Jed York on Harbaugh talks: “There’s not some crazy divide”


The 49ers have pulled the plug on any further contract talks for coach Jim Harbaugh.

But 49ers owner Jed York told Matt Maiocco of that money’s not the sticking point in the now-tabled negotiation.

There’s not some crazy divide of where we are,” York said. “When we talked about a deal, Jim very clearly said, ‘I don’t want to do a deal too early because as a leader of the team, I don’t want to set that precedent.’

“When we talked about the contract we offered, it wasn’t Jim demanding to be the highest-paid coach. It was him saying, ‘I don’t think now is the right time because it sets the wrong precedent.'”

Harbaugh’s in the fourth year of a five-year, $25 million contract,

York said that Harbaugh wanted to “circle a date on the calendar a week or so after the season is over and we’ll talk about it at that point.”

York was adamant he wanted to keep Harbaugh in place.

“We want Jim to be our head coach,” York said. “I don’t know what else we can say to dispel any of those rumors. We’d like Jim to be our head coach.

“Instead of dealing with this [contract’ and making it a distraction in a year in which we feel very good about our football team, we’re focusing on getting better every single day. We want to make it very clear there’s no disconnection here. We’re on the exact same page, and we’re going to sit down and talk about his contract at the end of the year.”

Given the discussions with the Browns this offseason, that turns this season into a huge leverage play for one side or the other, and pushing the contract talks to the corner doesn’t mean the drama will go away.

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  1. I’m not sure why no one can take these guys at their word. Why does it have to be solely about money? The parameters are substantially set, and what happens this season shouldn’t change them too much. After 15 years or whatever as a top notch coach, would Harbaugh suddenly become expendable based on the upcoming season? If the team wins one extra game this year, does that make him a better coach than he is now?

    I’m inclined to believe the reason given simply because it seems the most logical and reasonable.

  2. Jim will be back. It’s funny when people get on here and say “oh, it’s over for the Whiners.” Children, please. Look how he turned that team around. The man will get paid. The Niners will be a force for many years to come so get used to it. And before the Seahawks fans start their annoying trolls…Seattle Seahawks fanbase; Established: 2011.

  3. all I will say about the Seahawks is… Skittles whined about money and held out and they paid him.. seriously what kind of message is that.. Glad the Niners are sticking to there guns seeing who wants to be there and rewarding those individuals..

  4. ^^ I actually enjoy the true Seattle fans…the ones that pulled for the team back in their AFC days and are quite knowledgeable about their history. But these bandwagon ones, well they can be quite annoying.

  5. It’s clear by now that management thinks THEY are the reason for the Niner’s turnaround from years past. Like him or not, Harbaugh is one of the very top coaches in the league, and they will have a definite dropoff when they let him walk.

    This will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in 49er history.

  6. Seattle Seahawks fanbase: Est. 2011

    “Little Brother” syndrome is a sweeping epidemic in the Pacific Northwest. Lets help in this terrible affliction. Donate now. *cue Sarah McLachlan music*

    The proprietor of the PFT website is a Seahawks fan.

  7. If Philbin fails this year I foresee the the Dolphins making a serious push for a trade next off season.

  8. There is no incentive for Harbaugh to re-sign now. There’s been a bit of friction with management. Maybe not enough to drive him away, but by not signing now he buys himself another full season to see if things settle down. And if there’s still more friction than he likes, he’ll be the hottest commodity on the market in line to make the same amount if not more as what the Niners will pay him. Savvy move on his part.

  9. Everyone saying the Dolphins as his next landing spot is a crazy idea must not be paying attention. Your team almost traded him to the Browns for Christ sake, and he was apparently willing to do it. Now take the Dolphins, who offered him $8 mil a year before he ever coached a down in the NFL who no longer have the obstacle (Jeff Ireland) that prevented him from taking that job before in the way. In addition, I’m sure Stephen Ross wouldn’t mind him bringing along his buddy, Lombardi, who seemed to not only be at the center of the Browns deal but also was who he wanted hired as GM when he first went to San Francisco. Couple that with the 49er window on the verge of closing since Baalke hasn’t drafted as well as he should have in the last few years along with magement’s arrogance that they are more responsible for why this team is winning over Harbaugh, it’s the logical fit. Also, the Dolphins have more than enough to be instant contenders in the weaker AFC these days with competent coaching from a borderline great defense to weapons on offense that need to be harnessed.

  10. Not all Seahawk fans have just jumped on the bandwagon. I had season tickets for years in the nose bleed section of the Kingdome. Every team in the NFL who has a good season has fans climbing on the bandwagon. Even the perfect and flawless Niners.

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