Johnny Manziel admits he’s having growing pains


For all the attention he’s gotten thus far, Johnny Manziel is still the Browns backup quarterback.

He admitted Thursday it’s going to take him a minute to push through that, but the Browns appear willing to let him ease into it a little at a time.

It’s a process for me,” Manziel said, via Pat McManamon of “It’s not something that I should just come in here naturally because I played well in college and just know how to run this offense.

“It’s a complete 180 from everything that I’ve been used to. And it’s going to take time. It’s a process coming from a spread, air raid system in college to a pro style system that’s very unfamiliar [to] me as far as terminology and routes.”

Now, for a player of his — for lack of a better word — swagger, that sounds almost like humility. But Manziel said he thinks he will be able to make the adjustment with time.

“I think I’ll play whenever these coaches decide that I’m ready,” Manziel said. “I don’t think there’s any rush. For me, it’s whenever coach [Mike] Pettine, coach [Kyle] Shanahan and the staff here decide that. I don’t think they want to throw me into a situation I’m not ready for or something I can’t handle. I don’t know if they drafted me necessarily thinking that I should come in and start Week 1. I think they wanted to see where I’m at and how I progress.”

Using Manziel as part of specific packages is an option, as he brings and athleticism to the position Brian Hoyer doesn’t have. But the acknowledgement he has some ground to cover is probably a good one for the rookie, who will end up with the job eventually.

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  1. I hope he becomes a goos QB, b/c Cleveland and their fans really deserve a winner.

    I have my doubts about him now, but I hope he proves me wrong and matures quickly.

    Cleveland is close, they have had some good drafts, and they aren’t far off.

  2. In the meantime I hope that Hoyer gets to enjoy some success as a starter, and for more than just a couple of games. He has paid his dues in this league and deserves an opportunity. Plus he is a good guy and an Ohio native.

  3. We all have growing pains, this not breaking news, but one incident after another and acting as though you don’t have a filter in your head is eventually going to lead to disaster. Imagine if and when this kid hits rock bottom. All the money phones in the world aren’t going to drag him out of that abyss. And the convenient excuse he will use is the press made his life a living hell.

  4. “Growing pains” would imply that he’s in fact actually growing. I see no evidence of that being the case.

  5. If you think it’s tough now wait until the real bullets start flying. Very large, very fast men with family’s to feed that will be looking to do you harm. How long will it take to start calling Johnny Football, Johnny Angel?

  6. It’s just too bad he didn’t have a few months between the draft and now that he could have been using to prepare and learn instead of starting to learn at the start of camp…..

  7. Shame on you ESPN; sensationalize anything to draw ratings. You killed Tim Tebow, Johnny F. Is on deck and next year god help that knuckle head Winston. He will be next years mess.

  8. As a Steelers fan I hope he starts game 1. No way he wins that game with the circus that would evolve in the days leading up to that game.

  9. This is a great sign for Manziel. He’s showing maturity and humility. I’m a Browns fan and I want the team to win. I was not a fan of Manziel but didn’t hate drafting him. Now that he is reading the playbook he can start developing into an NFL QB. Or not, it’s up to him.

  10. This is another misleading headline, among many misleading headlines. Reading it, I expected to read about his off field activities, which had been the primary focus of the medias attention.

  11. The predraft hype for Manziel, Bridgewater, and Bottles was off the chart. Fast fwd all 3 will most likely start season on bench. Not a bad thing at all we(fans) should start looking at things more practically.

  12. Uh, Johnny, that’s why they begged and pleaded with you to start studying the offense immediately after the draft. Instead, you waited until camp and still apparently believe they’re going to just let you make things up on the fly in real games. This is going to be a harsh reality check for you.

  13. So many writers across the sports blogosphere and commenters seem to want Manziel to fail. There is absolutely no proof the he is “slow to pick things up”. I’m not even sure where that rumor even started.

    Not a Manziel fan, just sick of reading about how Bridgewater has his nose in the playbook, while Manziel just plays around.

  14. Is he coming off a Vegas bathroom high and losing self confidence? Time for another trip with dollar bills and Justin Bieber!

  15. This reads like backpedaling and a slight tinge of paving the way for excuse making. But for the time being, I’d guess he’s right/honest.
    Very few first year guys can play out of the gate.

    No one is asking me, but I think if he’s going to really be the guy, a year on the bench getting things correct would really be valuable. I doubt he could stand two years though. He plays before week 8 is my guess.

  16. ““It’s a complete 180 from everything that I’ve been used to. And it’s going to take time.”

    Yes time. Like the time between 5pm and sleep that most pro QB’s (including backups like hoyer) spend studying film and preparing, not going out partying.

  17. “But the acknowledgement he has some ground to cover is probably a good one for the rookie, who will end up with the job eventually.”

    He has given no reason to think that he will end up with the job eventually. We haven’t even seen him take a snap in a game yet. There is no need to exaggerate who and what the guy is just so the media can have one of these BIG stories.

    He’ll either be the guy destined for greatness who crashed and burned or he’ll be the guy who seemed doomed to fail who rose up and won. That’s what the media is setting up with him. Both are exaggerations.

  18. The only way a Rookie can have a decent year at QB is if the rest of the team is playoff ready, in which the Browns certainly are not. It’s not an insult as much as it is the truth.

  19. If you think it’s tough now wait until the real bullets start flying.
    Actually, they don’t shoot “bullets” on an NFL football field. Players aren’t “warriors,” and skill-position players aren’t “weapons.” It’s a game, not combat.

  20. Johnny should only play in spurts this year unless Hoyer gets knocked out with an injury. The Browns GM gave neither QB a WR group that will make either successful. No WR means Browns will be easy to defend 7 or 8 in the box, and double team Cameron. Its not rocket science.

    Both of their stats were awful in 11 on 11. it was reported Hoyer was 7-13 but 4 completions were check downs and Johnny was 3-11. Why? No WRs thats why. Thats because their incompetent GM didnt draft any when it was one of their biggest needs going into the draft and was a deep WR draft

  21. Johnny Football is sexy and fun. He brings a charisma and art to the game that makes it exciting to watch. Part of the fun is going to see how he handles these big defenses like the Steelers–and he knows they’re coming for him. Johnny is smart and quick, and inevitably will bring his own style of football to the game. The *worst* thing Cleveland could do, is to try and lock Johnny into a neat little mold and suffocate him. Yes, he needs to learn the rules, the playbook–that’s all inherent in learning the rules of the game–and oh the fun we’re going to have watching him break them 🙂

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