’s not a big name

  20. His “only security” is the guaranteed money? I don’t know about you, but I’d feel pretty secure with a minimum of $40M earmarked to come my way no matter what.

  21. If they front-loaded it, then it’s a genius move. As his skills start to decline, the dollar figure should stay close to his worth unless he suffers a massive drop off in talent …

  22. For everyone mentioning tax: he has to pay taxes in accordance with each state he plays a game in.

  23. Are you kidding me? The guy has security for the next 10, years. It was done for 10, years because, 1, he is only 23, years old and 2, doing a long contract like that allows Dallas to spread out any bonuses to reduce the cap hit from year to year.

    It isn’t rocket science and it pays him as one of the top LT in the league, and Dallas did a deal that will help the team sign Dez and other players to long term deals. To say Dallas took advantage of him is just ignorant and typical Cowboy bias.

  24. He’s making 12mil a year. If he didn’t give up a sack for the next 5yrs, he still wouldn’t deserve a raise. Win 1 maybe 2 SB then we talk raise. 12 million a year!!! “Brother Please”

  25. He is well worth it..not to many dominant O linemen n da league..im glad we gotem for life..one of our better moves..dez is next

  26. srbumblebeeman says:
    Jul 30, 2014 5:14 PM
    When is the last time a player in the NFL signed a 10 year deal?

    It’s not an 10 year deal it’s an 8 year extension. Joe Thomas signed one a few years back for $84mil . $44mil guaranteed.

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