Report: Vontaze Burfict negotiations with Bengals hit impasse


There were optimistic signs about the state of negotiations on an extension for Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, but it has been a while since the last one and the latest word isn’t as sunny.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that talks between the team and Burfict have hit an impasse. There’s no word on whether the talks will continue in hopes of finding a way around said impasse, but, for now, it appears things will be in a holding pattern.

Burfict is entering the final year of the three-year pact he signed as an undrafted free agent and will become a restricted free agent after the season as long as the Bengals tender him a qualifying offer. That seems like the very least they’ll do after striking gold with Burfict, who fell out of the draft because of character concerns and responded by leading the NFL in tackles during his second season.

Another year like that would only drive Burfict’s price up on a long-term deal, which may mean the issue now is that the Bengals haven’t come up with an offer big enough for Burfict to pass up on the chance for more money down the road. If that’s the case, the deal may have to wait a while because Burfict’s restricted free agent status means he won’t be leaving the team unless the Bengals don’t want him anymore.

37 responses to “Report: Vontaze Burfict negotiations with Bengals hit impasse

  1. they didn’t “strike gold” with him. He was a high rated player out of arizona state, but had a horrible reputation off the field which is why no one drafted him. It wasn’t a secret that he was good

  2. Being a top talent, Burfict isn’t ready to concede the bonus $ paid for post-season wins.

  3. I wouldnt even let him get to RFA. This is the best player on that D.

    I think the problem is, Brown is AMAZINGLY cheap, and he knows he is going to have to commit $25-$30 million to keep AJ and Dalton.

  4. Great player,deserves the cash,but a major concern would be what he would do off the field when he gets that kind of cash,it’s no secrect that he is not the smartest guy and I’m sure his friends will be waiting for a handout. Teams need to consider maturity and risk of a player having that kind of money before investing. But dude is a beast.

  5. How is it not striking gold? No one wanted him then, 31 other teams would love to sign him now. Hasn’t had any issues off the field EVER.

  6. Mike’s too busy worrying about paying the noodle armed interception machine. I’ll find it painful if they pay Dalton before Burfict. There’s no doubt Burfict is worth the money. There’s plenty of doubt that Dalton is worth the money. I hope Mike isn’t going back to his cheap ways. Can’t lose this guy.

  7. Most of his problems were on the field in college. Making stupid plays after the whistle, which caused his team penalty yards and the such.

    Anyways….he’s proven he deserves the money. Him and Atkins are the backbone of that D. He knows that D better than the coaches do.

  8. Mike no Longer makes these decisions, it’s Katie Blackburn and there is no way in hell she’ll let this guy get away. They’ll win the Super Bowl this season and then pay him with extra bonus money!!

  9. What to do when an undrafted FA turns into a 1st-round caliber player?

    It’s a tough situation to negotiate… but a problem any GM would welcome.

  10. ftball101 – it is clear you have no idea what you are talking about. Vontaze had no problems off the field. All his problems were on the field. He was a great player, but he was also a personal foul machine. He probably averaged around 1.5 personal fouls per game.

    Off the field, he did nothing wrong. His only problem was a locker room fight, but I don’t consider that an off the field issue.

    The reason nobody drafted him was a combination of his lack of discipline on the field and one of the worst combine performances in recent memory.

  11. crip2nite says:
    Jul 31, 2014 3:43 PM
    Mike no Longer makes these decisions, it’s Katie Blackburn and there is no way in hell she’ll let this guy get away. They’ll win the Super Bowl this season and then pay him with extra bonus money!!


    If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Mike absolutely still has say in the money leaving the team’s accounts. Don’t believe that rubish that he has no say anymore.

  12. Uh, I guess nobody read that Katie Blackburn is running the team now? It’s not Mike Brown anymore.. Anyway, it’s still really, really early. Everyone chill out, they’ll extend him. Who Dey

  13. bengalskuta82 says:
    Jul 31, 2014 4:05 PM
    The NFL is a business. I hate it but its reality


    Not sure what this is supposed to mean but…ok? Ummm yeah NFL is a business. Burfict is well worth the money. Not sure where the question is here. He’s probably the one guy you know that once you pay him, you’re going to get what you had before, if not more. It’s probably the best case scenario right here. Except for the fact that the Bengals seem more worried about paying the Ginger. Not sure why but ok. I guess that’s where you’re saying “it’s a business”. They NEED Burfict. He has all the leverage.

  14. Mike Brown wins the NFL gold medal for being the cheapest owner, again. He wins it every year. Team has made good progress in recent years in spite of his frugal ownership.

  15. Those of you saying “it’s no secret… He’s been in trouble off the field…” Have no clue. The reason he went undrafted is because he displayed major discipline issues ON THE FIELD. Akin to the ignorance displayed here when it comes to Bengal Football.

  16. It’s not really striking gold if everybody else shows zero interest in picking up the shiny gold that is laying right in front of their faces.
    So if it is gold, it ain’t gold?


  17. Lets not forget he will only be a restricted free agent.Why over pay now just to get him signed?
    If he gets a great offer they can still match it and keep him so all the Mike Brown over reactors can calm down.

  18. We don’t know what he is asking for at this point. It’s easy to say sign him, but if you can control him on the cheap for two more years, counting the restricted FA next year, it may make sense for them to wait until after this year. Even then, they can slap a first round tender on him for around $3 million (I think) and worst case scenario is that they lose him and gain a first round pick. Or, if he tears it up this year again, put the 2 first round tender on him, and he won’t go anywhere. Then, in 2016, if you have to UFA franchise him, he costs $10 million. So they can control him for 3 more years for no worse than $16 million or so. I personally would not be in a hurry to sign him. Why give him 5/60 with a $18 million bonus if you don’t have to?
    And I saw everyone saying that he had no off field issues in college. But, come one, beating up a teammate? 32 teams decided he was not worth a 7th rounder, so let’s not kid ourselves about the perceived risk factor at that time. So the Bungles should play it cool and let him play a little longer and keep proving himself, for super cheap money.

  19. Tez is worth every penny. Best WILL backer in the game. He might make a run at DPOY this season.
    The big contract he is going to get isn’t just a downpayment on the future, it’s paying the bills for the performance he has already given the team as well.
    This is a once-in-a-generation player. Pay to keep him, and watch the organization transform.

  20. I think in the end,the Bengals will give him the money he deserves.Just offer him a contract equal to whoever right now is the highest paid OLB and he should take that.They also have A.J.Green to re-negotiate with in a couple years.

  21. So glad to see this headline! It means Burfict will be signed within two weeks! Now post one where Dalton and AJ are @ impasse so we know those are close too. Just like Atkins last year.

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