Cary Williams doesn’t want to practice with “Cheater” Patriots


Eagles cornerback Cary Williams got himself thrown out of a joint practice with the Patriots last year for fighting.

He didn’t wait until the teams got together later this month to throw his next haymaker.

They are cheaters,” Williams said of the Patriots, via Geoff Mosher of “They are.”

That was an obvious reference to the Spygate scandal, which saw the Patriots fined $250,000 they lost a 2008 first-round pick for illegally videotaping opponents’ signals. Coach Bill Belichick was also fined an additional $500,000.

But it wasn’t a drive-by for Williams, who kept piling on the team he grew to hate when he was with the Ravens. He said he didn’t like practicing against anyone, but especially New England.

“I’m trying not to go into details about it or disrespect that organization because I give that organization nothing but, . . .you still got to go out there and play the game,” Williams said. “All the credit. I give them all the credit in the world. But one fact still remains, they haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught.

“You got caught. I know you’re gonna be looking at the film when we go out there. That’s just that. I don’t want to show them my card. That’s just me, not them. Not them. Every team is gonna look at it anyway. We’re gonna look at what they do too.”

Williams has just guaranteed those practices will be watched a little more closely by everyone.

202 responses to “Cary Williams doesn’t want to practice with “Cheater” Patriots

  1. Wow! There is no control over any of the players down there in Philly. What do they have a college coach in charge or something…. Oh wait. Chip Kelly back to school in 2015.

  2. Putin agrees!

    Holding any Super Bowl ring he can get his hands on hostage until they win one legitimately!

  3. What Carey Williams was really saying was that Brady torched him last August in the practices and while he was with the Ravens.

    And speaking of that when was the last time the Eagles won a Super Bowl ? NEVER

  4. suhperbowl90 says: Aug 1, 2014 4:18 PM

    Says the DB (dirt bag btw) who needs to yank n pull receivers to keep up with them in coverage.

    Pot, meet kettle.


    I don’t see what Darrelle Revis has to do with this…

  5. Hey PFTPoet, is it safe to assume that, your mind, that there are no legitimate SuperBowl winners? We all no the Vikings don’t have any… so I’m guessing that you believe the between PEDs, video taping, paying off refs, cheaters, and whatever other reasons you have in your head, that there’s a reason for you to debunk every single SB winner. Am I close?

  6. Dude this has seriously become so old and tired. Not only did this happen SEVEN YEARS AGO, but every team is/was doing something frowned upon to gain an added advantage… the Patriots were just the ones who got caught. “Haven’t won a super bowl since they were caught”, news flash dude, they haven’t won a super bowl since 2004… being caught has nothing to do with it. Though if you want to focus on the year they were caught, they have the best record in the league since 2007… THE YEAR THEY WERE CAUGHT. People hated the Patriots long before they were caught… now y’all just have an excuse to fall back on.

  7. its just annoying now. I am sorry. pats have been a successful team in the NFL. other teams did what the pats were doing. acting like it was only them is laughable. it was a slight advantage over what teams see anyway.

    stop acting as if that man isn’t a great NFL coach on a very good team year in and year out. not tainted. sure they lost a super bowl going 17-0. has anyone gone 17-0 since? they sure as heck weren’t taping that season. but of course lets continue to mention spygate on any pats article.


    Except like 12 games a year and a bunch of playoff games. The fact they got to two Super Bowls proves how little it affected the games. The defense in ’01-’04 were miles ahead of their previous defenses. Look out this year.

    Its literally the dumbest argument associated with “Spygate” and the losers are so proud of themselves for pointing it out.

  9. Yeah, Andy Reid couldn’t ‘time manage’ his way out of a paper bag (still can’t), Donovan McNabb couldn’t hurry up because he’s throwing up in the huddle, but the Patriots only won that Super Bowl because they ‘cheated’. Right

  10. That’s a good way to applaud and show your graditude to an organization that’s why ur out of the league. Wait, does this guy play defense for CFL?

  11. Remember what calling the Patriots names did for another Eagle “Freddie Mitchell’s” career….. LoL

  12. Patskrieg dot com says: Aug 1, 2014 4:21 PM

    I’d say this guy needs a hug but that’s usually what he spends his time on the field doing.
    Heck he’s playing for the wrong team, he would fit right in on the Hawks roster.

  13. In this world sports where it’s “once a cheater always a cheater” why should the Patriots get a pass here? And Mr. Goodell how about they (Patriots) forfeit those Super Bowls that even when cheating they only won by 3 points every time. And how does Mr. Goodell protect the “Shield” and the “integrity of the league” by burning the tapes himself so that no one will ever be able to examine the evidence of the cover up between him, the NFL, the Patriots, and Bill Belichick! Just saying…

  14. haha.. keep crying Carrie, maybe someone will dump a bucket of pig’s blood over your head.. “they cheated” is the age old refrain of losers weary of continued schooling at the hands of superior performers.. time to grow up & step up your game crybaby!

  15. It seems like he contradicted himself in his own statement. I knew most NFL players aren’t too bright but this guy is at the apex of stupidity.

  16. Have not seen Tom Brady “smoke” anyone in quite awhile. QB rating down 16 pts since 2010. We’ll see it drop some more this year……

  17. all the sudden this guy has a lot of things to say. Maybe someone would have listened to this rant of his if he wasn’t pretending to be a top 5 CB yesterday.

  18. Now we want to question Cary for speaking not an opinion but speaking the truth. Let’s stay on task and talk about the content of what he said not his physical abilities on the field. He’s an NFL player so he’s in the class of the best of the best.

  19. So a player says something about Spygate and the people who whine about Spygate show up. It’s pretty funny considering they don’t know what spygate actually was about.

  20. eternalram says: Aug 1, 2014 4:42 PM

    In this world sports where it’s “once a cheater always a cheater” why should the Patriots get a pass here? And Mr. Goodell how about they (Patriots) forfeit those Super Bowls that even when cheating they only won by 3 points every time. And how does Mr. Goodell protect the “Shield” and the “integrity of the league” by burning the tapes himself so that no one will ever be able to examine the evidence of the cover up between him, the NFL, the Patriots, and Bill Belichick! Just saying…
    But it’s Mr.Goodell, he would never ever do anything conniving.

  21. Youknowimright says:
    Aug 1, 2014 4:15 PM
    Wow! There is no control over any of the players down there in Philly. What do they have a college coach in charge or something…. Oh wait. Chip Kelly back to school in 2015.


    Yeah, that’s why they had to get rid of DeSean Jackson. Kelly only keeps around “character guys.”

  22. So much ignorance in these comments from HateNation. Get a grip and maybe do some actual research on what happened. Cary will get punished by Brady making him look stupid in practice.

  23. It’s my guess that not Williams or any poster can tell us what the Patriots did to get fined. Did they tape practices? Did they secretly tape the other sideline( no they did it in plain sight they have a shot of Herm Edwards waving at them) or did they run across an ego maniacal new commissioner, ex jet employee who over reacted to a practice that all other teams were doing. We have seen how goodell is as commish- you all despise him and can’t stand any of his rulings but this one was legit? my guess is that the reason all the tapes were destroyed by the league is that Belichick had tape of other teams taping them.

  24. “Says the DB (dirt bag btw) who needs to yank n pull receivers to keep up with them in coverage.”

    Just like the new patriots DB’s

    Talk about the pot meeting the kettle.

  25. There was NO PROOF they taped practices during the Super Bowl runs. That was all based on an article written by The Herald that was later retracted and they sent a apology letter so they didn’t get sued for decimation and libel.

    My guess is you all just cling to false and exaggerated excuses just to make yourselves feel better. Hate on NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE. LOLOLOL.

  26. Well, just off the top of my head Brady threw for 4 TDs and over 400 yards against the Steelers last season in the course of hanging 55 on them, the most points scored on them in the entire history of their franchise dating back to the 1930s.

    But it must have been from Der Cheaterin! (Which of course is very different from ‘gamesmanship’ like the Giants synchronized cramping, Steelers coaches breaking up live plays on the field, Colts piping in crowd noise, etc).

  27. Who’s crybaby Williams again? Oh self proclaimed top tier corners in the league. Haters gonna hate. Patriots remain one of the best teams in the league year in and out so I understand the jealousy /hate. Truth is they have a superior coach who guides the team. I for one live the stability. There inability to win another SB is due to bad defenses and it also goes to show how hard it is to win the big game.

    So haters go ahead and hate, but we all know every time you type spy gate or cheaters it is just jealousy. Go buy a gin blossoms album

  28. Ryan Clark will be next to talk….Just wait for it…patriots should cancel those practices it is actually helping those other teams more than it helps them besides brady was the only one from that 2006-07 scandal

  29. Not a Patriots fan, but this guy has no room to talk.

    The B.S. that Baltimore got away with in their Super Bowl win against San Francisco with ridiculous amounts of no-calls in their favor including Cary Williams laying on top of an offensive lineman and repeatedly punching him without penalty or ejection should remain on his mind when he makes dumb comments like this.

    Cary Williams is a punk!

  30. Snibble snibble oh boo hoo
    How funny
    If I was Bill I’d send him as well as many of the jealous & envious posters on here a box of tissues….
    What a bunch of chicks!!!!
    Sounds like his panties are ridding up a little too high to me
    Go Patrriots…. Keep those ladies crying!!!
    Love It!!!!!

  31. I really wish sports writers would get it right, the Patriots were NOT punished for filming hand signals, what they were punished for is filming from a location that was now prohibited…

    Want to know when filming from this location became prohibited?

    After the 2006 season, when a memo was sent to ALL 32 TEAMS informing them of this change..

    Ofcourse with the sad state of sports journalism today is it really that shocking that writers ignore the facts and feed the type of morons that made some of the comments above ?

  32. jchipwood says:
    Aug 1, 2014 4:18 PM
    Everyone recognizes and realizes this except Patriot fans

    I’m not a Patriots fan but I can recognize a great organization when I see one. After the supposed, “cheating” they went to two more Super Bowls didn’t they???

    I’m tired of bitter fans of loser teams trying to always tear down other teams because their team stinks. The Patriots are one of the top 4 organizations in football. Loser fans of the Raiders, Panthers, Chiefs, Bengals or whoever need to get over it.

  33. “they haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught.”

    fo sho…. i now no longer hear the announcers say “its like brady is in the defensive huddle with how he’s always finding the wide open WR.”

    pats super bowl W’s are nothing but a joke.

  34. Here’s the thing as an Eagles fan, Cary just kind of says things, no internal filter. While he’s been decent to good for the Birds, in his mind he’ll always be a Raven and those two teams have issues. I think all Eagle fans are happy to see them scrimmage a good team like the Pats. Cary won’t be here next year so we’re no invested in his antics long term. Regardless, Chip the Genius won’t deal with this much longer. “Youknowyourwrong” don’t hate on Chip because your weak Skins are sad and your coach will be massively over matched. Chip is going to be dominating RGWeak and your sadly named team for many seasons to come. You got the wring Gruden d bag

  35. Cary Williams is used to Goodall cheating for his team.

    Dear Atler Juice for Ray Lewis, Ed Reed’s numerous illegal hits with no punishment, Ray Rice cold knocking out women with no real punishement…..

    That’s the type of treatment Williams is used to when he was a Raven.

  36. Did they practice with the Stealers? They are cheaters too, fined for cheating and was supposed to lose a draft pick, but Goodell reneged on that part.

  37. Notice that none of you people are able to come up with any explanation for how the Patriots have the best record in the league since they were “caught” other than they haven’t won the Super Bowl. They went to two and were less than two minutes away from winning both. How many teams in the league haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2007, or ever? Stop spouting this mindless drivel of how they’re “cheaters” and admit that you don’t like them because they’re so successful.

    And as for Cary Williams, this guy is a clown. He plays for a team that has never won the Super Bowl and his mouth writes checks that his talent can’t cash. He should probably spend more time worrying about who’s gonna be taking his job than worrying about past NFL history. You don’t want to practice with them, then sit on the sideline and keep your mouth shut. Not that the Patriots care about his opinion anyway

  38. Fines totaling almost $1 million? I don’t want to hear…everyone was doing it. All of the Pats SB wins should have asterisks. Zero SB wins since they were caught.

  39. Ya, they cheated but what really bothered me is how the NFL proceeded to destroy all the tapes they had in the vault. Nobody goes thru that much trouble unless there was something to hide.

    I think the NFL recognized that all the money laid down in Vegas over the course of 3 Superbowls was too high of a price to shed the light of day on exactly how much cheating was really going on.

  40. If you grew up around here, you’d feel the same way about Spygate that I do – no worse than stealing signs in baseball, and if you don’t like it, change them. If I grew up where you did, I’d think and say the same things about the Pats.

    Laundry and geography.

  41. Keep saying they went to 2 Super Bowls but leave out the fact they were unable to tape the walk throughs of those teams they faced therefore they were unable to cheat

  42. Its literally the dumbest argument associated with “Spygate”

    None of the ones clucking would even be able to explain what actually happened.

    I doubt they realize it’s still within the rules to film signals from appropriate locations if a team so desires.

  43. Patriots only dynasty in recent memory that keeps pushing the envelope. Most teams die after winning 3 of 4. Pats have been to two SBs since and 2 AFCCGs.

  44. “We are still very anxious to see what Belichick’s texts to Hernandez said. Something about hiding evidence?”

    They say “Get your [BLEEP] to practice.”

  45. 18-1 the following year. The only one they lost was the only one that mattered. A year to remember that with all the records they still were not good enough.

  46. So the Pats would of beat the greatest show on turf that year without tapes of signals and walk throughs?
    Yep. Best. Super Bowl. Ever.

  47. All they’ve done since getting caught is post the best overall record in the league, win 2 AFC conference titles and get to two other AFC Conference Championships.

    If you think Spygate was why they won you have your head in the sand to the actual facts and choose to listen to little soundbytes which have long been proven false.

    They taped from an illegal location, which was not illegal until 2006 (so sorry, no asterisks). They did not tape any practices, no battery packs or power supplies were there at the time. And the filming was that they got fined for had been practiced by coaches of other teams that admitted it. As far as the destruction of the tapes, that was not Goodell’s idea, that was Art Rooney’s, and it was done only after they were reviewed and the content documented for the investigation. When Matt Walsh pulled out his stolen tapes they showed exactly the same type of content.

    Much ado about nothing. But Goodell had to act tough because Belicheck ignored his memo to all 32 teams telling them to stop the practice.

  48. Come on,that was ages ago,the last time a team cheated to get to or win a sb was….2014. I forgot Seattle admitted they cheated every game and jolly Roger made sure the refs didn’t call them for it going into the playoffs. Seattle is the new patriots!

  49. @ rnine99 says: Aug 1, 2014 4:52 PM

    NFL should have voided their championships.

    For what and why?

  50. It’s amazing that even though the haters are wrong, they continue to shout ignorance. They ignore the facts and continue to make more and more up as they go.

  51. NFL brass and owners protect the NFL.. That’s why evidence was destroyed.

    Pat fans seriously..

    Do you think that knowing on even one play during a game that I.E.

    Middle LB blitz w/NT dropping into coverage that your TE would be open over the middle?

    That a corner blitz is DEFINITELY coming?

    common guys.. it’s a HUGE advantage.

  52. Cary williams and all you Pats haters are pathetic. Especially because you obviously dont know all the facts with spygate. Most teams did exactly what the patriots did. The Pats were made an example of due to Goddell sending a letter out to every team in 2006 saying to cut it out and yes bellicheck got caught the following week. Jimmy Johnson admitted doing the same thing when he was with the cowboys. Does that tarnish there dynasty? Eric mangini has came out and stated that he regrets saying anything because of all the BS you fans of losing teams keep spitting out. There has been a lot of teams who havnt won a SB since forever. Also the Pats have the best record since spygate. Your all a bunch of cry baby losers who hate on the pats because your a fan of a inconsistent team. Get over it. You and your team suck.

  53. I would never, as a fan of another team, point out that a team that has been to the Super Bowl seven times are somehow cheaters for doing what every other team was doing, ESPECIALLY IF MY TEAM NEVER BEEN TO EVEN A SINGLE SUPER BOWL. I just wouldn’t want to look like that big of an idiot.

  54. Every team was videotaping. Get it through your thick scull Cory Williams. It was legal to videotape. Roger Goodell sent the memo about not videotaping to every team in the NFL, not just the Patriots. If the Patriots were the only team videotaping, then why did Goodell send the memo to every team in the NFL? Because every team was videotaping.

    Spygate was the most bogus non-scandal in sports history and it’s too bad that the Patriots had to take the hit for every team in the NFL that was videotaping. Not every team had an Eric Mangini to rat out the Patriots because EVERY team would have been caught as well. People need to get a clue.

    I suppose if the Patriots were videotaping, David Tyree would have never caught that lucky, fluke pass and the Pats would have won the Superbowl. The Pats went 17-0 after they were punished for the bogus videotaping.What a disgrace.

  55. I just think people are jealous of the Patriots and Tom Brady because they’ve been an NFL dynasty for so long and everyone wants to take out #1. People are sick of the Patriots the same way they’re sick of the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat and the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees. They win too much. What a ****** crime.

  56. Three beautiful shiny trophies…and they are not going anywhere no matter what kind of three year old on a sugar high tantrum any of you throw. 😀

  57. Bottom line, if the Patriots didn’t feel like they needed to cheat to win then why would they???

    By the way Patriots fans, your team admitted to cheating why can’t you?!

  58. By the way Patriots fans, your team admitted to cheating why can’t you?!


    They never admitted to cheating because they weren’t cheating. It was perfectly within the rules of the NFL to videotape. They were doing nothing wrong. Roger Goodell wrongly punished them because he felt they were ignoring his memo not to videotape. I wonder how many other teams were ignoring the memo as well and were just lucky they weren’t caught.

  59. “By the way Patriots fans, your team admitted to cheating why can’t you?!”

    We’ve been through this. Rival coaches went through this. Analysts went through this. The NFL is a culture of intelligence gathering. Teams find ways to cut corners all the time through player tampering, signing players from teams you’re about to play, violations of the helmet coach-to-QB time rule (which snagged 12 teams, but not the Pats). This is why so many NFL stalwarts are not condemning the Pats. It would open a can of worms into a culture the league does not want exposed.

  60. And it’s sub-mental to suggest not winning a SB is proof of the cheating. After you win 3 of 4, get a huge target on your back, and then turn over your aging defense, it gets tougher. Losing 2 SBs by a total of 7 points and appearing in 3 more AFCCGs is the mark of a champion post-dynasty.

    Here end of the lesson.

  61. Time for a little fact checking.

    Cary Williams, during 8 years in the NFL as 0 (zero) Pro-Bowl appearances.

    He as also been flagged for over 1,000 yards for holding, pass interference, tripping, (not trippin’ like he’s doing now : ) facemask, illegal use of hands, etc., during his career (all forms of CHEATING).

  62. thebirdsareback says:
    Aug 1, 2014 8:30 PM

    Patriots fans and ravens fans have a lot in common, they’re both relentlessly hated on because of their success. Sad


    Let me fix this for ya…

    Patriots fans and ravens fans have NOTHING in common, Patriots fans are relentlessly hated on cuz of their success and Ravens fans are hated on because they’re all wagon jumpers since ’96…

  63. Wow! Look at the number of comments on a New England article! People just LOVE the Pat’s! Or are so under their skin, it eats them up!

    And who is Cary Williams????

  64. Sez the cheater who shoved ref Jerome Boger in SB XLVII and received no penalty, no fine and was not ejected as he should have been and later made two plays to break up passes his replacement would not have made / clear cheating violation of the rules that cost my team a SB / NFL fix was in

    John Harbaugh ” it’s no big deal”

  65. thebirdsareback says:
    Aug 1, 2014 8:30 PM

    Patriots fans and ravens fans have a lot in common, they’re both relentlessly hated on because of their success. Sad


    Let me fix this for ya…

    Patriots fans and ravens fans have NOTHING in common, Patriots fans are relentlessly hated on cuz of their success and Ravens fans are hated on because they’re all wagon jumpers since ’96…

  66. Thank you CW for saying what many players and fans want to say and something that we ALL know is true. Facts are facts. If you’re mad about the fact that people still bring it up, be mad that your organization had to cheat to win…

    I’m tired of hearing pats fans say, “everyone was cheating, we just got caught.” That’s as moronic as saying all husbands cheat on their wives just because some jerks really do. If you all want to get mad at somebody, get mad at your organization. Get mad at Goodell for the lame punishment handed out. And get mad at yourself for jumping on the bandwagon of a so-called “dynasty” which they cheated to accomplish.

  67. It KILLS me how the media constantly list Brady and Billicheck as the greatest coach or quarterback ever…seriously? The #GreatOnes don’t have “blemishes” on their records…

  68. Didn’t Cary Williams just talk some smack about being one of the best Cornerbacks in the NFL!!??

    He’s probably afraid of being toasted by those stud
    WR’s on the Pats roster!! You know who I’m talking about! Kenbrell Thompkins, Brandon LaFell and those slot WR’s Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman!!

    Or even worse, maybe he’s afraid Jimmy Garapolo will toast him!

  69. Pats rule. Ain’t cheating ain’t tryin’…. Other teams shine their one ring and spend a lifetime gazing at their accomplishment- bill’s got 5.

  70. Thankfully he didn’t mention the payoff of Walt Coleman with the “tuck rule”, which we had to all suffer thru for 10 years, holding the greatest show on turf despite Brady being the #1 QB to get illegal contact call with third and long.

    Lets move on…the Patriot fans agree, they need to prove themselves that it isn’t just different rules that got them Super Bowl wins.

  71. I love the zero rings comments…( mostly Cowgirl fans that say it)…That has ZERO to do with what Cary said.. BTW, everything he said is TRUE. they were fined for it..lost a first rond pick for it must be true. I still look at the Patriots VS Eagles superbowl and wonder ‘what if” they didn’t know tha calls..

  72. Steeler Nation has never respected such a mediocre franchise that’s been confirmed to cheat. The Patriots wish they were of the same ilk as the steelers, ravens, Niners, giants and packers.

  73. If the Pats beat your team, and that includes most of you, they must have cheated. Sorry, sports fans, the Pats were just better than your team. As in every year. Try to accept it.

  74. Preach on brotha Cary, preach on. LOL @ all the pats fans that come running to defend spygate and to tell us how great the Patriots are with their win lose records and accomplishments. If it didn’t bother you so much that your titles have an * then you wouldn’t care what people say and just enjoy them. It obviously annoys you that your team and coach will always be known as cheaters and that your SB titles aren’t legit. Belicheat is a cheater in all aspects of his life just ask his ex wife.

  75. This is hilarious all theses ppl defending the pats when they don’t even know the true scandal players wearing mics on defense Brady having two frequency in his helmet to be coached up just as he snaps ..bugging the opponents locker rooms cutting power to opposing teams sidelines to force more hand signals. all need to read spy gate the untold story by Brian oleary truth was told by many and by former employee who wanted more hush money
    .evidence was burned because the amount of money on table between Vegas vendors owners etc anyone know how Rodger got his job??? (Kraft) wana know who got him a 10 mil raise (kraft) kraft is the chairman of NFL he sits on 9/11 committes and also rules changes all come from new England they get all the calls then they cry about a team getting one lmao

  76. Pats always have good record because they always get a weak schedule from their weak division and please stop saying the schedule is made yrs in advance when now Peyton is a bronco he has to travel to the Patriots every yr now only home game he will get is if he gets home field. ..anyone ever notice Peyton always travel to them ..anyone look at their schedule any team over 500 goes to new England Ben like this since bill arrived the supposed genius who was no genius in cleaved where he had now power to do his dirt but good ol kraft got all the pull in the world

  77. Hey we all know any team can be beaten any Sunday but for them to always have 3 stringers come in and play just as good as the starter that should be a red flag all day even at the helm (Matt cassel) we all remember him jus look at his stats red flags they will never stop afccg on road won’t work and sb won’t anymore because their on radar time over after this season bill will leave an join his bffl bon jovi in Buffalo hahahahah

  78. I find it amazing that Pats fans are so confident the cheating didn’t give them an advantage, and it was the location of the camera, blah, blah, but yet no one has seen the tape that earned them unprecedented penalties.

    Yes, I’m sure it was harmless info, and Goodell handed down an extra harsh sentence just to make a point. I mean we all saw how over the top he gets with penalties (see Ray Rice).

    You all are just mad that your heroes tainted your accomplishments forever.

  79. Can anyone enlighten me why all pats are crying about ray rice getting 2 gms ..shouldn’t they not speak out when one of their own (Alfonso denard) played all season long last yr while they continued his case til after they lost afccg then he got sentence to 30 days and still no punishment from the league. ..we all know what could’ve happen in rice case but not one camera or person seen him punch her and there wer no criminal charges or time served hence weak punishment by rodger

  80. I’m an Eagle fan forever and whatever the Pats did before the 04 Super Bowl game is meaningless . They beat the Eagles by one or more points on the field. Philly fans never cried about what the Pats did leading up to that game. We’re still pissed at McNabb though.

  81. It’s funny how only Pats fans will try to define Spygate n over analyze: You did something which gained an unfair advantage which the NFL docked a FIRST round pick, Bill had a 500k fine n Goodell destroyed the tapes. Why did he destroy the tapes if it was something a lot of teams did? How come no other teams were involved in the same cheating methods? I don’t think so Pats, not getting off that easy

  82. 1.) PftPoet…..shut your pie hole….you make us Vikings fans look bad.

    2.) IMO this man signed a contract to play football. He didnt complain when he got that paycheck. Shut up and do your job.

  83. And BTW, videotaping is STILL legal. The memo that the NFL sent out was NOT a memo about not being allowed to videotape. It was a reminder to every team to not continue the practice of videotaping from the field. It was to emphasize the rule that was in place. As Bill Cowher said, Belichick was guilty of arrogance not videotaping.

  84. If Cary doesn’t want to practice against the Patriots, he can keep his inconsiderable behind on the sidelines while Nolan Carol gets some good work in. It is an opportunity missed by a player who can learn a lot of positive things from the class of the NFL.

  85. Haha, look at all the Pats fans who are getting all butthurt because they know its true, their team cheats. Learn to pronounce your “R”s like a person with an education, then maybe we will respect you! LOL

  86. It’s going to be interesting to see if Cary still has her job after the joint practice. I suspect she’s going to need ALOT of help over the top.

  87. The same thing can be said about teams of the 70’s and 80’s who used steroids. What’s the difference? Yes they HAD spygate, others still HAVE steroids and hgh, we don’t keep bringing them up, do we? Why keep bringing stuff up that happened 10 years ago?

  88. Yes the Ravens are such a model team. I give them credit though they do cover their tracks. Ray Lewis involved in murder but his buddies don’t turn on him due to probably fear of getting killed and now Ray Rice women beater. Be proud of your team.

  89. Ahaha Cary you better get all the practice you can get buddy. Brady is trying to get the ball by Revis to his receivers, could do ya some good. Or maybe not since you’ll just get torched

  90. The noise you heard right after the Spygate news broke was the sound of 31 other video recorders hitting the sides of dumpsters all over America.

    That odd smell for days after was hundreds of burning videotapes and DVDs.

  91. When Cary Williams makes All Pro, then maybe people will start listening to what he has to say. But the fact of the matter is that he’s an average defensive back who is hanging on to his starting job by a thread. Just concentrate on playing Cary, and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

  92. As a Bills fan I’ve seen first hand the absolute unbiased favouritism they get regarding officiating. The good old pass interference call on 3rd and long when the ball was no where near the reciever with the clock ticking down in a super close game? Seen it a hundred times.

    And owners (Mr Kraft you listening?) shouldn’t be allowed to schmooze the officials, shake their hands etc. That is most definitely a conflict of interest. I cannot believe that this is permitted

  93. It warms my heart to hear players continually bring this up from time to time. Nobody should forget it. Goodell and Kraft pulled the wool over the NFL’s (and their fans) eyes by giving them a slap on the wrist.

    Belicheat and Ernie Adams (the man who uses an alternate radio frequency to help Brady play QB) should have been banned from the league seven years ago, and Brady should be banned from the Hall of Fame because his career is built on cheating, not great QB play. Most overrated player ever.

  94. I think the pats are brilliant. They use “spygate” to cover up the real truth. The pats won their SB’s with a “bend but don’t break” defense. A defense that the previous coach drafted and left behind for Bill belichek. Truth is, they have won nothing with the defenses of this their so called defensive minded genius coach. Kinda like gruden winning with dungys team in TB.

  95. 8to80texansblog says: Aug 1, 2014 4:33 PM




    To be fair the Vikings have four SB appearances. They happened decades ago and Minnesota lost each one of course.

  96. It’s a well known fact that had the Pats taped the Giants practices they’d have known both the Tyree and Manningham catch were coming. So yes the argument that they haven’t won a Super Bowl without cheating is about as sound and logical as Cary Williams claiming to be an elite corner

  97. Carey Williams To PFT


    Prime Time Even Chocked When He Logged On To PFT Yesterday Afternoon LOL

  98. Loved the Ty Law ceremony when he was inducted into the Patriots Hall Of Fame yesterday. Laughter and tears everywhere. After playing for 4 teams, Law acknowledged the Pats were the greatest organization in sports, with the best owner and the greatest coach in the game. Especially loved when they brought out those 3 shiny Lombardy trophies. I could almost see the tears of Steeler, Rams, Colts, Chargers and all the other teams they’ve trampled during the dynasty running down the trophy. Hold your breath till you turn blue, children. Whine about what coulda been for your losingt team. Blame and make excuses. Those trophies are goin’ nowhere. Buy a plane ticket and come and worship. I’ll bet you can afford it, since you live in mommy’s basement, and your only reason to live is to post on Pats threads.

  99. @scottehoule:

    Belichick has been to 8 Superbowls and has 5 Super Bowl rings. Two as DC and 3 as HC. Otherwise, good point.

  100. First and foremost I want to say that I believe that the Pats are a sound organization from top to bottom!

    However, some folks are forgetting exactly how these allegations came to life! Mangini who was on the Pats staff left to coach the Jets and spoke about the unethical practice of his former employer! Mangini stated that the Pats KNEW what they were doing wasn’t “right” yet it gave them an absolute advantage. Does that mean that the Pats weren’t a phenomenal team any way? Of course not! They were a spectacular team that became even more spectacular when they had the extra advantage of knowing what the opposing teams hand signals meant.

    Should that be considered cheating? Absolutely! Hence them losing a first round draft pick. Even if the stolen hand signals only affect a few plays a game, it ultimately ruins the integrity of the game.

    I’m not saying that post spygate they haven’t won a superbowl because they can no longer cheat. However its kind of like the Atlanta Child Murderer case against Wayne Williams. They may have never really had any conclusive evidence against him BUT, ever since he got locked away the child murder cases have ceased!!!

    Mere Coincidence????

  101. Mangini stated that the Pats KNEW what they were doing wasn’t “right” yet it gave them an absolute advantage.

    Never happened. Mangini said no such thing. Just like taping practices never happened. Just like taping walkthroughs never happened. Myths. I guess the beauty of PFT is you can just make stuff up and spew. Your team was beat by a better Patriot team. All there is to it. Try to go on with your lives.

  102. tedmurph says:
    Aug 2, 2014 4:37 PM
    Mangini stated that the Pats KNEW what they were doing wasn’t “right” yet it gave them an absolute advantage.

    Never happened. Mangini said no such thing. Just like taping practices never happened. Just like taping walkthroughs never happened. Myths. I guess the beauty of PFT is you can just make stuff up and spew. Your team was beat by a better Patriot team. All there is to it. Try to go on with your lives.
    So let me get this right……Mangini went to the league and told them what the Pats do as a “fundamental/Organizational Practice” they had videotape to prove it and they were fined and relieved of a 1st round draft pick, but none of this ever happened???!!! THIS IS A FACT!!!!
    When he got to the Jets and realized he would be on the other side of the video camera twice a year, he decided to make the “PATRIOT WAY” known to the world!!! Don’t get Butt hurt, these are #FACTS.

    And for the record “MY TEAM” the G-MEN AKA BIG BLUE AKA PATRIOT KRYPTONITE, Have ZERO problems with the “PATRIOT WAY”!!!!LOL We stomped a Mudhole in your “ALMOST perfect season” and WE ARE the reason you haven’t won a damm thing in 10 years!!!!

  103. The Pats haters are right, they suck. All they have managed to do since is go 90-24, go to 4 conference championships games and two superbowls, while losing their HOF starting QB for a full year in that span. The other 31 teams that wish they could suck that bad.

  104. bainmethuen says:
    Aug 3, 2014 8:08 AM
    The Pats haters are right, they suck. All they have managed to do since is go 90-24, go to 4 conference championships games and two superbowls, while losing their HOF starting QB for a full year in that span. The other 31 teams that wish they could suck that bad.
    See……. its posts like this that lets you know that the 10 year drought is getting to the Pats fan base!!!LOL Starting to sound like Eagles fans talking about the “championships” they won before the modern SuperBowl era!!!Haha Give me a break, who really cares that you went 90-24 with 4 conference championships and 2 FAILED trips to the Bowl? Elite Franchises only care about 1 thing, Super Bowl Victories! Do you think it really matters to me that we limped into the playoffs at 9-7 while you guys were 18-0 and we STOMPED YOU OUT? Next thing you will tell me is that you consider P. Manning to be a top 3 QB of All-Time? And No, the Pats don’t suck, but the G-Men sure got y’alls #!!! And the fact remains you haven’t WON anything since ya got caught cheating.

  105. Everybody talks about the Pats as if they are the “benchmark for franchise excellence” or something!LOL Fact is you guys had 1 good run in your entire franchise history!

    We don’t brag much BUT, we’ve hoisted Lombardi’s in each of the last 4 decades!!!
    ’86 ’90 ’07 ’11

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  106. People who are saying that Williams gets constantly burned by Brady have very short memories. In the AFC championship game 2 years ago, Williams had the game ending INT against Brady to send the Ravens to the super bowl. He has every right to say what he wants about the pats

  107. the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl at all.

    It would be great if the Patriots won another one, but not winning the last two they appeared in had nothing to do with Spygate. Just like all the other games, they were close and either team could have won.

    There’s only been 6 teams that have won the Super Bowl since the 2007 season and Spygate. It’s not easy for any team. Any NFL, regardless of how close they get could go on losing streak like the 49ers and the Cowboys, two once proud franchises. There are no guarantees.

    Williams is a fool. If the Patriots offered him a job he would be there in a heartbeat.

  108. Bottom line is the Pats were unfairly punished for doing something that was perfectly legal at the time. Every team was videotaping and frankly, it honestly doesn’t even give you any sort of advantage.

    The other bottom line is if anything, the Pats have been even more successful since the bogus Spygate non-scandal. The only year they didn’t make the playoffs since 07 was when Brady was hurt. They’ve made 3 AFC title games and 2 Superbowls since 07. The only reasons they didn’t win 2 more Superbowls was a lucky, fluke catch by Tyree, and cheap shots against Gronk by Bernard Pollard and TJ Ward. If he had been healthy, no question Pats would have won another Superbowl.

  109. Assume the worst, extrapolate from that with no knowledge or fact/data to back up your theories and spout mind numbingly stupid baseless info, it’s what fans of perennial losers do because they can’t stand or understand winning teams as all they’ve ever known is losing! Losing the big game, losing seasons, loser attitudes reap rewards of being a fan of a team that never has nor will WIN a SUPER BOWL! ALL teams were doing this as a matter of doing buisness in the NFL, the areas for taping practice were changed in 06 and still vague enough to confuse EVERY TEAM. A whiner that couldn’t keep his job with Pats went to the J.E.T.S. and EXPOSED what was a minor imfraction of a vague rule change, he went on to lose that job on the grounds that he was an IDIOT and couldn’t fit into a system built on a losing tradition. Rex’s only reason to hire the assistant ball washer to begin with was to pick his mind on the Pats? How did that work Rex? Still couldn’t beat them enough to keep them from playoffs every year except one, an 11-5 campaign with a back up QB after an illegal hit took out regular QB, (Bernie Pollard) who then went on to injure a few more players doing the same illegal launch at opposing athletes knee(s). Be honest though, if BB and TB were your teams Coach QB combo and winning was a tradition not a mere fleeting possibility, you may have a different opinion! You would certainly have better records!!!

  110. Oiy! A good place to sum up reality.

    1. They haven’t won since the NFL changed the rules to stop BB from having an advantage. Duh!

    2. They’ve been to 5 superbowls and all were within 3 points. So, it is hard to differentiate.

    3. Bruschi, McGinnest and crew won those Superbowls right up until they retired!

    4. Once Matt Light got old, the offense slipped.

    5. It’s a billion dollar industry. Dang, they all cheat. Who’s the idiot that doesn’t think they all aren’t doing something!

    6. What actually happened was the league changed a camera rule and the next year BB interpereted it differently than the league “intended”. Okay, if he’s wrong, then he’s wrong. But, geez, get your facts straight!

    7. Since they won those Superbowls, we, as Patriots fans, still watch some of the best football on TV.

    So, let’s see, we can blame the last 10 years of great seasons, minus winning the Superbowl on … Bruschi, McGinnest, Light, etc, retiring? That’s about where I put it. And, this year, I’ll take our D and our chances!

  111. And, by the way, all hail BB for being such a genius that they had to change the rules to make it fair for everyone else.

  112. The Patriots are a great franchise. So are the Steelers. So are the 49ers as well as the Packers. The “cheaters” thing has become childish and boring. Grow up, people. Life has never been fair. The playing field has never been equal. There are winners and losers. Period.

  113. Pats owner, HC and org as a whole, are probably the least ethical in the league… no question…. shame Roger seems to promote and protect them

    I would not allow Pats in my town unless they wore ankle monitors

  114. We’ve all been duped by Roger and these scummy Pats….

    Pats are lucky to be and have been in AFC…. and AFC East in particular…. complete fraud IMO

    but regardless of loyalty.. no way to say that Pats are not a scum org

  115. jaranspringer says:
    Aug 2, 2014 3:14 AM

    All I can say about the Pats 3 Superbowls is Spygate and “Tuck Rule” aka it was a fumble.


    If that’s all you have to say, then you lose because you didn’t know the rules.

    I also agree that the Tuck play was a fumble, but according to the RULES!…it was not. Admittedly, I didn’t know the rule at the time. But, I did some research and looked it up! The Tuck was called on several occasions during that year with no arguments. Walt Coleman stated on many occasions that as soon as he saw the replay, he knew that he had made a mistake on the field (remember that the original call was a fumble) and had to reverse it because of the Tuck Rule. This one just happened to occur in the playoffs at a critical juncture of the game, so it was magnified. But, the correct call was made.

    As for Spygate, please, read the rule on videotaping. Don’t go by NY headlines that are confusing. Headlines will read “Pats Illegally Taped Jets Sideline”, which makes it sound like you can’t tape an opponent’s sideline. Yes, technically, it was illegal to tape FROM the sideline. BUT, what is not illegal is what was filmed. There are ZERO rules about what any team can film. They can film whatever they want. There are ONLY rules about camera placement and what type of electronic gear is allowed on the sidelines as well as rules about not watching game film DURING THAT GAME. So, if you can prove that Belichick watched the in game film, then as a Pats fan, I am on board with you. The problem is that the league looked into it by bringing in former employees, including Matt Walsh, the former team videographer and the haters’ star witness, who had no reason to lie since he no longer was in the league, and they found no evidence. Walsh said he never gave any tape to anyone until after the game. So you can speculate or accuse without proof if it makes you feel better.

  116. There is no way I am paying good money to watch any team that employs that sorry excuse for a cornerback, Cary Williams, regardless of how stupid he is.

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