Robert Mathis balancing professional guilt and personal joy


Robert Mathis is sorry that he’s going to miss four games for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs.

But when he balances that against the joy of his new daughter, he’s able to sleep at night.

Mathis said the suspension stemmed from his use of Clomid, which he took because of “fertility challenges.” But they overcame those, and his daughter Brielle was born July 19.

The timing was wrong,” Mathis said, via Mike Wells of “I cost my team on the professional level. Personal level, I have a lifetime worth of smiles and kisses. I try to learn from it and move forward.”

But beyond the family issues, there was skepticism about Mathis going from 8.0 sacks to 19.5 last year, and Mathis said he doesn’t shy away from those questions. But with a baby girl in his arms, they matter less.

“I apologized for the professional side of it, the personal side of it. I have no regrets at all,” he said. “I look at my baby’s face in my phone every day and I have no regrets. . . . I know how people are going to react, know what people are going to say coming off a season like last year. That’s human nature. . . .

“(Brielle) looks at me and sees no wrong. She don’t know how she got here, she doesn’t care how she got here. She knows she’s here and feed me. That’s my job and that’s going to be my job for the next 18 years or however long it takes, football will be long gone. She’ll be here.”

And after the first four games, Mathis will be back with the Colts.

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  1. In the grand scheme of things, that suspension will be meaningless. Congratulations to the new parents.

  2. That’s touching, but Clomid is a drug taken by women, not men. Lots of fertility drugs are used as masking agents for steroids. Which is why they are banned.

  3. I’m a Colts fan, but I’m sure this was not some innocent mistake. The drug that he supposedly took is meant to INCREASE TESTOSTERONE!

    You know the NFL requires you to check with them on any meds or supplements you put in your body, but you just conveniently ASSUMED that a drug that increases testosterone levels would probably be okay?? Even when we know some basic blood pressure meds are banned??

    Give me a break!

  4. One of the few cases where an NFL player has his priorities straight.
    The NFL should be ashamed of itself for hitting Mathis with the suspension. This is what happens when you institute a zero tolerance policy. No one has critical thinking skills anymore.
    Obama makes exceptions for his donors and supporters, I think the NFL should make exceptions for players (and coaches/owners) who take a medicine for the right reasons.

  5. Mathis loves his wife, fined 4 games
    Ray Rice punched his, fined 2 games
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. Dude knew the rules. Dude ignored the rules. Dude now wants you to believe this was the only reason he had for taking the PEDs.

  7. Hiding behind his infant child and manipulating the media? Man you let your family down, too. He’ll be back to his usual, run-of-the-mill self after the suspension. He won’t touch a Jacksonville QB this year.

  8. He did, he turned both his and his wife’s medical records over for public viewing, he has nothing to hide.
    Yes, he screwed up, but come on, the dude didn’t beat his wife. His mom is dying of cancer, he wanted to give her another grandchild.
    Like I said, he screwed up, he not complaining about it.he taking it like a man,
    I’m on Mathis side on this, sorry, he’s a stand up guy

  9. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Robert Mathis being a proud dad but him linking his child to explain his PED use with Clomid after putting out a statement taking responsibility is really weak.

    Most of us aren’t naive because all the information is out there online on steroids and post cycle therapy. Clomid lingers in the system longer and is why he got caught.

  10. Still not buying his excuse. 1) the drug isn’t used for that in males 2) it is a masking agent for steroids 3) he doubled his production from the previous year 4) he could have gained temporary approval for such a personal and important circumstance…but he didn’t bother to try for something he claims was important

  11. I still am not convinced Mathis is not trying to be slick here. NFL players are like six year old when the get caught doing something wrong or people who don’t pay their bills. They feed you a transparent line of crap and think they are being clever.

  12. Clomid is a estrogen-receptor blocker, analoguee to estrogen, but without much of its effects . I am not sure how this would enhance ones fertility, but
    I know for a fact that it blocks some of the side effects of steroids because the large amount of testosterone makes some of it be converted to estrogen, and that E must be inactivated in men.
    Maybe he had Estrogen production without steroids, but that doesn´t mean it´s ok to use a masking agent like Clomid.
    The only thing I think should be considered is that the NFL should hear his fertility doctor before slamming that punishment.

  13. Clomid is used to treat low testosterone in men just like testosterone therapy but it works differently. For males testosterone is created in the testes, when testosterone therapy is applied externally the result is a rise in testosterone levels in the blood but a lowering of production in the testes leading to a reduction in testes size. This can lead to fertility problems.

    Clomid works the problem in reverse. It blocks the reading of estrogen in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gives of cells that convince the testes to increase testosterone function. Now you have increased testosterone in both the blood and testes.

    Clomid is not a steroid, but an increase in blood testosterone will lead to increased muscle mass, especially in athletes that work out regularly.

    I think in the end Mathis had a very difficult decision. I for one believe his statement. I think he knew he would be suspended and that he took the drug anyway hoping to give his wife a baby.

  14. If you guys think he was taking this for fertility purposes, I’ve got a great pyramid scheme you should buy in on. He was using it to counteract the increase in estrogen that corresponds with the increase in testosterone when you juice. Source: Personal Experience

  15. Before you bash Mathis, do a little research online….Clomid (under several different brand names) is a very viable and often-used treatment for male infertility. Spend 5 minutes researching it and you’ll be much better informed to offer an opinion. Whether that’s the whole story, or not…only he and his wife and doctors know. But, his story is very plausible and, evidently, backed up by his public release of his and his wife’s medical records/history. I, too, am a cynic w/ alot of these guys. However, in this case…it certainly begs the question as to whether there should be some grace extended under these circumstances and documented medical conditions and treatments. I also checked out his instagram…dude seems like a very dedicated and involved father who puts his family first in all ways. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt-

  16. I swear theirs some surprisingly dumb people on these forums . The pills you claim he took to help childbirth ARE FOR WOMEN. They do NOT HELP MEN , if you do not know the fundamental difference you should not procreate.

    It’s like saying taking estrogen pills will help a man get pregnant himself ! It simply cannot happen and everyone playing retard needs to figure it out . This was the lamest attempt for sympathy instead of being accountable . Not surprising he had his best year ever this old and after getting caught taking masking agents . C’mon people stop already your embarrassing everyone !

  17. In reality his white got the prescription so he could take them . The baby excuse doesn’t match up with timing . Why in the hell was he still taking the damn pills after she was nearly full term ! Swear some major idiots on here !

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