Brandon Marshall thinks Jay Cutler will win NFL MVP


Peyton Manning is the betting favorite to win the NFL Most Valuable Player award this season. But Brandon Marshall’s money is on Jay Cutler.

Actually, Marshall can’t put any money on it because that would violate NFL rules. But Marshall does believe that Cutler is going to show this year that he’s the best player in football.

“League MVP,” Marshall said of Cutler on NFL Network. “He’s the first one in the building, last one to leave, his leadership is through the roof. He’s correcting the coaches. I mean, this is his offense. This is his organization. He’s running it, and I love it.”

Cutler missed five games with injuries last year, but he played well when healthy, with a career-high 89.2 passer rating. But Cutler will probably both need to be healthy for all 16 games and have an even higher passer rating this year if anyone is going to consider him seriously for the MVP.

81 responses to “Brandon Marshall thinks Jay Cutler will win NFL MVP

  1. Cutler doesn’t get that best player on your team does not necessarily equal best player in the league.

    What a dope!

  2. Drew Brees was subjected to a “random” drug test after he said that he thinks he can play until he’s 45. This guy needs a “mandatory” drug test.

  3. Best player is also something different than most valuable player. I’d have to say Cutler’s chances of being the most valuable player (in my opinion) are worse than 100-1 due to his very high salary and how unlikely I think it is for him to produce an impressive performance contribution that beats out every other player.

    I wonder how much he was correcting the coaches last year, or if this is a new thing, and in which ways specifically has he been correcting them so we can understand and appreciate the sentiment? If that’s successful and he knows so much more than them, then why didn’t he correct the coaches and pull himself out of the game when it was proper strategy and safety protocol to do that? He hasn’t proven that he’s able and willing to veto all of the coaching staff’s poor decisions, so let’s see if he can bail them out this year if/when they make too many mistakes.

  4. Say what you want about Cutler’s past but he has the potential to be MVP. This is the first time, I repeat the first time, since being on the Bears he has been in the same offensive system for more than 1 year.

    Also there was a quarterback that Trestman coached a while back, that had a very up and down career. Bounced around a few teams. People thought he wasn’t a leader, that he would never live up to the talent. He had his best years of his career with Trestman coaching him. He won the league MVP in 2002 and lead his team to the superbowl with number 1 offense. His best years in his carreer where 2001 and 2002. His name – Rich Gannon.

    So don’t tell me Cutler can’t win MVP. He has the tools to do it. If he puts in the work he can absolutely win it. Trestman helps QBs more than any coach ever has. He’s made guys like Elvis Gurbac and Jake Plummer look like probowlers.

  5. I don’t even believe was the best qb on his own team last year. However I will say this Cutler has a better chance of becoming MVP this year than the Vikings not finishing in last place once again.

  6. So Ryan Tannehill gets a rating just below what Cutler got last year and he sucks, but Cutler is MVP material? You gotta be kidding me!

    I am SOOOOO glad the Fins got rid of that idiot!

  7. 89.1 QB Rating last season is the best of Cutler’s career. In comparison, Aaron Rodgers’ worst QBR was 93.8 in 2008 during his first year as the starter.

    So… Good luck with that.

  8. Not sure he can win MVP but he has the luxary of having 2 top 10 WR’s and a top 5 RB. Not many qb’s if any can say that. The only thing that would hold him back is the O-line and injuries IMO.

  9. I’m a Bears fan and I love me some Brandon Marshall, but… whoa… slow down, son. No need to be jinxing anything here.

  10. That’s just what you need… Cutler running the organization and correcting coaches. He’s not Peyton Manning… he’s a tool. The only way to win with Cutler would be for him to do exactly what a smart coach told him to do.

    If you put an elite QB on that offense it would be record breaking. Cutler is just like Romo… has all the tools except the one between the ears.

  11. Has Brandon Marshall followed Jay Cutler’s career? The more that is expected of Jeff George -2.0, the less he produces. Big numbers come maybe; big victories not so much.

  12. Here we go… It’s a a WR giving his QB some love. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The time is now, as least from an offensive side of things for the Bears and Cutler to make some serious strides. He can either make a lot of his critics shut up this season or he can add more fuel to the fire by not living up to expectations.

  13. Marshall says he “think” Cutler might be. Well, “think” isn’t the same as he knows, that says he’s just putting it out there and doesn’t really mean it. That’s ok, still better than telling Cutler to stay away like little hands with the yellow heads in WI telling Finley to stay away.

  14. Could not agree more. Packers & Vikings fans keep bashing each other. Bear fans can’t wait for our QB to dominate them this year. 🐻🐻🐻👍

  15. I know its in vogue to build up your team and your teammates, but some of these guys have really gone off the deep end. It’s not good enough anymore to say you think your team has a great chance at going deep in the playoffs if you stay healthy? Now you have to declare that your season is a bust if you don’t win the SB, and that all starting players are the absolute best in the NFL at their positions.

  16. I’m a long time Bears fan…

    No way Cutler wins MVP.

    His career QB rating is less than 85.0

    In his 5 seasons with the Bears, his QB rating is only 83.1

    In his 5 seasons with the Bears, his completion % is 60.2%

    He’s never had a season with a QB rating of 90.0 or higher.

    The most TD’s he’s thrown in a season is 27

    Cutler has skills, but he isn’t MVP caliber.

  17. He will not be judged this year by his passing yardage, his number of attempts, or his completion percentage. What he will be judged by is his TD/INT ratio (which has always been well below par for “elite” classification), and victories (assuming the Bears D has revived itself to the point they are not continually losing games on their own).

    If Cutler can notch a 3-to-1 TD/INT season and lead the Bears through a solid playoff run, he may still not win MVP, but he will for sure gain some respect and quiet at least some of the many haters.

  18. If the O line stays healthy, anything could happen.

    That’s a tall order Mr. Marshall, let’s play 1 game at a time.

    I am a die hard Bears fan, I will be happy if the entire team stays healthy during the season and we make the playoffs. But I like Marshall’s confidence, heck we all need to set goals in life, but let’s not set the goals so high that they’re unrealistic and we are doomed to ultimately fail.

  19. Haven’t read the comments yet, but I’m sure the haters are out in force for this one…My personal feeling is that he’ll put up up career numbers if healthy, but won’t win MVP. And he still needs to cut back on the INTs, even if not all of them are on him.

  20. Don’t let logic get in the way of your hate. Cutler will be in the mix for MVP at the end of the season regardless of how badly you don’t want it to happen.

  21. Cutler was vastly outplayed by his backup last year. A backup guy who got far fewer reps in the new offense during training camp and practice. That’s really all you need to know.

    And anyone who thinks that Alshon Jeffery is a Top 10 WR is as mentally unstable as Marshall.

  22. Here’s what the guy who vastly overpaid to trade for Jay Cutler had to say about him.

    “Has all the physical tools, but inconsistent in the clutch,” Angelo wrote. “Mostly due to a lack of poise. He’s not comfortable reading defenses and consequently locks onto a favorite or pre-determined target, that may or may not be the right choice. The less he’s asked to see the better he is. A better half-field general, than a full-field one.”

  23. Cutler is what he is at this point. An pretty good qb that is prone to throwing his team out of games. Trestman may be the quarterback whisperer. Unfortunately his quarterback is hard of hearing.

  24. MinnesotaVikingsSuckDongJustLikeTheirFans says:

    And anyone who thinks that Alshon Jeffery is a Top 10 WR is as mentally unstable as Marshall.


    So every website and person on earth that works with reporting NFL Stats is mentally unstable???

    Alshon was #6 in Receiving yards.

    Take your meds dude, you’re the only one unstable…

  25. The next time i hear “first one in the building last one out”, i am going to bang my head on a wall.. The most overplayed cliche in football circles. However, it is comical, Cutler hasnt played a full season in a while, and when one extrapolates his stats, it is not MVP like.

  26. Since my other comment was deleted…here it is again. That isn’t what Marshall said. Here is the conversation with Michael Irvin: “I want to see what happens when they have a healthy Jay Cutler,” Irvin said. “I asked Brandon that very question; what do you think a healthy Jay Cutler for 16 games [can accomplish]? He said ‘MVP in the league.’

    Marshall didn’t predict he would win MVP, all he said was a healthy Jay Cutler could win MVP. Way to use other peoples info and distort it PFT.

  27. Not by leading his team to 2nd or 3rd place. Cutler’s record against the packers is awful. There is a reason why the Broncos dropped this guy without a quality backup. He is a loser.

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