ProFootballTalk: Will Geno Smith be the Jets’ QB for the entire 2014 season?

Jon Ritchie and Kevin Gilbride discuss the quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Michael Vick. Gilbride believes that the Jets want Smith to have the job for the entire season and thinks he has a good chance to achieve that.

4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will Geno Smith be the Jets’ QB for the entire 2014 season?

  1. Of course, the Jets WANT Geno to hold the job. If he doesn’t hold the job, it means they botched a high deuce and have to go to a Plan B.

    But Geno likely will not be starting behind Center — he is not NFL caliber, and the Jets will shift gears once their post-season chances are sufficiently in peril.

    About the Jets, their fans, the Head Coach and the team is obnoxious as hell. But that Head Coach is a very good coach, is hilarious, personable and quotable – and he has assembled a damned good defense.

    But about Geno — I just don’t see it happening where he’s the man come season’s end … just like I knew from the outset that the Sanchise was a dead man walking. Sanchez got wayyy too many second chances, and that cap-busting contract extension they didn’t have to give him (but DID) was beyond moronic.

  2. Besides Decker they didn’t give him any upgrade in the receiving corps

    None of those draft picks are going to do anything this year including Amaro

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