Ray Rice will take questions from reporters for first time today


Ray Rice has stood in front of his bosses, judges and the commissioner.

But for the first time since video showed him dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator, he’ll stand in front of reporters asking questions today.

The Ravens running back is scheduled to talk to reporters today about his two-game suspension, and the incident that led to it.

The organization has protected him carefully, from a press conference with no questions to passionate defenses on the team’s official website, but today he’ll be on his own.

You’ll see his heart, just like you saw it last time,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s not going to give you some polished press conference. That’s not Ray. Ray’s going to speak from the heart.”

Harbaugh said yesterday that he was proud of the way Rice has handled the situation (not the assault, the reaction to the assault), but Rice could make some headway this afternoon.

Of course, that would take acknowledging a mistake and doing something about it, rather than just referring to domestic violence as another one of the catch-all “distractions,” which plague NFL teams.

27 responses to “Ray Rice will take questions from reporters for first time today

  1. First question. “Why does your wife seem to think it’s her fault that you knocked her out cold”?

  2. Rice will take questions, but his only answer will be “I’m just workin’ hard, to help my team out”.

  3. The NFL only gave him a two game suspension because in week three the Ravens have a prime time game. Nice going NFL, putting your ratings above your morals.

  4. Let’s be honest; Rice probably wouldn’t get hated on a lot more if his suspension was 6-8 games. As a Ravens fan, a 2 game suspension is too soft.
    I don’t care if I get hated for my comments (probably will. Let the down votes commence), but I’m ready to forgive Rice. I’m not saying what he did was acceptable, but he’s learned from his experience and moved on. Haters gonna hate but he’s doing everything to help himself and his wife move on. I don’t care if people say Ravens fans are trash for supporting Rice. I bet that if Rice played for your favorite team, you would forgive him one day as well.

  5. I liked Ray Rice prior to this event and can’t fully forgive him.
    He’s said the right things so far but I want to see if he’s truly in earnest.
    I hope he is.

  6. He better get tough questions and follow-ups about all the details in the video(not letting him evade). Hopefully they’ll have some national reporters there not just the local homers.

    I’m sure the Raven’s PR rep will be there making sure no follow-up questions are allowed and that he stays on point letting them know it was just a “mistake”, “he’s so sorry”, “he loves his community and fans”, and all that other BS making it look like he’s been a victim throughout the process…

  7. There’s really nothing he can say to help the situation. It’s too soon and the video plays over and over in people’s minds. There would be a lot less heat on him if not for the disturbing video.

  8. Better if none of the reporters “provoke” Rice.

    Nobody got time for getting dragged out of the press room by their armpits.

  9. Not withstanding that he is RICH. Would you let your kids play over at Ray Rices house? Would you be happy about him dating your daughter? If you were at a party with Ray and he ‘punched’ your wife or girlfriend unconscious would you support him then? If a player knocks another player out on the field during a game with an illegal hit he gets suspended for multiple games and a huge fine. And that’s in the heat of a battle between gridiron warriors that are wearing protective gear. But if you knock out a civilian female that you are supposed to be in love with, that appears to be acceptable behavior according to the NFL. I bet Goodell is only angry about having to suspend Ray at all. Yet he suspended the Saints head coach for an entire year because his Defensive coordinator had a ‘pseudo’ bounty program. Crazy. The NFL will lose a lot of female fans over this. Geaux Saints!

  10. For me, he will wear this stain until he finally says that what he did was wrong and asks for forgiveness. When/if he does, this will start to go away. Donating a game check to a women’s shelter would be a good move. Donating time would be a better move. Trying to hang the label of “mistake” isn’t good enough.

    Unfortunately, for those still clinging to the Ray Lewis thing, this will never go away.

  11. The F.O. has done an embarrassingly bad job in handling this situation, at every turn. I sincerely feel bad for die-hard raven fans.

  12. Once again, Gantt has nothing else to write about except Ray Rice. I’m starting to realize why Charlotte let this one trick pony walk!

  13. Nothing he says can make up for what he did, human beings don’t do what he did.

    Beasts do.

  14. Can he realistically say anything to help himself? I think his actions toward helping battered women would go a long way to heal his image, but he can only do harm with a less than Oscar level performance and he is not that bright, nor is the Raven FO. Should be interesting and with all things Raven amusing.

  15. Jebus! A woman physically attacked him and in a snap decision, in the heat of the moment, he retaliated with too much force. It was a mistake. He admitted it.

    Goddell obviously took EVERYTHING into consideration and not just the ‘when anything happens to a woman the man is automatically a demon’ sentiment.

    In the meantime, he’s willing to answer questions and take responsibility instead of hiding behind his lawyers. As much as everyone wants to pretend they’re such saints and he’s the scum of the earth, he’s doing the only thing he can at this point—apologize, promise to learn from his mistake and be a better person for it. I

    Seriously, it’s time to move on.

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