Mike Zimmer: Cordarrelle Patterson is confident, but not cocky “like a couple of guys” in Cincinnati


There are plenty of people who expect Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson to have a breakout season in 2014.

That group includes the decision makers at Sports Illustrated, who have named Patterson as one of this year’s rising stars across all sports. Patterson has weighed in on the topic as well, saying that he plans to be a “top-five playmaker” among other things, but coach Mike Zimmer isn’t worried about Patterson’s confidence turning him into the kind of diva receiver he saw when he was the defensive coordinator with the Bengals.

“Honestly, it’s great,” Zimmer said, via the Pioneer Press. “He’s confident, but he’s not like a couple of guys we had in Cincinnati. He’s pretty respectful about it. He works hard, and he’s a young evolving player still. So I like it.”

Zimmer doesn’t name names, but it’s hard not to think of Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson as guys who weren’t respectful about expressing their self-confidence. Both played for the Bengals when Zimmer was there and were players who saw their difficult personalities tolerated and indulged because of how productive they were on the football field.

Patterson may be lacking the character traits that Zimmer didn’t like in whatever wideouts he might be referring to, but he also hasn’t performed at the same level and will need to in order for anyone to pay this much attention to him again in the future.

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  1. Only an absolute beast can give himself a nickname like flash and have it stick. Haha. Single handedly bringing pageantry back to the NFL

  2. No need for Zimmer to degrade TO or Chad to praise his guy. Last time I checked TO has done or said nothing to warrant his name being brought up.

    The fact is that Cordarrelle is in year 2. Give him time to make his mark in the league. He’s not asking for controversy. Why should a coach invite it?

  3. Looking to pick him up on the fantasy team. If only he had a good qb. This kid could be a handful.

  4. Like I said last year before the season. “This young man named Flash is an absolute freak show waiting to happen.” He did it on ST and limited time. We can all blame Frazier for not getting him going in wk 1.
    Zimmer has the eye for talent and I expect a huge leap in production for Flash along with many young Viking players this year, can’t wait!

  5. Don’t get all the hype on this guy. He has the measurables but didn’t exactly light the world on fire at TN, and after hearing all the hype last year, he did next to nothing. I haven’t even heard of him dominating practice to warrant all this hype. It’s like he is getting the hype heaped on him that a player like Sammy Watkins has warranted from his college career and what’s coming out of Bills camp so far.

  6. Oh great, Zimmer has been in town less than 6 months and already he is as delusional as the Viking fan base.

    To reference Patterson in the same sentence as Owens and Chad Johnson is a tad premature, wouldn’t you say? But it does fit in with the Viking tradition of claiming the paper championship each spring, where every draft choice is anointed pro bowl status before they take their first snap, the Viking fan base dreams of sweeping the Packers contrary to reality where it is the other way around.

    For Patterson to come anywhere near the production of Owens and Johnson, they better get a Qb that can play at the NFL level. I think Zimmer conveniently overlooked that small detail.

  7. So he has to be referring to T.O. and Chad? Where does he say that?

    I’m not saying it isn’t likely that’s who he is talking about but that’s not what Zimmer said.

  8. Won’t be a huge season this year. Maybe not even next year. That University of Minnesota outdoor field will slow that offense down. I don’t like anyone on this team for Fantasy purposes. Anybody.

  9. I was at the Ravens-Vikings snow thriller in 2013. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an explosive athlete that is Patterson. I witnessed Patterson sprinting across the snow covered field effortlessly, while my Ravens were slipping and sliding… This kid is for real. He’s gonna be huge for the Vikings. Cool Joe saved the day with Brown TD and we got the Win, but that was the probably the best Ravens home game I’ve seen to date.

  10. A lot of preseason boasting on this viking that had 469 receiving yards last season. Hopefully he becomes a “top 5 playmaker” on the team.

    Boasting about humility is always a good thing.

    I think it is his statistics and lack of time in the NFL that keep him from being a Randy Moss type loudmouth and giving himself a nickname.

  11. Mike Zimmer is a different kind of coach, get used to it. And get used to the new minnesota vikings. Skol!

  12. As a Bears fan, the prospect of the light going on for this kid concerns me.

    He is basically a supersized Devin Hester with actual WR skills. That’s a scary combination.

  13. I think this kid can be really good. I wonder if he’ll be fairly treated as far as catchable balls go. Bridgewater has some potential, but that’s about the best thing that can be said about the QB position there atm.

  14. You can criticize both Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson all you want. Combined, the two have amassed more than 200 touchdowns and 25,000 receiving yards.

    Cordarrelle Patterson has a lot of potential but at the end of the day, both Chad and Terrell have already etched their name in the history books.

  15. Zimmer is right, this kid is humble and does not have an awful attitude like Ocho and TO. Patterson has a smile every time he’s talking. He’s better than those clowns in little town WI will ever have. Oh, wait Javon Walker is already a HOF player.

  16. You go Zimm. Love this guy. Missing a quality dude at Cinncy camp. T.o. and chad would never be welcome on Zimms team.

  17. Just the fact he is mentioning shows that he is concerned already. He is just taking the passive aggressive approach to the slow to get it receiver. Even in that simple offense last year he couldn’t get on the field because the offense was too complicated. Another diva in the making following the me me me mentoring of peterson

  18. Supposedly, a couple weeks ago, Cordarelle showed up at the Vikings’ office complex where a bunch of their administrative drones were doing a big envelope-stuffing project. He brought them a bunch of pizzas and asked if there was anything he could do to help. Made a HUGE positive impression on them, apparently.

    If you combine an attitude like that with his clear physical talent… look out.

  19. He seems like an interesting guy. A grade school girl in the Twin Cities area wrote him a letter asking him if he would visit her classroom.

    Low and behold, he delivered on the letter and showed up and spent the day with her class. Was a classy and awesome gesture.

    He’s got all the tools, and he’s been putting in the work on his glaring weakness, route running. I expect good things.

  20. .
    The Patriots traded the pick used to draft Patterson for 4 later picks. It will make for an interesting evaluation years from now.

  21. I’m glad he’s on my squad! Dude is lightning fast for a tall guy and he hauls in everything thrown in his direction. Vikings are going to be a totally different team this year people are going to be surprised! Hope thrives! Lets go!

  22. Jerome Simpson is probably one of them. Not sure who the other could be. The Bengals have all humble receivers now though. That’s all that matter. Who-Dey!

  23. Not sure what the author means by Cordouroy not performing at the same level, since as a rookie he made the Pro Bowl and rec’d rookie team honors. What more he could have done short of replacing Ponder as QB?

  24. I think it was wise to change the title of the story. You were taking his words out of quote and all the players and coaches don’t appreciate that.

    You were also RIGHT about who you put in there, but thats not the point.

  25. Chad had work ethic too. Remember he used to spend nights at the stadium?Furthermore, TJ Housh was a bit of a primadonna as well. So Zim may not be talkin about chad AND T.O., however I’m sure he’s talkin about 2 of the 3.

  26. If anyone can turn around the Vikings franchise it will be Zim. He’s a great guy. Sad to see him leave Cincy. He will get the most out of his players. All players seem to love the guy. Wish I could have met him while he was in Cincy.

  27. Why is he trashing his former team? Not very classy if you ask me. Can’t you build up your new players without tearing down your old? I think I’m starting to see why he was turned down for so many other head coaching positions.

  28. For those who don’t believe in Patterson you will soon when he light up your team either by catching returning or running for a TD!

  29. great guy, ran around the vikings office high fiving teammates and interns alike! have that gut feeling about this kid..

  30. ariani1985 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 9:51 AM
    And the yellow headed sisters to the east are relying on a slow old Jodi Nelson to actually play the whole season!

    You know that is comical right, even missing games Jordy had better stats than any Vikings wide out. I guess the problems with QB are right on. Until the Vikings surpass the Packers, vikings fans can just hope and stop with delusional statements.

  31. Minnesota is good at getting the right players to build a great team. I will give them that. I will also give the Viking’s management 2 years to screw it up . ha ha x viking fan

  32. He’s a very good kick returner. I liken his contribution on offense to Devin Hester. He’s a game changer in that the Vikings lose by less when he’s in there.

    But they still lose.

  33. To all Vikings Fan’s: I can speak for most everyone in Cincy, when I say get used to it. Zimmer did a great job in Cincinnati and it’s difficult to say how things will go in his new role as head coach (none of us have a crystal ball).

    The one thing you will come to respect, is that he doesn’t sugar coat anything …. and his players will always respect knowing where they stand. He expects a lot out of everyone, and if he does in Minnesota what I think he’ll do, then you will see players who have potential take it to the next level.

    Wishing Zimmer was still here!

  34. First of all I wanna say I am a Vikings fan and have been as long as I can remember. I read all the threads from the NFC north. I don’t understand why Viking and packers have so many trolls on here. Respect the thread and leave your ignorance to yourself. By the way Viking fans Green Bay has owned us for the last 5 years so show some class. I do believe we are heading in the right direction, so watch out NFC north we are coming.
    Respect to ones who have class on these threads.

  35. themeccalambeaufield says:
    Jul 31, 2014 11:02 AM

    Just the fact he is mentioning shows that he is concerned already. He is just taking the passive aggressive approach to the slow to get it receiver. Even in that simple offense last year he couldn’t get on the field because the offense was too complicated. Another diva in the making following the me me me mentoring of peterson

    I have seen that at a handful of other sources…that he’s not the brightest tool in the shed.

    I do know that he’s faster than almost anyone in the league…so even if they have to pull trick plays and a reverse every other play…he will get the ball and be wicked dangerous. It’s running the right routes and being on the same page with your QB that will be the deciding factor with CP.

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