Don Jones says he learned after discipline for Michael Sam tweet


Dolphins cornerback Don Jones says he has learned a lot in the last couple months, after his reaction to Michael Sam becoming the NFL’s first openly gay player got him suspended from the team.

When TV cameras captured Sam kissing his boyfriend, Jones reacted by calling it “horrible.” The Dolphins’ response was to send Jones home from offseason work and say he couldn’t return until he completed sensitivity training. Now Jones says he realizes his choice of words was poor.

“I didn’t intend [any] harm,” Jones told the Miami Herald. “I just made a bad mistake. I had to learn from it.”

Jones said that he has no animosity toward gays, despite what his tweet suggested.

“I don’t have [a] problem with gay [people],” Jones said. “Shoot, I do have a bunch of family members that are gay. My brother, my cousins. I never really had a problem.”

On some teams, Jones’s tweet probably would have resulted in nothing more than a stern talking-to, but the Dolphins are particularly sensitive about the need for players to treat each other with respect after the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin fiasco last year. Jones put something stupid on Twitter, but he deserves credit for dealing with it forthrightly and moving on.

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  1. I’m all for live and let live, and what two people do in their own home sure as heck is none of my business. But I’m sorry, that was an in your face moment and disgusting in my book.

  2. If the Dolphins organization was so concerned about being PC because of the Incognito/Martin affair then why wasn’t Pouncey suspended for his attempt to extort gifts from the new rookie class?

  3. Lesson learned. Here are the steps you must take to avoid a similar mistake:

    1. Determine the sacred cows of left-wing ideology.
    2. Parrot their views on said cows without the slightest of variation.
    3. NEVER be honest. Never.

    Follow these simple steps, and you’ll avoid re-education. You’re welcome.

  4. If you translated his words into what he was really thinking, he would be suspended another 4 weeks.

  5. Some idiots (Liberals) need to learn the difference between “discrimination” and “disagreeing”. Just because someone doesn’t agree with what you do or believe in doesn’t mean they hate you or try to take your livelihood away unless you do what they tell you……that’s a Liberals job.

  6. According to many of the commenters here, “liberalism” apparently stands for equality and “conservatism” stands for discrimination. That’s actually just about right, I suppose. The only thing the right ever seems to actually get right.

  7. cm2492 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 8:11 PM
    Apparently, some of you people still don’t understand that the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to corporations.
    Regrettably; 5 justices on the Supreme Court have said that corporations have first amendment rights (Citizens United) – the only people being silenced are those who dare say what the vast majority is thinking – Anybody can kiss whoever they want but not in my living room – I wanted to puke when I saw that show

  8. So he goes and throws his brother and cousins out, hope they were ready for that…

    That’s okay, because they are not as historic.

  9. @clashpoint

    You obviously do not understand the fundamentals of Discrimination. Don Jones was not in any scenario whereby his action would include nor exclude a person based on his minority party (sexual identity). His “horrible” was his Opinion: not Discrimination! Of course you can have “any opinion” you desire privately. However, you must understand it should match that of your Employer’s Policies in Public if you value said employment . The massive majority of us were indeed sickened by the over-the-top TV scene. In the future try and educate yourself before you hide behind your Liberalism.

  10. yesrowntreeyesgrosvener says:
    Jul 31, 2014 8:33 PM
    Lesson learned. Here are the steps you must take to avoid a similar mistake:

    1. Determine the sacred cows of left-wing ideology.
    2. Parrot their views on said cows without the slightest of variation.
    3. NEVER be honest. Never.

    Follow these simple steps, and you’ll avoid re-education. You’re welcome.


    You right wingers amuse me. This is the free market in action, EXACTLY what you guys crow about. When it doesn’t work the way you want, you turn into sniveling little whiners. Take the good with the bad, man up, and quit crying.

  11. I find it ironic that conservatives constantly use their freedom of speech to complain about not having freedom of speech, and to complain that they’re being discriminated against for preaching legal societal discrimination for the freedom of expression and human rights of others. Hypocrites, the lot. Liberals believe in freedoms for everyone and not just for ourselves.

    My very favorite part was when conservatives sniveled about Michael Sam, his boyfriend, and a piece of cake. Ever see the food fight scene from Animal House? I don’t remember anyone ever complaining about that lol

  12. Everybody knows that the Liberals preach “tolerance” but don’t have any tolerance for people who disagree with them!

    The Miami Dolphins can’t fine or suspend me so I’ll say exactly what that was on TV… horrible. I about threw up in my mouth seeing that on ESPN. I don’t have any issues with two men doing whatever they want but I don’t want to be forced to watch two dudes making out while I’m watching The NFL Draft.

  13. So tinbender2000 what you are saying. If you have children or are going to have children and he/she where gay? You wouldn’t except them being gay and being happy? If he/she kissed there lover it would be disgusting for you? Though they where happy? Sad Bro, real sad!!! It’s 2014 not 1814? Wait, let me double check after reading all these comments?? Yep, it’s 2014!

  14. Lost in all of this is the fact that ESPN absolutely laid the bait out there , waiting for someone to reach for it — they didn’t just show one quick peck on the cheek , they showed a whole segment , with the two guys feeding each other cake , etc. They did this because they knew somebody would say something , and that it would provide a boost for their ratings. In short , ESPN used Don Jones.

  15. Regarding the kiss seen round the world and the reactions to it, if you can’t stomach seeing 2 guys embrace, you are pretty weak. I am a straight male, and I handled it just fine. I’m not terrified of something just because it doesn’t coincide with my own preferences. It is what it is. Get over it.

    Regarding freedom of speech, yes, people have a right to their opinions, BUT I’d bet my bottom dollar, which is likely a lot closer to my fingertips than Don Jones’s bottom dollar is, that when he signed that contract, there was a section saying that he would refrain from making any comments that could shine a negative light on both the NFL and the Miami Dolphins organization, and while his comments were still rather tame in comparison to what others probably said, that’s exactly what it did. He may just be a special teamer, but he still represents the organization.

  16. Which is worse?

    The fact that someone tweeted “horrible” after seeing two guys kissing. Or

    A company requiring sensitivity training and sending him home for his comment.

    Clearly, the latter is worse. What has happened to our society………good grief.

    George Orwell and Thomas Jefferson just turned over in their graves. The former laughed saying “I told you so”! The latter simply cried.

  17. Hold on. Your brother is gay, but that fact didn’t cause you to stop and think about going on twitter to call a kiss “horrible”? That’s impressive.

  18. NFL is a business. If its participants say things that offend consumers, it’s a problem. Therefore, it ties to limit such incidents. It’s not complex.

    Please stop making the dishonest and empty “freedom” arguments. Entitlement and privilege based on orientation is not a freedom.

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