“Slight chance” of a Josh Gordon settlement

With the hearing officer assigned to the appeal of Browns receiver Josh Gordon’s suspension facing an all-or-nothing mandate, the player and the league have extra incentive to try to control the outcome via a negotiated compromise.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a “slight chance” of a resolution exists.  Any deal presumably would entail a suspension for Gordon that lasts less than a year.

If one side is less inclined to negotiate than the other, it’s possible that the hearing officer will send signals, indirect or explicit, that it would be wise for that party to be more open-minded.  Which could get a deal done during the hearing or after it.

A ruling is expected fairly soon.  The substance-abuse policy requires only that the decision be issued with a “reasonable time.”

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  1. was already in Phase III of the drug program, didnt he get a DUI right after this….should get a year just for being so stupid

  2. this is like the 5th offense for this guy. a couple in college and a couple in the pros. he was on his 2nd or 3rd college team when he finally left school.

    also, don’t forget while he’s been waiting for this to be resolved he got a ticket for having marijuana in a car and another ticket on a separate day for DUI.

  3. Odell Thurman done much less and Goddell three him out of the game. So this guy gets a pass because he’s a star? He should be on the same unemployment line.

    Oh yeah Browns suck!

  4. Goodell really backed himself into a corner on this one with the Ray Rice 2 game suspension. Gordon getting anything over that or getting the year long ban, especially after the A/B bottle and trace amount evidence, and Goodell loses all credibility in terms of his “authority”.

    As a browns fan:
    1)Gordon is awesome but bonehead actions like he’s been doing are driving me crazy.
    2)Stop smoking weed
    3)The ray rice (ridiculous) 2 game suspension was the best thing to happen for Gordon playing this year.

  5. One sample, split into two. First one tests a smidgen over the unbelievably ridiculously low standard the NFL sets, the second one tests BELOW the unbelievably ridiculous standard the NFL sets, and put together and tested, the result would be a NEGATIVE. Yet we are talking about a years suspension. There is something MAJORLY wrong with this……

  6. Josh Gordon is stupid for smoking. Yes we all know it should be legal, and in fact is in two states. But its part of the CBA. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pro marijuana and love to smoke. However, I don’t understand how a suspension for this (while it is 4 games, then 8 then indefinitely) starts at four and someone who gets arrested for something like DUI or domestic violence gets 1 or 2 games. How is that not also negotiated into the CBA for harsher penalties for thing that are morally wrong?

  7. based on gordon’s reported THC levels that – on average – were below the ridiculously low NFL threshold of 15 ng/ml, i don’t think he should consider a settlement. given the parameters, sounds like he’s got a solid case to have the suspension completely dropped.

  8. NFL purposely suspended Rice only 2 games because that was their “out” to get Gordon back on the field to help the new poster child… Johnny Manziel.

    Gordon not only failed multiple drug tests to initially get suspended… But he’s been arrested multiple times SINCE!

    The scripted drama series that is the NFL gets more hilarious and predictable by the month.

  9. How can you support spraying alcohol and drinking after a championship but condemn people so heavily if they use marijuana? I’m glad my generation is finally pushing back against old unscientific beliefs.

  10. ponderrrrisnotaprobowler said:
    Punch your wife: two games.
    Smoke a doober: one year.
    Makes sense.


    people who have seen the elevator video report that janay hit her head on a rail in the elevator during the altercation and that she was the aggressor. the punishment rice received from both the nj criminal justice system the NFL, as well as the police report of no visible or reported injuries are consistent with this account of the incident. adjust your comments and attitude accordingly!

  11. Hoyer will be fine when they run the ball down the Squealers throat’s this year for 2 wins!

  12. If there is some question about the validity of the testing (bottle A vs bottle B) then that test should be tossed out, and resume testing after that.

    However, I don’t think that would be good for Gordon. If he couldn’t stay completely clean during this whole appeal process (DUI), obviously he’s not “getting it.” Josh Gordon has a real problem and needs help.

    I’m not arguing whether pot should be legal or not. I’m not contesting the NFL’s punishment for it. It’s one of the rules, the NFLPA agreed to it, and thereby, so did the players.

    I don’t know all the details about the test, if he missed the test, or if it was due to second-hand smoke, or whatever. Even if Josh Gordon doesn’t have a substance problem, he definitely has a problem with rules and authority.

    I don’t know Josh Gordon personally, but he seems like a nice enough kid with God-blessed talent. It would be a real shame if that talent is just wasted because he couldn’t grow up and follow the rules….and maybe hurt someone or himself.

  13. Before any news came out about what happened with Gordon, Greg Little appeared on a radio show saying that “it was out of his control” meaning second hand smoke. Months after that interview, that is sure enough what Gordon’s team is saying. Also, the THC levels are proving it too.

    So, as the man above stated,

    Punch your wife – 2 game suspension
    Second hand smoke of weed – 1 year

  14. While I agree that a year long suspension is ridiculous he was also popped for DUI in July. That’s going to figure into it somehow.

    He gets suspended last year for weed. Let’s say that his second hand smoke theory is true. He’s going to the league office to say that after being suspended last year the lesson he learned was to hang around pot smokers and to drive drunk. Doesn’t really seem like he gets it.

  15. Ray Lewis + murder = HOF
    Ray Rice + knocks his wife unconscious = 2 games
    Gordon + 2nd hand smoke = 1 yr


  16. The rules, flawed or not, are the rules.

    Gordon was well aware of the rules, well aware of the consequences and well aware of the impact it would have on his team and he still made the decision to break them.

    There should be no negotiation, no compromise. Other players have been suspended in a similar fashion in the past and there is no reason to change the policy in this case other than the league wanting their “feel good” story in Cleveland to continue.

  17. Browns are no good with or without Gordon.. Really how many wins is he worth. Going for 200 yards a game they are still terrible. It’s a curse

  18. If they lessen the suspension then they owe justin Blackmon some money.

    They need to be consistent. Gordon is just as bad if not worse than Blackmon.

    I know the ray rice situation was a joke. But that has nothing to do with Gordon. I expect him to be treated the same as Blackmon.

  19. First of all the NFL league office is a bunch of corrupt gravy training morons. Strong guy encouraging the Seahawks to go after Marshawn Lynch signing bonus if he doesn’t report. What a bunch of corrupt morons. Luckily the Seahawks had the class to tell the league office to stick it.

    Second, this policy is idiotic.

    Third, the next time I watch NFL football because of how good of citizens the players are will be a first. Can you imagine the awful football you would have to watch if all the players were as good of people as Tim Tebow? Seems like a great guy, horrible QB.

    Stop pretending these players are angels and stop expecting them to be model citizens. There are some that are great on and off the field. You think the NFL arrests are a problem, go read college football talk.

    I mean the comments of some of u uptight ninnies is laughable. Like John Madden says, you can’t expect these guys to do what they do on Sundays, and be Saints off of the field. I swear sometimes you would think this is a church bulletin website with some of your idiotic comments.

  20. Breaking news: “Slight chance” Josh Gordon can remain that sweet Keeper.

    How many game reduction would it take by “Goodell Two Shoes” for you to be tempted if you could keep Gordon as a 10th round Keeper?

  21. there are way too many suspensions imposed on players that have nothing to do with football. let the best players play football, excluulding murderers like Aaron Hernandez.

    if you feel the need to punish players then make sure the penalties are appropriate from the crimes committed. heres an idea, let the legal system handle it. you arent the morality and judicial system NFL & GOODELL.

    if you are gonna punish the players, then u damn well punish the owners when their businesses are shady, they settle out of court, they are convicted in court of bad business, they are arrestes carrying drugs and cash, when people are found dead in their homes they own.

    i would have no problem if the rulings made sense and applied to owners and players. Goodell said it himself, teams, owners and league employees should be held to a HIGHER standard. put your money where your mouth is clown. actions speak louder than words. yet corrupt owners like Haslem, wilf, and Irsay have received no fines or suspensions by the NFL. talk about hypocrisy. that tarnishes the Shield 10x more than anything the players do.

  22. One of the reasons WADA upped their requirements from 15 NG to 150 NG for a positive test is the likelihood that a 15 NG can come from second hand smoke.

    While he might not be smoking its a very bad decision to put himself in that environment where others are. But its hard for a kid no matter who they are to say no to ones friends and being a top NFL player I am sure he has a ton of so called friends pressuring him for attention.

    I am not saying that Gordon is not an idiot but the punishment here does not fit the crime. Like most 25 year old children he makes bad decisions over and over. That is what 25 year old kids do. But unlike most 25 year old kids he lives under a magnifying glass where everyone mistake is broadcast to the world.

    A lot of these kids are not the most intelligent or most well adjusted kids. I think it was Daquell Jackson who said that Gordon is not a bad kid but he needs the structure of the team. Its when he is on his own without that structure and is being pressured by all of his so called friends that are not looking for his interests but only their own that he will make mistakes. When they suspend this kid he gets thrown out of that structure and support which just increases the likelihood of him screwing up.

    Pretty sad story that someone this talented is likely to have his talent wasted over something as trivial as some weed.

  23. Gee florio, you didn’t mention irsay and his punishment once in this article? Are you off that bandwagon yet? One more time, Owner>player.

  24. Legal or not the CBA clearly states what’s allowed and what isn’t. A year for second hand smoke is not accurate, it’s all the incidents he has done prior.

    There are plenty of legal substances that are banned by the NFL, even if weed is legal in all 50 states doesn’t mean it would be allowed by the NFL.

  25. I love how Ravens fans are trolling sticking up for that loser, wife beater. It doesn’t matter what happened, we know he put his hands on his wife in an unacceptable, violent manner, scumbag along with the fans who cheered him the other day.

    Now onto my Browns and Gordon. I wish some of you knew the facts, he has only failed one test in the nfl and that was for cough medicine with codeine, so why he is in stage three is ridiculous to me, they shouldn’t be using his college history against him. I am not expecting any reduction here, because Gordon needs to be held accountable for his actions and who he surrounds himself with. In my opinion it should be somewhere around 6-8 games, but as a fan I it’s dropped I’ll be one happy member of the Dawg Pound

  26. From the facts that have come out, there can be no doubt that Gordon is a victim of 2nd-hand smoke. The concentrations in the 2 samples are well, well below what is shown for a smoker, plus he had been passing tests for months. Total crock if this suspension is upheld.

    When the totally uptight, overprotective WADA uses 150 ng as the fail mark, and the NFL uses 1/10th of that, you know something is wrong.

  27. A/B samples=13ng/1nl:16.5ng/1nl
    The NFL threshold is the lowest in ALL of sports. Also he passed 70 (REALLY?!) tests over the course of 7 months. So this merits a total ban with the possibility of reinstatement a year down the road with no promises. Rape, murder, steroids and general mayhem are overlooked, but smoke weed… I think it’s high time (pun intended) that the fans stand up and recall Roger.

  28. Gordon got popped recently for DWI, not DUI. May sound trivial, but it’s not. For all of you teetotalling sanctimonious, Joe Friday’s out there, the A/B sample component of Josh’s case and an all star defense team will result in him playing football for the Browns this year. Only question is how many games that will be.

  29. Goodell needs to make an example of this punk and tha Cleveland Clowns. How many times can they let him mess up. Suspend him for life an dock tha Clowns two first rounders for picking the scumbag.

  30. Browns fans are a silly bunch. They have sucked forever, and don’t realize that breaking league rules result in suspensions. Plain and simple; Gordon screwed up and should sit at least a year out.

  31. Great….will they deal with his latest marijuana related arrest at the same time….or will that be a separate fine and suspension?

  32. The worst thing Goodell could do to Gordon right now is take him away from this team; I don’t want to see Josh end up dead in a dark alley some day.

    There is no way that Goodell can suspend Gordon for a full year after the Ray Rice decision. He’ll have a PR nightmare on his hands. I would be shocked, personally, if the suspension is greater than 2 games. But I don’t put it pass the NFL dictator to “uphold” the rules.

    The test should be immediately thrown out if one sample is negative. That is ridiculous. Also, he blew a .09 during his DWI, which is two craft beers on an empty stomach. This kid doesn’t have a drug problem; he has made a few poor decisions and been a little unlucky.

    No one is whining. Gordon’s appeal is legit and should be considered seriously by the NFL. and I’m a Dolphins fan! Let the man play some football…….

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