Josh Gordon’s hearing with the NFL will continue Monday


Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s hearing with the NFL is going to overtime.

A league source tells PFT that Gordon’s hearing in New York went from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will continue Monday.

Gordon’s potential year-long suspension for his latest violation of the substance abuse policy hangs in the balance, and going into the process, there was a “slight chance” of a settlement  which might mean something shorter than a one-year ban from the league.

The difference between the A and B samples in Gordon’s test for marijuana created a chance for the Chewbacca defense to prevail, and the fact today’s hearing went so long only furthers that perception.

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  1. Or maybe in light of their recent failures the league is trying to save face and appear “open minded.”

    Roger was in Canton for a press conference. Josh plays in Cleveland. Josh flew to New York to meet with the league and now has to wait until Monday to speak to the Führer. Couldn’t they have talked in Ohio?

  2. “A league source tells PFT that Gordon’s hearing in New York went from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will continue Monday.”

    There was an extended break at 4:20.

  3. Even if he did do it, he’s learned his lesson. It won’t happen again. Let him play.

  4. It may not be right, but the process is the process. (And it should be legal anyway)

    And dont give us the second hand smoke crap – thats damn near impossible to test any kind of positive for weed just off 2nd hand smoke.

  5. The NFL needs to do the right thing…

    (1) They should reach a 4 game settlement. Because…

    (2) They need to stop banning people for smoking a joint – especially considering the alcohol related incidents occurring around the league on a regular basis. A positive marijuana test should invoke a punishment similar to DUI. Personal conduct, not performance enhancing drugs.

  6. One player tests 16 nanograms per milliliter and gets 16 games. The other player delivers one knockout punch to the face of a woman and gets only 2 games. Since when did Roger Goodell institute Sharia law in the NFL?

  7. If he beats a woman unconscious between now and Monday maybe his suspension can be reduced to something close to the 2 games Rice got.

  8. CBA has clear rules on drug use. Direct your tears to the NFL Players Union for being…well…a terrible union. Suspend him.

    Wah Wah Ray Rice waaaaaaah

  9. he shouldn’t be looking for a settlement. the fact that a positive test can be triggered by second-hand smoke because the threshold is so low -coupled with the average THC levels of his 2 blood samples being below that threshold – should be enough to have the whole thing dropped. period.

  10. His year long suspension will be amended, BOOK IT! The entire point of having 2 samples(A&B) is that if there is any question of the validity of a “failed” test, it can be “re-tested/re-confirmed” by the other sample. In this case a “marginal failure” was coupled with a “passing test”. This by all accounts should fall under the “reasonable doubt” that should at the very least reduce his suspension! I for one think he shouldn’t be suspended at all unless its an absolute certainty!!! A NFL player only has but so many years to make “life time” money, its an absolute travesty that a man could lose a small fortune due to an inconclusive test! JM2C

  11. When Israel was in Egypt Land
    Let Josh Gordon go
    Oppressed so hard he could not stand
    Let Josh Gordon go

  12. 9 1/2 hours and no conclusion?

    Rather than “…tear them a new one”, it sounds like Chinese water torture is being used.

    Let’s hear it for Gordon’s lawyers and hope he makes it through the weekend.

  13. Dear Roger,
    Your 2 game suspension of Ray Rice was shameful. Are you prepared to treat a pot smoker more severely than a woman beater? I’ve heard your spiel, but even you have to see the hypocrisy in the rules.

  14. He should not be suspended, not because I agree with his second-hand smoke defense (I’m sure not many people are buying that one), but because of the random chance involved in the positive result. Assuming that the information released is true, if they tested bottle B first, it would have been negative. It wouldn’t be right to suspend him for a year based on a 50/50 chance. I don’t agree with the league’s rule on Marijuana or the length of suspensions for violating it, but it was part of the CBA that the players agreed to, so I understand the need to enforce it, but when it comes to pure chance as it did in this situation, there should be no punishment involved.

  15. While Ray gets 2 games for getting the snot kicked out of his woman, Josh is facing a yr for just a little pot.. Come on now…

  16. 9.5 hours of discussion… that’s the length of 3 full NFL games with the usual on slot of brain devouring commercials. Big business, lawyers, deliberation, multi-million $ contracts, bla bla bla.
    I miss FOOTBALL. I dislike “As the Football turns”. (Soap opera reference for those of you under 40, for those of you under 30, Google it)
    NFL, you’re losing me,
    Can’t wait to watch a good Friday night high school game!

  17. If Ray Rice can bring his wife in on his behalf and have his suspension reduced Gordon should be able to do the same. “Mary Jane” should be able to beg, plead and cry about how she was mostly to blame for the failed test (s). Actually, if Josh said he has a talking marijuana plant that may look worse so never mind. Love the South Park reference though.

  18. So they took 9 1/2 hours today and need more time to discuss it on monday!? GEEZ! Some murder trials aren’t that long!

    But you gotta believe that the longer it takes the better it is for Gordon.

  19. Goodell will try and drag this out to put as many news cycles between Rice’s punishment and Gordon’s.

    Not good news for Gordon IMHO.

  20. I’d MUCH rather have Ray Rice on God’s Team, the New York Jets., than Trash Gordon anyday!


  21. When the dumb Ravens trade away the second best RB of all time (behind CJ2K), we will start a dynasty where we will win at least 8 SBs by 2025! Rex Ryan is a mastermind! Also, we have his on our side! I could not ask for a better team!


  22. There are two legitimate defenses at play here. First, the second hand smoke defense is employed so that Goodell can’t suspend him based on conduct (like Ray Rice).

    BTW, pessimists, the reason second-hand smoke defenses are usually ridiculous is the testing thresholds are usually 50 or 100 ng/ml; the NFL’s an absurd 16 ng/ml. Some would argue it is designed to catch second-hand smoke.

    The real meat of his argument is that the application of the testing procedure in this case leads to an arbitrary enforcement. If there is no rational way to distinguish between A and B samples, no self respecting hearing officer will suspend him for a year based on an arbitrary decision of another–even if testing was done in compliance with the CBA. This is what we call an absurd result. Lawyers who draft these things are not perfect, and contracts, statutes, etc. are routinely modified by judges when application of plain language leads to absurdity. If Gordon’s hearing officer is independent and especially if he is a lawyer, this will be dismissed.

    If Gordon loses this, the presence of the CBA curtails his rights in court, but this arbitrary enforcement defense is the kind of thing that can get you in court. In court, where judges understand these concepts, Gordon would have a strong case.

    I predict, knowing he is beat, Goodell wants to meet with Gordon and persuade him to take a game. It will be less than Rice and will save face for both of them.

  23. 1. Per NFL, players would receiver significantly diminished punishment if not zero punishment for marijuana related infractions if they would have agreed to HGH testing in the new CBA. They didn’t.
    2. I smoke several times a week. I also make $25k a year. How hard is it to understand these guys are being held to higher standards?
    3. Josh Gordon was busted twice at Baylor, once before he even played a down after transferring to Utah, once before he played a down in the NFL, once last year, again this year, and then gets a DWI after the rumors come down of a potential year-long suspension.

    This has nothing to do with marijuana itself, it has to do with being a constant repeat offender to the NFL’s conduct policies. Sorry you morons have smoked away all of your brain cells to comprehend this.

  24. I honestly don’t understand how people can say things like, “I think Josh Gordon is sincere.”

    This is the guy who went out and got a DUI when he knew that hed have this appeal coming up he had to deal with. Stop being lemmings. The guy is an idiot and guilty as sin. You don’t take away his punishment because Mrs. Rice realized she shouldn’t have attacked her husband.


    *head explodes from fake liberal outrage*

  25. If anyone in Cleveland is looking to score some weed, just look for the camouflage-painted porsche that is doing 120 mph in a 35mph zone. It will be Mr.Gordon. He’ll be there in a Flash. Scumbag.

  26. What could take another day for the NFL suspending Gordon with all his past and continued trouble when waiting to hear his punishment. The last thing anyone wants to hear is the word SINCERE associated with Gordon.

  27. something was clearly wrong with the testing procedure if there was that big of a discrepancy between the 2 samples. for that alone he should not be held to that test especially after 70 tests were good to go.

    21 percent difference between tests. something is fishy w test results.

  28. if the NFL wasnt in the wrong it would have been a short meeting. The NFL is clearly wrong and they are trying to dig in their heels to defend their indefensible position.

    you know Goodell is going to be PO’d if they have to let Gordon off the hook

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