Cowboys go ahead and print out playoff tickets

Even though the Cowboys are perpetually 8-8, and even though they haven’t won a playoff game since 2009, they’re aiming high.

According to Darren Rovell of, the Cowboys sent out playoff tickets, including for the NFC Championship Game, in packages sent to season-ticket holders.

The Cowboys haven’t made the NFC title game since 1995, but that’s no deterrent to the always-aiming-high marketing strategy of Jerry Jones’ team.

Either that, or they just hate the Earth, and decided to unnecessarily kill a bunch of trees for tickets that will never be used.

78 responses to “Cowboys go ahead and print out playoff tickets

  1. So are they expecting season ticket holders to pay for the playoff tickets while they’re paying for the games that will actually be played? I don’t think that’s going to go over well.

  2. They’d been better off using that paper on Jason Garrett and his coaching staff’s walking papers after another year without making the playoffs this season.

  3. Jets show confidence in themselves & they are made out to be a joke. The Cowboys actually sent playoff tix to fans before 1 snap!

    Sending fans playoffs tix before season starts should be WAY higher on criticism meter then HC/players speaking confidently about their team

  4. Talk about bulletin board fodder for all of their opponents, but especially for the rest of the NFC East… Talk about dumb ideas.

  5. If the story is true, the bigger story is that the Cowboys have charged season ticket holders for playoff tickets.

    They didn’t send out the tickets without getting paid for them.

  6. Them Cowgirls have wayyyyyy to much money to spend! (Or, does the Dr./GM/GM/HC and Waterboy have financial interest in that printing company???)

  7. In 2007 before the Cowboys played the Giants in the divisional game, that dope Jerry Jones put NFC Championship game tickets in the lockers of each player. That afternoon ended with TO crying about Tony Romo in a press conference and the football world laughing at the Cowboys.

    We have all heard insanity defined as repeating the same mistakes over and over and actually expecting another result. Jones puts a face to insanity.

  8. I will bet my house,both vehicles,my wife and 1st born they won’t come anywhere close to the playoffs !!!! This is the main reason I always root against the Cowgirls.This we are better than everybody crap and all of that Americas team bull! I will be bringing this article back up in late December….believe it!!!!!

  9. “Either that, or they just hate the Earth, and decided to unnecessarily kill a bunch of trees for tickets that will never be used.”

    Everything’s bigger in Texas. Even the landfills.

  10. The Cowboys’ sending out playoff tickets is akin to White House hopefuls taking bids on drapes for the Oval Office two years before the election.

  11. This is just smart business. Everyone knows they will be there this year.

    Injuries to Lawerence & Lee are meaningless. New coordinators on both sides of the ball will allow Garrett to finally show his strengths as a head coach, not saddled by the responsibilities of playing coordinator as well. Dez is poised to continue his march as a top 5 WR of all time. Demarco Murray will stay healthy and rush for a minimum of 1600 yards. Jason Witten will continue to be an ageless & indestructible force. Tony Romo has learned from his mistakes after watching his team miss out on the playoffs, rather than be responsible.

    Anything short of an NFC Championship game will be a huge disappointment. Fear not though, Cowboys fans. I put the chances of falling short of that at 1%.

  12. joetoronto says:
    Aug 1, 2014 12:11 PM
    The Cowboys have become completely pathetic, thanks to Jerrah.
    Almost as pathetic as Toronto’s…baseball team? Hockey team?

    Please, if you live in Canada, refrain from making comments about America’s team. You shouldn’t even have permission to watch the perfection that they are. Youre CFL tainted eyes and ears could hurt them.

  13. Hopefully they came with an instruction manual to avoid them just being dropped in the trash.

    “Every year, the NFL invites certain qualifying teams to a single elimination tournament to determine the league champion. These ‘play offs’ occur following the end of the Cowboys regular season, which is why you have never seen them. Please do not discard these tickets, however, as it is theoretically possible the Cowboys may join that tournament at some point in the future.”

  14. ariani1985 says:
    Aug 1, 2014 12:23 PM
    At least Jerry is not selling fake stock yet!


    I doubt there’s a Cowboy fan, heck any football fan with more than 3 brain cells, that would be dumb enough to buy something like fake stock

  15. lets say $100k worth of tickets are sold. The playoffs are about 6 months away. He can buy a 6 month T-bill with a .05% interest rate. that means he’ll earn $50 for for every 100k in revenue he gets completely risk free. Even if he refunds the money, he keeps the interest. Now lets say he sells 100,000 seats, at $200 per seat for three games… he’ll earn $30,000 completely risk free. See why its brilliant?

  16. I’d call it “hubris”…but no one attached to that team knows what “hubris” means.

  17. And people say that the New York Jets are the clowns and ringmasters of the NFL.

    Only a certified yo-yo could pull this stunt off

  18. The NFL had trouble selling out THREE playoff games on wildcard weekend last season. This eliminates that problem for the Cowboys. Make sure you thank Jerry Jones when your team does this as well, because it’s going to happen.

  19. Keep laughing without knowing anything about the reason for doing it you mongoids

    “’s story said the Cowboys are the first team in major pro sports to send playoff tickets before the season starts, but quotes NFL senior vice president of club business development Brian Lafemina as saying he expects more teams to do it in the future. reports that the league has a new policy that teams can only charge fans for tickets after a certain game is clinched, so Cowboys fans won’t have to pony up now. But having the tickets in hand, if needed, makes it all a little more convenient. This isn’t really about Jones showing some remarkable hubris that the Cowboys will make the playoffs. It’s more about seeing a trend in ticket sales and being ahead of it, which is probably smart.”

  20. Its too bad that these tickets won’t even be useful as clothing for poor kids in Africa, like they do with incorrectly and prematurely printed apparel for other sports championships.

  21. This is marketing gold! If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs (and their defense is so atrocious I had to struggle to not use a profanity in describing it), those tickets will be highly valuable on E-Bay to the legions of Cowboy haters, mounted, framed under glass with double-matting in the haters’ favorite teams colors.

    For example, a Redskin hater’s would be double matted with wine and gold. An Eagle hater’s would go under Teal and Gray. How awesome it would be to have the Cowboys’ arrogance having blown up in their face (again) — hanging on the wall of your sports den or man cave.

  22. What a waste…. ink is expensive these days, why waste it? Could have used it to print off another ridiculous 10 year contract instead.

  23. Ummm, did anybody actually read the article? If you did, then maybe you read the part where this is going to become common place with ALL teams in the NFL. The bar codes on the tickets aren’t going to be activated unless the team makes the playoffs. Read before you comment, you just look foolish speaking about something you don’t know, or just hate the team in general. And what is this with calling them the Cowgirls? Are you in third grade?

  24. Pretty funny reading through some of the comments. This was a procedural move meant to reduce friction between the season ticket holders and the team in cases where a team doesn’t know their playoff fate until the week before the game. Now, rather than having to rush to print out and pay to mail the tickets, the fans already have the tickets in the event of a playoff berth.

    But, any chance to troll about the Cowboys, right?

  25. To everybody saying the Cowboys are charging season tickets holders for playoff games, need to realize that teams cannot charge for playoff tickets until that team clinch a playoff berth so only if the Cowboys clinch the playoffs(which the won’t) will the fans be charged for the tickets. So an other words they are still only being charged for preseason and regular season tickets, not playoffs.

  26. ariani1985 says:
    Aug 1, 2014 12:23 PM
    At least Jerry is not selling fake stock yet!
    every comments section has this clown yapping about the packers… talk about obsessed, then again – his pathetic vikings are renting a college stadium while their billionaire owner has the state tax their dumb fans for nearly a billion dollars.

    A $250 “worthless” piece of paper ensures we won’t ever have to watch a game in a college stadium – or have our team threatening to leave…like the lakers.

  27. I wish people would do a little research before they post a story like this. The tickets are just paper until the Cowboys clinch the playoffs. Then they can be activated online AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED AT THAT TIME. It saves time during the holiday rush of sending our tickets during the mailing nightmare of that time

    I guarantee most if not all teams will be doing the same thing this time next year. Dallas is, once again, ahead of the rest of the league.

  28. Yeah where are all the people who said they would be back here in December??????
    Typical. I doubt we will see them after Dallas makes it into the NFC Championship.

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