Jim Haslett not thrilled by referee’s suggestion that defense needs to be coached differently


Veteran referee Ed Hochuli said this week that there will be a closer emphasis on defensive holding and illegal contact penalties this season, something that he predicted would lead to a lot of flags in the early part of the season.

Officials are visiting camps around the league to provide some instruction about how the rules will be applied. Referee Terry McAuley has been at Redskins camp this week and told a reporter that coaches are going to have to change the way they teach their players to play in pass coverage if they want to avoid flags, which he threw several of during the team’s practices. That suggestion didn’t sit well with Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

“You know what I would tell the official? I would tell him that he needs to worry about officiating and we’ll coach the team,” Haslett said, via CSNWashington.com. “He needs to worry about calling interference because he called about four or five yesterday where there was nothing. So tell him to worry about his job, we’ll worry about our job.”

While one can certainly understand Haslett’s distaste for someone telling him how to do his job, especially when the rules regarding holding and illegal contact are already on the books. We also imagine this won’t be the last complaint from a defensive coach about the officials throwing flags for what might be borderline calls so that they are in line with the league’s edict on emphasizing those calls.

Given the recent trends in football, those complaints will likely fall on deaf ears while passing offenses continue to put up bigger and bigger numbers.

48 responses to “Jim Haslett not thrilled by referee’s suggestion that defense needs to be coached differently

  1. Hard to believe Haslett still coaches in the NFL. And I’m sure he made plenty of friends with the officials with his comments. What a dummy.

  2. He may be a ‘dummy’ but he’s a 100% correct ‘dummy’… this is another in a long string of changes in making the game passive.

    All the fans are going to be real pissed when the refs ruin the games with phantom and minimal PI and D-Holding calls that effect the outcome of a game. Those that think this is a issue for just one or two teams don’t watch the games.

    The NFL needs to study NASCAR as to why the stands are empty and the fans are walking away from what used to be a great sport. Rules, Rules, Rules…


  3. Coaches have been complaining about officials ever since football was invented. Haslett’s comments were pretty mild in comparison to others I have read, and shouldn’t result in any retribution from the zebras (with the possible exception of McAuley himself).

  4. My worry about this new “emphasis” is that we’re going to be seeing too many touch fouls… no more incidental contact, stuff like that. This could lead to an excruciating year of watching football. I hope not, but I’m concerned about it.

  5. I hope they call it both ways, it seems like there were an awful lot of ‘push offs’ by the receivers last year.

  6. Then don’t change the way you coach. You’ve been warned they’re going to call interference and holding, so if your players continue to do it, it’s your fault.

  7. This season is going to suck.

    Every incomplete pass will be met with a wide receiver having a “Derp derp poor me I was held” mentality and endless whining for a flag. Key defensive stops will be cancelled out during the most intense moments of the game. Imagine you’re the home team fan who paid $400 plus to watch your team lose at the end of the game over a phantom penalty.

    There will be more flopping than the NBA and FIFA combined…

  8. Well,
    He’s gone and done it now. Roger and his stooges will be flagging the Redskins early and often this entire season. Redskins are officially done for this season.

  9. Why bother having a defense? Just let the QB and receivers run routes and give them points based on how they hit “benchmarks” or something.

    The game I (used to) love is being stripped away piece by piece. I am probably one of the few fans left that loves the run game and defense – smash-mouth football!!!

    The new breed of fan (Fantasy fan) wants to see points and passes. I want to see men shed tackles and smash a RB or get stood up. I want receivers to be scared of running across the middle and QB’s wary of throwing the ball to high in the air for fear their receiver may get his clock cleaned. I want to see ball separated from ball carrier with bone jarring hits. I want to hear the pop of the pads on big hits and I want to see QB’s get SACKED in the pocket!!

    I am an anachronism a dinosaur of an old game that was played fairly on both sides of the ball.

    Today, they just want to ensure Peyton, Brady, and Brees play for another 10 years and they can continue to milk them for marketing as long as possible.

    I hate Goodel and this new league geared for pocket passers only.

  10. The DB’s that they should watch for illegal contact and holding are the seahawks. Focus on Richard Sherman and illegal contact he has done

  11. Big old target on the Redskins D-line with Haslet’s comments…as if the Commissioner’s office didn’t have enough reason to flag the Redskins…

  12. not only making the game passive, but am i the only one that doesn’t enjoy 80 points being scored in a game?

  13. I predict this will be the year I quit watching the NFL because I can’t handle all of the defensive flags.

    It would be more tolerable if it was a 5 or 10 yard penalty rather than a spot foul.

  14. I love that response. If the official would just make the correct call, there wouldn’t be a problem. How many times do we have to see pass interference called when the replay shows there was no contact?

  15. The whole notion of ’emphasis’ as it relates to the enforcement of rules is a joke made to excuse bias. There are too many rules and penalties and wasted time as it is. Now we get flags every time an offensive player is touched or even a mean word is said. What is next?

    Goodell is ruining football.

  16. Oh no, the anti-Goodell booger eaters are climbing out of mom’s basement again.

    Goodell has absolutely nothing to with NFL field rules. You can thank the Competition Committee for this stuff.

  17. “We’re going to enforce a rule that’s been in the rulebook since the late 60’s more because we were garbage at our jobs last year and didn’t enforce it at all. Defensive coaches should change what they do because we’re incompetent and will be overcorrecting.”

    “Maybe you should do your ****ing job right to begin with instead of trying to tell other people how to do their jobs.”

    And something is wrong with this because….?

  18. I still like him as a D-Coordinator, we’ve just not had the talent all around to showcase his skills as a coach. This move by the NFL is all about money, more people tune in to watch this pass happy league.

  19. So, let me get this straight. The Seattle Seahawks give the greatest offense in NFL history a five touchdown beat down by playing a clean defense with all the rules against them. If I recall correctly there were a total of three penalties (out of 10) on defensive backs. One on Thurmond and two on Maxwell.

    Then the rest of the league drafts a record 53 defensive backs in the with a record 8 in the first round. Additionally, the Broncos and Saints spend about $50 Million to sign the biggest, strongest, and fastest defensive backs they can find in free agency. The Saints are even going to a three Safety defense (!).

    And now the league wants to handcuff them?

    It seems to me that a lot of money has been invested moving upstream against this kind of litigation.

  20. Twice in this Century, the NFL has made statements that the following year there would be an emphasis on defensive backs in regards to their holding and illegal contact. First time Payton and the Colts lost to the Pats in the playoffs and on several other occasions. The second time is the present, after they got stomped in the last Super Bowl by the Seahawks, both times the defense was a physical one that disrupts Mannings timing.

  21. In the not-too distant future, I predict we will hear the following announced during the game.

    “Rude Looking. Number 29 Defense. The defender scowled at the opposing team for longer than five seconds. Not very nice. That will be a ten yard penalty … and a bro hug. Second down.”

    The New NFL. Brought to you by the Oxygen Network.

  22. Well… You’ve got Sherman holding the jersey halfway down the field. They’ve been coached that it won’t be called every time.
    If they call it every time, Sherman suddenly doesn’t look so good.
    Then you’ll get fans that talk about the ‘old days’ when they let ’em play. In the old days, cornerbacks would lay a hit on a guy. These days they leave the field clean.
    Let’s see big mouth Sherman do the big hit thing…

  23. Harveyredman I agree 100% might as well make seven on seven started with the qb rules, how about if you don’t want your qb killed run the ball don’t throw every down, 16 year sunday ticket could be my last watering down the league with crap rules

  24. I don’t hate Goodell but I understand he is ruining the pro game in more ways than new rules. Look at the new owners he has allowed in Cleveland and Miami. Look at his penalties for using pot compared to beating a woman. Compare the leagues rules on tackling since he became commissioner. Look at the endless reviews of plays durning games. How’s his partnership with the unions affecting the game. What’s his salary and perks. Goodby golden goose.

  25. The Washington Redskins defense coach is not only lacking in system but has a big mouth which the refs have noted.

  26. So no Man Coverage this year?

    Okay – fine… now the DBs have to drop back in zone coverage, that’s what’s good for the game… guys sitting back there, waiting for a receivers to run near ’em – so they can light ’em up – oh wait, the DBs aren’t allowed to light up receivers either unless they hit extremely low …

    which only injured Randall Cobb, Gronk, and Dustin Keller last year…

    By the way, the NFL is about player safety, enjoy the torn knees and broken legs this year.

  27. Thank the hawk dbacks for flaunting the fact that they hold and interfere without fear of reprisal from the officials because “they cant throw a flag on every play”. Yea thanks for broadcasting that so the officials HAD to respond. Loudmouths, now what?

  28. Totally agree, needs to be some defense in a game not meant to be 98-87 scores.

  29. Just envision Dez and all the prima donnas protesting in pain of all the contact! Imagine all the times big bodied WR’s run into DB’s 60 lbs lighter and demand a call. Oh the many LeFlops! Someone please?? HOLD ME!!!

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