Report: Marshawn Lynch ending holdout


It looks like Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has decided not to be all about that holdout, boss.

Adam Schefter and Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that Lynch is expected to end his holdout in the next 24 hours and report to work with the Seahawks.

Per the report, Lynch will not be receiving a new deal from the Seahawks to replace the two years he has left on his current pact or any added money. He will be receiving “financial concessions” on his current deal, however. Those concessions are not spelled out, but could involve the Seahawks waiving the nearly $500,000 in fines that Lynch has accrued during his absence from the team.

Lynch’s return should allow the Seahawks to return to business as usual on offense, although there’s a chance that Christine Michael will see more time in the backfield this season as Seattle begins to plan for a future without Beast Mode.

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  1. Hold out & lose money or report? Thats why A Johnson & Lynch went back to their teams; why forfeit money? Didn’t do MJD any good a few years back & it’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future.

  2. He was filming a movie. Now he can concentrate on football. We’re gonna need him with our schedule

  3. hawks should pay this guy a little something extra…. for the effort. No question he is the centerpiece of the offense. If percy and sherm are making more than beast id be pissed too. Trouble is gonna come when they have to pay Russell next year though!

  4. Alright, Beast Mode!

    Do what you do during the season and they’ll extend you next year on a short and sweet deal.

    Lynch is tough as nails and can probably play longer than most folks would guess. He can have a huge year, get the incentives, and either retire or get extended.

    Go Hawks!

  5. Lynch: I Want more!!!
    Seahawks: Meh.
    Lynch: Please..?
    Seahawks: Meh…
    Lynch: Oh yeah? I’m gonna hold out then!
    Seahawks: Okay. Hey Turbin, Michael, want more reps to help boost those stats this year?
    Lynch: Okay… I’ll see you guys Monday.

  6. Lynch: I Raise

    Seahawks: CALL


    Well done Seahawks management

  7. Yeah I have a question, what do you do if Turbin and Michael get hurt in the preseason and then just before the first game Lynch says he’s going to hold out, do you give him a pay raise and if so how much, if not, what do you do at RB, trade Lynch for material or another player, or pick up players off the wire?

  8. Now for all the flip flopping.. From over the hill, overpaid, and expendable to the return of god… Aren’t ya’ll precious

  9. Just trying to get out of the hard part of training camp and now will come back for the preseason games, no dedication.

  10. @mcdaddyspeed- the so called empire was just a fluke enjoy it while it lasts because they’re going nowhere this year the cardinals will take their spot this year lol

  11. Shehawk fans are so funny …. Lol …. Read the above posts they’ve won ONE Super Bowl and all of the sudden we are witnessing the “rise” and “dawn” of the Shehawk empire, WOW …. How’d that Ravens empire work out or that Packer Empire a few years back. Each season crowns a new champion.

  12. Seahawk fans..12th man? That’s hilarious. If they didn’t have a stadium that was built for that, they’d be dust in the wind…

  13. Do you blame him for holding out? He was able to spend more time enjoying that wonderful California Summer as opposed to the misery of Seattle.

  14. The hawk haters are hilarious. “Once you pay Russell your going to suck”. ” Sherman’s gonna holdout next” “lynch is gong to disrupt your chemistry”. “The new rules are going to stop our defenses dominance” All hypotheticals with the hope of coming true. All excuses that haven’t even happened yet. Let’s talk about what actually is truth. This team is full of studs and is the Super Bowl champ. Until proven otherwise they’re the best team in football. Everyone who watches this team says damn, these guys are bigger, faster and better than their opponent. That’s the truth.

  15. 8 year career…. That’s pretty impressive. He might start to slow down now though. He has a great chance to be in the top 20 running backs of all time in terms of yardage when his career is done.

  16. kobebetterthanjordan

    Ravens won then lost everyone right after, damn near had to rebuild.

    Green Bay won then they all got hurt early the following season. All those big names on D dont mean anything if you cant play together.

    Seahawks have almost everyone back on the field for them, the youngest team to ever win a Super Bowl. We will be back.

    Niners can eat it!

  17. Lots of butt hurt fans of other teams.

    Let’s see if we got this straight.


    Now, it doesn’t matter that he’s back because Hawks have only won one SB – the only one that matters since it’s the CURRENT ONE – and they will fall to below .500 this year.

    I understand that those on here from the NFC West – outside of Hawks fans – have never seen their team win a SB, but hang in there; even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then.

  18. “could be that he only goes about 80% as he clearly has been disrespected here.”

    Beast Mode at 80% still equals around 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

    crystalcoastraider, the old Kingdome was one of the loudest venues in it’s time too. Oh, and just for the record, the Seahawks are NOT the only team in the NFL call their fans the 12th man.

  19. Some body in WI are unhappy bc they’ll get run over by this dude in week 1 of regular season. Cheese heads wanted this guy to hold out beyond week 1. Oh wait, his is already week 2 of regular season the the yellow heads have won game 1 in Seattle. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. While I’m all for players holding out for more ca$h, running backs are one category where it just doesn’t work these days. Team replace RBs like cokes in a coke machine.

  21. decon49 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 4:08 PM
    But you guys said Micheal would pick up where lynch left off and he was on the decline when he was holding out.


    What did you expect from this fanbase?

  22. 12thman84 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 3:45 PM
    Any other questions on how to run a Championship team?

    Go Hawks!

    Just one. Is it one Adderall pill every 4 hours or every 8 hours?

  23. billsbackto81 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 4:32 PM
    12thman84 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 3:45 PM
    Any other questions on how to run a Championship team?

    Go Hawks!

    Just one. Is it one Adderall pill every 4 hours or every 8 hours?


    That’s a good one billsbackto81.

  24. Seasterisks fans during Lynch’s hold-out: “Well, eff him, he’s slowing down anyway. Plus we got Christina”

    Seasterisks fans upon hearing the end of the hold-out: “Hell yeah. Welcome back Beast. We can proceed now with the Dynasty thing!”

  25. Glad he’s coming back. I want to see the Niners beat the Seahawks 3 times with Lynch in the lineup this year. No excuses.

  26. Smart move, Lynch. Look at all the haters squirm! Does that mean we’re back in as favorites to repeat? Because according to all the knowledgable and brilliant fans of opposing teams, Lynch was 99% of our offense and the Seahawks are a sub .500 team without him.

  27. When owners stop giving in to the players, by not collecting the fines, this garbage will stop.

    Lynch, knew like everyone else who pulled this stunt, that the owners do not give in.

    Name 3 players who pulled this crap and was awarded new contract or monies.

    I can’t think of even one

  28. This is why I think the true test of a team isn’t just winning the Super Bowl, it’s holding everyone together for another run the next year. Someone wins it every year, but you can count the number of true dynasty teams on one hand. The Seahawks still have work to do.

  29. Emmitt Smith held out for the first two games in one of Dallas’ championship years. They started 0-2 and then finally paid him (more than Barry Sanders). That season, the Cowboys became the only team to start 0-2 and win the Super Bowl

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