Seahawks not revisiting Jermichael Finley after injury to Anthony McCoy

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Seattle Seahawks backup tight end Anthony McCoy is likely lost for the season after suffering an apparent torn left Achilles tendon in practice on Tuesday.

With the injury to McCoy, the Seahawks may be in search of some added tight end depth for the roster. However, they won’t be kicking the tires again on free agent Jermichael Finley.

A league source told PFT’s Mike Florio that the Seahawks would not be revisiting discussions regarding the former Green Bay Packers tight end.

Seattle had Finley is for a visit earlier in the offseason but moved on after getting starter Zach Miller to agree to a restructured contract.

One likely complication barring the Seahawks from pursuing Finley is the $10 million insurance policy Finley could cash in on if he doesn’t play football again. Seattle, currently unwilling to budge on Marshawn Lynch’s contract, likely can’t give Finley enough money to provide incentive to forgo a claim on his insurance policy.

Seattle also has a few young tight ends in Cooper Helfet, RaShaun Allen and Morrell Presley that could seize hold of the third tight end spot on their roster.

9 responses to “Seahawks not revisiting Jermichael Finley after injury to Anthony McCoy

  1. Jermichael Finley is not getting anything close to $10 million from anybody. If he plays he’ll be lucky to make $2 million this season. Follow him on twitter and he is the definition of a guy who overrates himself. He had 1 dominant stretch of late in the 2009 season – to the beginning games of 2010. Other than that it was dropped balls and not living up to the hype.

  2. Helfet is solid being with the team last year and looks good this year in camp. With him Luke and Zach thier in better shape than they were last year. Didn’t have McCoy last year either.

  3. With the growth of Willson’s blocking skills it wouldn’t surprise me to see them keep just two TEs on the active roster and stash Allen on the practice squad in case of injury.

    Finley also said playing again was more important than the insurance policy. We will see if that holds…and if the insurer would even pay up now that he has been “cleared.”

  4. Man, McCoy can’t catch a break. A stand-up and nice guy. He hangs at a place in Renton (where the training facilities are), and he let a ton of people wear his Super Bowl ring and take pictures. One of the nicest athletes (pro or amateur) I’ve ever met.

  5. It was never a viable option. This has been known since he visited the team months ago.

  6. Funny how Fudge fans thought Finley was awesome until he wasn’t on the Fudge anymore.

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