PFT Live: Aldon Smith off field incidents piling up

Mike Florio says hopefully clarity will soon come on the status of 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith. Florio mentions that Smith was recently in Los Angeles for a hearing in connection with his LAX fake bomb threat incident. No charges are going to be filed against Smith but he will be meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on August 8th to discuss potential suspension terms.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Aldon Smith off field incidents piling up

  1. If Aldon gets more than Ray Rice, I’m calling BS.
    Ray beat a woman unconscious. Two game suspension.
    Aldon bought three rifles legally in AZ, got drunk and crashed his car.
    Im thinking he’s not even getting a suspension, time served.

  2. Actually no, he didn’t buy the rifles legally in AZ, can’t buy those rifles with a CA license.

    I believe you are right though, Aldon will get a light sentence.

    Aldon should be suspended for more than 5 games, since his self imposed suspension didn’t do any good.

    Rice should have had the book thrown at him. One year at least.

    However neither will get the proper suspension.

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