Cardinals sign Max Starks

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Max Starks and Bruce Arians are reuniting.

The Cardinals have announced the signing of Starks, a starting offensive tackle on three Steelers Super Bowl teams.

The 32-year-old Starks appeared in two games for St. Louis in 2013. He also had a stint with San Diego. Starks (6-8, 345) started 96 games for Pittsburgh from 2004-2012, playing both right and left tackle. Arians, now the Cardinals’ head coach, was a Steelers assistant for eight of those of those seasons.

It’s possible Starks could compete to be the Cardinals’ swing tackle. He’s also a potential option at right tackle, a position where the club lacks a standout.

In other roster moves Friday, the Cardinals released tackle Cory Brandon and kicker Danny Hrapmann.

20 responses to “Cardinals sign Max Starks

  1. He is big enough to block out the sun… but at 32 that may be about all he can do. Conditioning would have to be a question with him, especially given the limited playing time he saw last year already.

  2. Ok this is getting ridiculous, Steelers Southwest is getting more stalker-like every year. Hrapmann by the way, was Suisham’s competition in Pittsburgh’s training camp last season. Ironic him being cut the same day Sushi’s contract extension was announced.

  3. Solid signing.

    Was released/not resigned by the Steelers several times as soon as offseason started and reinvited in training camp same offseasons as soon as they realized they couldn´t do without him. Through the seasons he was Mr. Last Man Standing in a fragile off line with non-elite but consistently solid performance.

    I love the guy.

  4. I don’t know doc, Bubby Brister took an awful team that lost its first 2 games by a combined 92-10 to a 9-7 record and a road wildcard win in Houston before barely losing to John Elway in Mile High the next week. It should be noted that that was the only year that Chuck Noll was ever nominated as Coach of the Year. Anyway, good luck with Starks, Arizona. How long before Arizona signs Brett Keisel and James Harrison?

  5. Can’t beleive the bengals didn’t pick him up. They’re only a C, G, T and #2 receiver away from multiple SB’s, and dare I say dynasty.

  6. Winston was mediocre at best in AZ and although the Steeler retread signings are getting old, he will be in a familiar system and provides depth. It will hopefully light fire under Massey and Potter to take the right side for good. Now, que the Steeler fans bagging on the Cards!!

  7. Good for Max.
    The Steelers were 2-0 in Super Bowls with him in starting lineup; 0-1 when he watched from the sideline.
    Starks evidently fell out of favor with Tomlin and was repeatedly released, even when it was obvious the Steelers could’ve used him on their O-line.
    I wish Max well.

  8. Congrats to Max. He did well by the Steelers, and I’m always happy to see our former players and coaches succeed as long as they leave us on good terms.

    So glad someone has finally given Brister his due. That 1989 team is one of my favorite Steeler squads, and I’ll never forget Bubby giddily announcing on live television after the wildcard win that he was “happy as s***.” Some may joke about him, but I love the guy.

  9. He was signed as a backup swing OT , nothing more, nothing less. Now that 2013 3rd round pick RT B. Massie, who is absolute stud now that he has the playbook down pat.

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