Report: Josh Brent seeks reinstatement, will meet Goodell

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Former Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is reportedly attempting to resume his NFL career.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to meet with Brent by the conclusion of next week, Brent’s agent, Peter Schaffer, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter in a story published Wednesday.

The 26-year-old Brent served a 180-day prison sentence earlier this year after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter in a December 2012 accident that took the life of Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown.

According to ESPN, Brent officially petitioned for reinstatement on Tuesday, the same day he concluded a stay in rehabilitation. Schaffer told ESPN that Brent reached out to Brown’s family for their permission to seek a return to the game, and the family consented.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones indicated Wednesday that the club would weigh bringing back Brent, who retired in July 2013. However, Jones also expressed uncertainty about the reinstatement outcome.

“Well, I will look at that, but I don’t want to get ahead of our self in any way to look presumptuous relative to the commissioner or anybody else in the National Football League,” Jones said. “I don’t want to do that, because I don’t know that he can be reinstated.”

According to Jones, Brent is “contrite” about the accident and “has a lot of resolve” to resume his NFL career, the Cowboys’ owner said Wednesday. The question now is whether Brent will be granted that opportunity.

60 responses to “Report: Josh Brent seeks reinstatement, will meet Goodell

  1. I don’t have much faith in Roger, but Brent should be banned for life. Utter disregard for life through his actions.

  2. For some reason I hope he gets reinstated. Not because I think drinking and driving is right by any means, but because I would never be able to forgive myself if I were Brent. He has to live with what he did for the rest of his life. But one thing that could take his mind off of everything is playing football.

  3. Oh I am sure Goodell will give him 2 game suspension and all will be well …I mean it’s not like he smoked a joint…

  4. Couple of years ago when this all happened I never thought the Cowboys defensive line would be in need of such help, but truth is if he can play, he’s nearly the only guy on the line beside Spencer who is starting the season the PUP list. The rest are unknown guys…..

  5. A lot of things cause sadness in life. As a person who works in emergency medicine I can attest to that. Josh accidentally caused a death because of how drunk he was. Perhaps he should play football still, but if he does, I don’t think he deserves to keep all of that money. Debts are owed, in this life and the next.

  6. Reinstatement all depends on who the team owner is. Just ask Plexico, who did his suspension will in jail. Or you can ask Tank Johnson, who did his suspension while a Free-Agent, only to be picked up by none other than Jerrah Jones. So I guess if Jerrah wants him, he’ll get him, or Brent will have to wait; that’s if Kraft doesn’t want him, in which case the League will issue an apology and give Brent all back pay with a little something extra for his inconvenience.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprise to see him getting back to NFL this year but which team would take him? and when is he ready to play? IF he does get reinstate into NFL, then I also wouldn’t be surprise to see Jets sign him for 1 year deal.. Afterall Rex Ryan always given players 2nd chances and couple of them had successful moments on the Jets, such as Cro, Leonhard, Laundries (Bros), Reed, Maybin, Edward, Scott, Colon, and Ivory.. Now this season, we see what the Jets go on new comers Johnson, Vick, Decker, Amaro… and maybe Brent. It’ll be interesting season to watch.

  8. What he did was probably worse than most of us have had the misfortune to have ever done. He will have to live with it, and I can’t believe that will be easy. That said, God help us, if we can’t get a second chance from mankind, all of whom are without failings.

  9. As a Dallas fan, I’m pretty conflicted here. Regardless of intent, the guy made a stupid ass decision that resulted in the death of a teammate. Technically, the Jerry Brown did too, to get in the car with a guy that had been drinking.It just doesnt sit well with me Dallas is considering taking him back. I’m not willing to go so far as to say he should be baned from the NFL, but I don’t know I am willing to accept him back as a player on a team I love. On the other hand, if the Brown family can (and has) forgive him, I suppose I should too. Still, easier than said than done.

  10. You hope someone would take great lessons from the terrible deeds they have commited. I hope he truly feels compassion for what happened, and calling the family seems to show a good step in that direction.

  11. Reinstatement him back to prison. He killed another person. Why should he br rewarded for that?

  12. Wow! This guy was drunk, killed his teammate than reportedly a witness said Brown was calling out and Brent didn’t help him and JJ wants to bring him back? Goodell will reinstate him? That just doesn’t seem right.

  13. The man knows he has to live with this for the rest of his life. He paid fines and jail time. Humiliation and has been given mercy by the Jerry Brown family. The man is going through rehab. This was his best friend.What more fire hoops does the NFL and haters want this man to jump? Jerry Brown was just as guilty. Never let friends drive drunk and Jerry knew and that was his choice to get in the car with him. Reinstate the man. One more incident like this (which i think will never happen) and then give him 20 plus years in prison and a life NFL ban. But Nooooooo, Cowboy haters want an execution for a human’s first big mistake. Would think different if your kids made this same mistake.

  14. Well, almost everybody has driven drunk and how many of us have close, close calls with disaster when we’re young and stupid?

    How about being reinstated and helping the Brown family with a % of his earnings?

  15. This guy get behind the wheel drunk and kills someone and only spends 6 months in jail?? If this was one of us, we’d be behind bars for 10-15 years. Our justice system is garbage and so is this guy.

  16. he deserves a 2nd chance, but he has 1.5 sacks his entire career, im not exactly sure he would make the team even with the cowboys d-line being such a question mark

  17. You know Jerry is literally dying hoping this kid gets reinstated. They’ve got Melton and a couple dudes….he’d be a full time starter the day he walked on the field for them.

  18. Leonard Little, Donté Stallworth, and I’m sure a few others were vehicular man slaughterers that got a second chance. Little got a third and fourth chance too if I recall.

    Brent and Brown were friends long before the Pros and I imagine Brent would be dedicating a part of his salary from here on out to the Brown family.

    Let the man play. Brown was as intoxicated. They were both wrong for getting in that car. But it’s a case of two young men who made a wildly immature decision. It’s time for Brent to be given the opportunity to try and redeem himself.

  19. There’s nothing but heartbreak in this whole story.

    Still, if Irsay faced no penalty from the league – and it was apparently just dumb luck that he didn’t kill anybody – it’s hard to see how they can continue to ban Brent.

  20. Been a Cowboys fan for nearly 50 years and I hope Godell drops the hammer. At LEAST one year suspension. After seeing the punishment handed Ray Rice, he’ll (Brent) probably get suspended for the first half of the second pre-season game.

  21. Doesn’t deserve it unless 90% of salary goes to a foundation or charity in Brown’s name.

  22. I still can’t believe he was on the sidelines the week after he killed his friend while driving drunk.

  23. What Goodell should do to prove just how devastating and serious this event was-is to tell Josh Brent to go out and find a normal 8 hour a day job, when he is hired then the NFL will reinstate him. It’s a joke because as a normal person to go out and try to find a job after being in prison for 180 days for drug and murder charges, who in the world do you think will hire you-absolutely no one.

  24. He’s already has what essentially amounts to a 1-year suspension and the punishment of killing his best friend is much more severe than anything the NFL or Justice Department can inflict.

    It sounds like Roger is doing a good job weighing the actual evidence instead of just bowing to public pressure, so I expect a 2-4 week suspension at most.

  25. The real question is can he stop getting DUIs. Otherwise, even if he does get reinstated, he’ll find himself suspended again rather soon.

  26. Brown’s mother forgave Brent, and asked Jones to do the same, which played a large part in the support he has received from the Cowboys. No one from the victim’s families came to the defense of Little or Stallworth in same way. If a something would have been a little different and Brown didn’t die he would have been playing already. The guy paid his debt to society, and you wouldn’t begrudge him a chance at a job if he were a mailman or something. Everything Jerry has said about the matter was driven by the extraordinary mother of Jerry Brown. If she forgives Brent, most everyone else should too.

    BTW, Gordon is a habitual rule breaker. The ‘he gets a year for pot’ argument tells very little about the story. Once is nothing, twice is something, but he has had a chance to change and won’t. I think pot should be, at the very least, decriminalized, but I know my company would never change its stance on pots use if it were legal or not. If I were to use it while employed and caught, I’d be fired.

  27. he will play soon, he has already been out a year, The victims (his best friend) family has forgiven him and disnt want him in jail to begin with. The family will also plea with Goodell to get him back in as he is now probably going to take care of them. The victims mother regards brent as another child of her own. Other players have killed people and been back after 1 year, The only way this is different is the victims family is on his side

  28. As a lifelong Cowboys fan I’m really conflicted on this one. These guys were best friends and had been before coming to the NFL. A mistake was made and a life (way too young) was lost. Does someone (regardless of team loyalty) deserve a second chance when the consequences of their actions were that high?

    I put a lot of weight on the Brown families wishes to allow Brent to 1) be forgiven and 2) resume his career. Perhaps helping the Brown family through the living he could make as a NFL player shoud be considered.

    Very tough…I’m the LAST Goodell apologist but this is one decision I wouldn’t want to have to make if I was him.

  29. Part of his bond release was the requirement that he not drink. He decided to drink anyway and got caught. Think about that. He drank, drove and killed his friend/teammate. Shortly afterward he decided to drink again. This is similar to the Stallworth incident however the impact on the NFL is much different. This guy killed a teammate/player/NFL employee. Don’t let him back in. If he wants to play football, go to Canada

  30. Precedence was set when Stallworth ran that guy over. He was given a year vacation. Brent has taken his year off already. He should be re-instated this season.

  31. This is for those of you who wants Goodell to ban Josh from ever playing again……he has paid his dues he was in jail! What you’re saying is he shouldn’t be able to work again? Or work but donate the money. What? He still has to live, and donate for what? The Browns lost a loved one. He should give the Brown family some money but not all of it ijs!

  32. enough with the “he got drunk and killed his lifelong friend/ teammate” crap. his friend was also drinking that night and let his friend drive drunk. no one made Brown get in the car that was his decision. both are at fault, but the family forgives him so who are u people to say what should happen.

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