Michael Vick wants to play until he’s 40 years old


On the heels of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees saying he wants to play until he’s 45 years old, another veteran quarterback has expressed a desire to play into his 40’s.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick says he wants to play until he’s 40.

Vick, 34, signed a one-year deal with the Jets earlier this offseason to serve as a veteran backup to second-year starter Geno Smith.

While Vick doesn’t view his skills as being relegated to that of a backup quarterback, he has accepted his role as a backup and mentor to Smith for the Jets.

“You never envision yourself being in this role (when you’re younger),” Vick said. “But as you grow older, you start to (realize) it’s inevitable. You know it’s going to happen. At the same time, I just try to keep myself in shape and keep trying to be the best that I can be, because you never know what can happen.”

Vick threw for 1,215 yards and five touchdowns with three interceptions in seven games for the Philadelphia Eagles last season before an injury handed the starting job to Nick Foles.

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  1. those that can’t do, teach. Mike’s been pretty good as a player, but hes been a great teammate.

  2. As long as Vick has his wheels(which he still does) he can start for a number of teams. It wont be long until he unseats Geno Smith. I know the Jets want to go with the young guy, but come on now. Rex knows he has to produce or he’s gone so when Geno loses a few games Vick will take over. And hopefully back to his 2010-2011 and 2013 form. Or, his Falcons form!

  3. I dont mean this as a slam but from a financial standpoint, he has to make up for all that money he lost. Makes sense

  4. If he wants to back up other players for 4-6 different teams over the remainder of the decade, then he can go right on ahead. Who am I to judge anyway? His day job still beats mine.

  5. No reason he can’t play for many years. He doesn’t have as much wear as other quarterbacks his age.
    And besides, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

  6. He has to hope he can sucker someone into employing him because he owes too much money for his crimes.


  8. Michael Vick wants to play until he’s 40 years old. Well, he rested up in prison for a couple of years so he should be able to. The only question I would ask is what has he done thus far? Nothing.

    The only thing he’s really accomplished, is killing a few dogs and we should never forgive him for that!

  9. I can’t see him playing until he’s 40. Ability notwithstanding, his playing style and injury history would seem to make it unlikely. That said, he did have a couple years out of football that he didn’t get the wear and tear on his body, which certainly can’t hurt his hopes.

    That said, seems highly unlikely he plays until he’s 40.

  10. Ok..Suuuure. He WAS a supreme talent. But he can’t even make it 16 full games. He should be focusing on making a roster after this season.

  11. Vick will play for as long as someone is willing to give him a paycheck. Can’t really blame him after losing all that money.

  12. Plan for new segment:
    53 days from the start of the season PFT will post one stupid quote from each of the most self involved players from the Jets.

  13. Best QB in the league! Geno Smith would also be somewhere in the top 5! This is now the start of the Jets dynasty! Minimum of 3 Super Bowls in the next 5 years! After this dynasty, we will end up with 8 rings and officially be the most decorated franchise of all time! We have the best WR and RB in the league, the best I-line, and the best defense BY FAR!!!! We are also God’s chosen team! Every time we win the Suoer Bowl, an angel gets it’s wings. I could not ask for a better team!!!!


  14. Haters gonna hate, but our Dynasty will shut the haters! God will also punish the haters and Goodell for screwing with his favorite team! You guys let the pats spy on us, now you

  15. He can’t even read a play book and only cares about himself, that’s NOT a mentor.

    He’s done like dinner.

  16. The most impressive thing about Vick is he appears to actually be a changed person. You can never totally forget what he did, but he accepted his punishment and changed. Not many guys have comeback from something like that and become contributing members of society, let alone good NFL teammates.

  17. hard to believe that Geno Smith is a starting QB in the NFL.. until you realize it’s the Jets

  18. I remember a comedian doing a bit about Brett Favre and his reluctance to retire. It focused on how much money even backups make, and then even third stringers.

    If I were Vick, I would stay in the NFL every day until I couldnt find a job. The paycheck is entirely too nice. And for a backup, thats the easiest money youre ever going to make

    But, as we all know…Vick is done as a starter. Its ashame he cant admit it. And he cant admit that Foles took his job last season either. He is living in complete denial.

  19. All humor aside… why not? Not everyone ages the same way (see Jaromir Jagr for example in hockey). And meaning it as a serious thing, he did miss a few seasons for his legal problems- that probably saved a little wear and tear compared to what those seasons on the field for the Falcons would have done.

    So… hey, why not?

    That said, he got bumped aside by Foles in Philly, and doesn’t look like he’s a lock for starting in New York either. So if he goes into his 40s, being a backup would be a big reason too.

  20. Vick is a changed man indeed. He was a great teammate for Eagles and he is speaking and doing each things right so far with the Jets as well

  21. Vick isn’t going to get a sniff as QB for the Jets. Just be a good soldier and hold a clipboard – support Geno.

    This is a huge year for Geno, now he has a few weapons and a year under his belt. 1st 7 games vs. GB, Det, Chi, SD, Den, Pats will be challenging esp for the defense so Geno has to shine early.

  22. If by play he means “hold the clipboard” then sure but only if he doesn’t want to get paid as the best clipboard holder in the NFL

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