Jones-Drew finds it “hilarious” that people think he’s getting old


Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew is 29 years old and coming off a 2013 season in which he had a career-low 3.4 yards a carry and never looked like he was all the way back to full speed after a foot injury cut short his 2012 season. But he insists that he’s not getting old.

In fact, Jones-Drew thinks it’s “hilarious” that some people don’t think he has what it takes to carry the load in the Raiders’ offense.

“I know what I have left,” Jones-Drew told the San Jose Mercury-News. “I know the work I put in this offseason to get to where I need to get to be able to play at a high level. I stopped worrying about what people were saying.”

Jones-Drew is competing with Darren McFadden for the starting job in Oakland. Although McFadden is only 26, he appears to be slowing down just as much as Jones-Drew: McFadden has been plagued by injuries and averaged just 3.3 yards a carry in each of the last two seasons.

The Raiders need one of those running backs to get back to full speed. If both of them are up to speed, Oakland may have one of the better 1-2 punches in the backfield. But given their recent performances, fans can be forgiven if they think the thought of the Raiders having a great offense is hilarious.

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  1. everyone gets old and older….
    MJD, sorry bro, it’s a fact of life!
    hope you have a good season though!
    I’d rather be in Oaktown than Jax, I’m sure you feel the same Jones drew!

  2. These sorts of arguments are always affected by the perception of the team they play for. Tom Brady made it to the AFC championship game last season despite having nobody to throw to, and people say he’s washed up because he should be in the SB every year I guess. Ben Roethelisberger hasn’t had a winning season in years but people say he deserves $20 million a year because he’s on the Steelers.

  3. If MJD does have something left and Schaub can manage games effectively, I see no reason the Raiders can’t go 10-6 or even 11-5. The defense will be top 15. It would be nice to see Oakland have some success

  4. MJD is still a capable back, but at this point, Oakland would have been better off retaining Rashad Jennings, MJD’s former backup. Jennings had career highs last year in rushing and receptions, and has also played 4 fewer years of football than Jones Drew, meaning his body is more well preserved, even if they’re both 29 years old. Hence, Jennings is a clear cut starter for another team while MJD is struggling to emerge ahead of DMC

  5. Will always be a Jag and one of my favorite players of all time but dude looked really slow last year. And it was hard for him to bounce off tackles like he used to with that giant fork sticking out of his back.

  6. I’m actually pretty shocked to hear mjd is only 29 and McFadden is 26. They both seem really old to me….glad neither of them is on my team.

  7. Dude was top 3 in the league before he got hurt. If the injury bug ain’t stuck on him he’ll be right back in the top 3. Guy is a freak of nature physically. Just remember, he was Jacksonvilles whole offense for years, with guys stacked in the box to stop him. He had one decent lineman too. Dont sleep on him, or for that matter DMC if he can stay healthy too. MJD and DMC could be a tandem this yr. Shaub not so much, dudes a monster bum. Super duper MONSTER BUM. They’ll be lucky to win 5 games as usual.

  8. Last year could have have been an anomoly as elite RBs are usually still at their peak at 29. However, from 29 on the top RBs seem to drop around 10% production per year and just completely fall off by 33 or so.

    He might have 2 more good years.

  9. and we the people think it’s hilarious you think it’s hilarious that you’re not getting old Maurice.

  10. Being an RB in the NFL is like being a member of Menudo. Right when you figure out all the dance moves you’re over the hill.

  11. If MJD cannot be productive then it’ll be due to physical limitations because I’m sure the effort will be there. On the other hand, McFadden has proven that he is a slug, pure and simple and under no circumstances can he be depended upon.

    So I’m hoping for the sake of the offense that MJD can rebound. I also wish we had kept Jennings.

  12. So…. If someone on camera walked up to him and said, “you’re old” he’d start belly laughing? MJD is washed up AND old… I wonder if he’d laugh at that too lol.

  13. I don’t know about you all but I’m giving the thumbs down to the steelers fan with a paragraph for a log in every time no matter what he posts just on G.P.

  14. If the Raiders passing game comes along and the OL holds up, the running backs could perform well. The last couple of years we were missing a QB and the OL missing parts. I’m sure there’s some deal being worked out with the Elmer’s glue factory.

  15. Then be as good as you use to be. On another note, how awful must it have been to go from the Jags to the Raiders. If you hit the Browns next year, you’ll hit the worst teams in the league trifecta.

  16. 3.4 ypc says a lot, even with the terrible OL the Jags have.

    But he’ll start in Oakland, even the most delusional Raiders fans gave up on McFadden (“he’ll be an elite back if healthy” was something I was tired to hear).

  17. I still dont get why they let Rashad Jennings go. I can say without a doubt he wasnt just looking good because everything else was bad on the 2013 Raiders offense.

    He was very impressive. He ran with a lot of power, consistently moving piles and braking tackles. Always seemed to finish runs foward rather then getting bounced back at the LOS like McFadden. He also broke free for long gainers and displayed brakeaway speed you never imagined he could have. He caught the ball and protected the QB well enough.

    Im not sure what the heck he could have done better. This and the loss of Jared Veldheer who should have received the franchise tag are the main reasons I have reservations about Reggie Mackenzie.

  18. MJD will be fine. He was a bad fit going forward in JAX because of his $4.5M salary and an expectation that he couldn’t play in JAX for less.

    He came off a poorly managed Lisfranc injury the year after winning the Rushing Title on a 3-13, Gabbert QB’d team. He was heavy at the beginning of last year and really didn’t get loose again until after about weeks 8-10.

    He’s back at weight and in his hometown playing for the team he grew up loving. This guy ain’t done. He’s going to run through those swiss cheese defenses in the West and catch 50+ balls from Schaub.

    Take him in fantasy and stash him or play him at flex. It won’t take long for everyone to remember who MJD is.

  19. Did DMC ever really get it going? I know he showed flashes but to me it always seems like he was just not quite where we all thought he would be….
    I honestly do not know but I feel like he never really lived up to the hype that I assumed he would dominate…

  20. He may not have been at full strength last year but the guy started 15 games and had over 1,100 all purpose yards. I think he can still be an effective player.

  21. I’m not expecting MJD to rush for 1000 yards but hes a good 1-2 with McFadden. And i agree, the second a veteran player has a down year or two people think theyre over.

    When Kurt Warner went to the Giants and was poor people said he was ‘over’. When Jerry Rice left the Niners they said he was ‘over’. Even Emmitt Smith rushed for over 900 yards his final season in Arizona (not a great rushing average but still better than other RB’s that year).

    I hope MJD does bounce back with a decent year

  22. MJD is the same age as Adrian Peterson with 229 fewer career carries.
    He is only 9 months and 250 carries older than Matt Forte.

    Perception determines reality.

  23. I always think of the Seahawks’ Shaun Alexander. The guy tore up the league for a couple of years, there was nobody better. Then it was just…..over.

  24. welcome to being a Raider….where you will always be just need to accept the jealousy of others, and how they express it through their hate…just ask Carson Palmer….he to was “garbage, washed up, old, etc… he is the best thing since sliced bread in AZ……

    Hate on Haters……

    Go Raiders!!! GO MJD!!! GO DMC!!!

  25. He is getting older . Life is sad that . Anyhow hopefully our patchwork line will keep is attitude high . Go Raiders !

  26. I with msc4realeagles. He’s looked 15 lbs too heavy since his holdout, and for a that’s around 5′ 7″ and really relies on quickness that’s a problem and I think has accelerated his decline.

    Ray Rice should take note…I think he had the same problem last year.

  27. He won’t think it’s so hilarious when he doesn’t have a job because he’s too old, slow, and delusional. Running backs are rarely, if ever, able to keep their skills after their late twenties. Unfortunately, most of them believe they’re as good as they ever were–and they’re not. MJD is going to learn that the hard way, I think.

  28. the only players who seem like they can run into their 30’s as the #1 are the pure freaks of nature. AP, JC(both came back from an ACL arguably faster and did it so quick in return time that it set an unrealistic precedent that led to a lot of failure elsewhere) and Shady McCoy.

  29. 700levelvet says: Aug 1, 2014 10:44 AM

    Most fans find it hilarious your a Raid..Duh
    Nobody with an IQ over 70 thinks Raid..Duh has any comedic value. Jones-Drew is getting old for sure, but is still younger than that.

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