Senators urge Goodell to reconsider Ray Rice punishment

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Aside from a vocal band of Ravens employees and fans, most of the world thinks Ray Rice got off easy with a two-game suspension for knocking his wife unconscious.

Now, the politicians have joined the chorus.

According to the Huffington Post, a group of U.S. Senators sent a letter to NFL commisioner Roger Goodell asking for a tougher punishment.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin (all Democrats, such that it matters) sent letters to Goodell and Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome asking for more scrutiny of domestic violence.

“The decision to suspend Mr. Rice for a mere two games sends the inescapable message that the NFL does not take domestic or intimate-partner violence with the seriousness they deserve,” the letter read. “Mr. Rice’s suspension reflects a disturbingly lenient, even cavalier attitude towards violence against women,” the senators continued. “We therefore urge you to take two steps immediately. First, reconsider and revise Mr. Rice’s suspension to more adequately reflect the seriousness of his offense. We are also writing to the Baltimore Ravens to request that they impose additional discipline under their own authority, but it is imperative that the NFL itself makes clear that this conduct is truly unacceptable.”

At some point, Goodell is going to have to stop sending out his lieutenants to explain the unpopular decision, and having lawmakers lending weight to the criticism should reinforce how poorly the league has handled this one.

121 responses to “Senators urge Goodell to reconsider Ray Rice punishment

  1. Whether you agree or disagree with the NFL’s decision, Senators should have much more important issues than worrying about an NFL player and the leagues stance on his behavior.

  2. obviously our country is running like a finely tuned machine if these 3 senators have time to comment on this issue. also, don’t senators make laws? and the law has already ruled on this issue. wouldn’t they be better off and more aligned with their profession to make the laws more strict, and not write letters requesting more punishment from a private organization?

    no wonder no one has faith in congress anymore…

  3. Senators are asking the NFL for a tougher punishment?

    I fail to see why they couldn’t point this attention to the judicial system and punish him “more” that way if they’re feeling so sentimental about it.

    Somewhere, someone has to find a sense of irony with this.

  4. Congress sure has alot of time on it’s hands with all the letter writing campaigns they’ve been sending to the NFL lately.

    It would be nice if they were this united on fixing the country.

  5. Politicians usually are full of hot air, but this time they are spot on. Goodell needs to pull his head out. As for the Ravens well they have no class, surprised they didn’t throw a parade for ol Ray Rice. Maybe even a video game lampooning his elevator attack

  6. the guy is losing more than a million dollars. for something that we haven’t even seen evidence of actually happening.

    maybe these senators should do what they are paid to do…

  7. The Ravens FO, their fans and the league are out of touch with reality and the nation.

    I approve this message.

  8. So, if you take a toke you get a 4 game suspension but beat your wife and you get a 2 game suspension. That’s fair or justice ??


  10. So they complain when an abuser isn’t suspended long enough but they don’t do anything to stop him from buying a firearm. Glad to see they have their priorities straight.

  11. what is adequate punishment from NFL ??

    I can only assume this was a argument between a couple that got out of control and thing happened
    if it was you and was caught on camera how would your employer view this ?
    again I’m assuming Mr rice has been thru a treatment program and counseling since this has happened in a proactive move to better himself and the marriage and family. before being handed a 2 game suspension.
    please ask your self what would be the appropriate discipline for this off the field action.
    Mr Goodell cannot catch a break whatever he does.
    I believe the courts should have this in there laps not the commish.
    politicians are the biggest bandwagon jumpers there are, quick for the popular vote. pay attention the job you were hired for,

  12. If senators have enough time to make a statement about Ray Rice, then they clearly have plenty of time to talk about how to solve our government related issues and other important things…Just stay out of football, senators, please.

  13. As much as I disagree with the suspension and as much as I hate the Ravens, I do feel that even though Rice made a serious mistake, he is genuinely a good person and shouldn’t be persecuted as much as he has. Maybe that is the evil genius of what Goodell has done. Give him a ridiculously small suspension so the public rips him apart. If he was suspended for 6 or 8 games, the public outcry would not be anywhere close to what it is now.

  14. Yanno … Politicians are scum… Trying to cash in…Just ask any man, who looks at his daughter like the beautiful most wonderful thing he will ever lay eyes on. . And ask him what he would do to someone who raised a hand to her … Rice would have been in a casket.. The next day

  15. There is no way to overstate the way in which the NFL and Ray Rice is the purview of Congress. Didn’t they just have to postpone their little vacation because they can’t get their act together on the things they really need to worry about?

  16. I love that Senators have time for this but no time for doing anything productive in running this country.

    The fact that they left town without passing immigration legislation when we have a crisis going on is unacceptable.

    Tea Party members think they are doing this country good with their no compromise attitude, but that’s how things happen…. compromise. It’s stupid and irresponsible the way these guys have hijacked our legislative system.

    [Gets down off soapbox]

  17. So, they write to Goodell because he’s clearly in charge of the entire criminal justice system in this country.

    Hey Goodell, I’d like to appeal my parking ticket if that’s cool…

    If you have a problem with how Rice was punished, talk to the state of New Jersey. We shouldn’t be relying on a commissioner for a sport to dole out punishments. I’m honestly in shock that this is even a conversation that we’re having…

  18. So our lawmakers find it more worthy to demand more punishment from a person’s employer than the actual criminal justice system?

    Shaking my head!

  19. This is absurd. Rice is getting fined six figures for this as it stands. How many domestic violence perpetrators have had that kind of fine handed down to them on charges that were dropped in A US COURT OF LAW?

    It was really hard for me not to get politically motivated in this comment. I’ll just leave it at that.

  20. Are you kidding me? Ray Rice got almost no punishment from the American justice system and they are concerned about the punishment he got from the NFL. How dumb are our politicians? This is what happens when elections are bought rather than earned.

  21. Aren’t they already busy screwing up the country?

    We don’t need their help screwing up football; Goodell’s got that covered.

  22. I believe that politicians have no business in the sports arena they should be spectators only. What has this country come to with the problems we have in our own backyard. But here they sit worried about what punishment an athlete received. . Each sport has its commissioner let them do their job and you politicians should do a better job and maybe we things will be better off…

  23. I have to wonder how different the comments would be if it was three republican senators that sent the letter? Of course that would never happen because A. They don’t seem to care about women and B. They’re far too busy trying to stall the government to insure they win the next election.

    I do agree that there are bigger issues at hand, but it is absolutely ridiculous that Gordon’s gonna miss a year for dope and Rice gets 2 games for rendering a woman unconscious.

  24. i am for ray rice getting more games out..BUT don’t senators have MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to do ? the country is in a terrible mess, but our elected senators have this to worry about ?

  25. Senators should be asking the worse Congress in history, to get busy with a job bill and infrastructure legislation, instead of suing POTUS.

  26. Wow! People are idiots!!!! The woman that he had the incident against is now his wife. If they punish him more severely, it is also punishing the victim since the money being taken from him due to fines and suspensions is THEIRS, not HIS. Yes, what he did was terrible but why should the victim have to suffer? Common sense should tell anybody that but the congress and court of public opinion is too stupid to connect the dots!!!

  27. Ridiculous that senators are involved now, but, wow, did Goodell ever misplay this from a PR perspective.

  28. It will get even more interesting if senators from CO or WA start asking why Ray Rice was only suspended two games while a player is about to be kicked out of the league for a year because he showed trace amounts of a substance that is legal in their states.

    Also, whoever the idiot is that said there’s “no evidence” – he did drag her unconscious body out of the elevator and they both admitted that it was the result of a physical altercation. If that’s not enough evidence, I’m not sure what else to tell you.

  29. It’s not over, it’s an entirely new case getting started. The Ray Rice incident is separate from the NFL’s mishandling of the Ray Rice incident. Two different things, and ultimately Roger Goodell needs to be punished, not just for this, but for all of his shortcomings as Commissioner. People shouldn’t be allowed to make massive millions of dollars and get away with it if they aren’t doing a minimally decent or respectable job. He should be held to a higher standard and so should have Ray Rice, and they both now should be hit with an extra tax so that money can be slid into more deserving hands than those two for they haven’t been earning the monies they’ve been receiving.

    It does no good for the country or the economy to have criminals or incompetent people getting rich, and it’s time people started waking up and stopping it from happening!

    And yeah Congress should be worrying about a lot of things, but they suck at their jobs too, so it would be great if we could start fining all the Congressman for the lousy job they do, but presently they make the rules and they have shielded themselves from their own wrongdoings and failures to be on top of all of this nation’s problems that are continuing to go unresolved. I say fine them too and take all their money away until they go away or figure out how to be responsible themselves.

    We desperately NEED serious political leadership and change in this country, for ALL of the problems that aren’t being solved.

  30. Why do PFT posters always have to state “don’t they have better things to do with their time” whenever Congress makes a statement about something other than our gov’t?

    It’s no different than you commenting on this NFL board while being paid to do something else by your employer.

    I personally enjoy the fact that GB Jr talked about and attended baseball games, or Obama following NCAA basketball.

    Republican or Democrat, our country’s votes have been close to 50/50 anyhow. Just enjoy the fact that they other rooting interests like you and I.

  31. The NFL is like the republican party: they both hate women

    what do you expect when Dems trot out clowns like Polosi and Clinton… Not exactly shining beacons of light for women.

    but you sound rather typical for a liberal junkie. Once incident and you generalize everybody….

  32. Just stop with the “senators have more important things to worry about” stuff. If they were jumping in to defend the Redskins’ name, they’d be getting a round of applause.

  33. wait a minute. What job in the world do you know of that suspends people for domestic disputes? I am pretty sure sports is the only job out there. These senators need to stay out of sports.

  34. I say if a player is punished for X amount of games, the other teams should vote on which game(s) he has to sit out.

  35. As much as I don’t like Goodell (or the length of this hypocritical suspension), there is nothing I despise more than grandstanding politicians chiming in on “issues” for no other reason than their own political benefit. Do your job before telling others how to do theirs.

  36. No way do I think Ray Rice got the NFL Punishment he deserved, but what about the punishment he received through the judicial system… Maybe the Senators should worry more about the punishment or lack thereof he was served through the judicial system before worrying about his NFL Punishment.

  37. Goodell is in a tough spot here. Either he lengthens the suspension and is seen as “flaky” or “able to retract his word” (even though it would be justified, and that’s coming from a Ravens fan) or he sticks to his original sentencing and continues to receive the backlash that he’s getting now. I’m not one to stick up for RG, but in this case he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

  38. I find it funny how all the mouthbreathing republicans are attacking the senators even though everyone agrees that ray rice’s punishment is a joke and embarrassment.

  39. The race is on. Who can out PC who….

    BTW , have any of these people see the tape of the incident inside the elevator?

    If they have, would they please tell the rest of us what exactly happened

  40. As much as I think it’s a terrible situation, when player “a” receives x amount of time for weed and player “b” receives a lesser amount of time for something far worse; I don’t think the senate should sticking their noses in the NfL.

  41. ANOTHER FUN FACT: The prosecutor who ruled that diversionary treatment was the correct punishment for ray rice is a republican who was nominated by chris christie

    SEE: Atlantic County Prosecutor jim mcclain

  42. When will they make their demands for all the other players who have domestic abuse cases?

    In fact, when will they make the same demand (suspension of employment) for all citizens generally who have not been convicted of a crime?

  43. ..
    COME ON.
    he only punched a woman in the face and knocked her out…

    I mean what is wrong with that?
    what kind of a man hits a women?
    let alone punches her in the face?

    ah yeah that is right the kind of a man that puts Morals first, a republican.

  44. XXSWEEPTHELEGXX- We comment on here in interest as a hobby. We don’t use our powers (not that most of us have any anyway) to sway Commish Goodell’s decisions on punishments. It’d be different if they were on here posting with us. But they’re using valuable work time and sending official letters to the Commish to reconsider. This is “official work business” for them. We’re paying them to decide on matters that are much more pressing for our country. Not to send official letters to the NFL regarding a player’s punishment.

  45. Sorry U.S. Government, the NFL (National Felons League) cares more about smoking a joint than violent assaults against women. And maybe you should write the local judges that let these guys walk scott free because they’re a fan of the team and/or player. Just a thought.

  46. “I find it funny how all the mouthbreathing republicans are attacking the senators even though everyone agrees that ray rice’s punishment is a joke and embarrassment.”

    Thinking of all Republicans as “mouthbreaters” is immature. Now anyway, the issue I have with Congress getting involved is that it isn’t their business to get involved. Does this have anything to do with interstate commerce? No. I know they love to stretch the boundaries of what defines interstate commerce as it suits their agendas, but it just isn’t in play here. Obivously they can’t force the NFL to do anything, so that’s rather irrelevant anyway, but if there was some tangential connection between this specific case and Congress’ normal millieu, I could see why they’d speak up.

    So while I agree the penalty was far too lenient, it is not their place to ask the NFL and the Ravens to penalize Rice further. They should have the good sense to do that of their own volition.

  47. ravens2014 says:
    Aug 1, 2014 11:03 AM

    the guy is losing more than a million dollars. for something that we haven’t even seen evidence of actually happening.

    I’ll bet you didn’t think airplanes flew until you traveled on one.

    Denial is well and living in Baltimore.

    How about this: Let’s say Rice’s wife is your sister. Do you think she fell in the elevator and knocked herself out? Do you think Rice dragging her lifeless body out of the elevator and leaving her on the floor was OK too? He’s a strong man – why didn’t he pick your sister err his wife up and carry her somewhere she could get medical attention?

  48. Did the Congressmen send a similar letter to the New Jersey DA as well? It seems to me that the legal process started there.

    Please do the job you were sent to Washington, DC to do and stop grandstanding!

  49. Roger Goodell behaves just like these Senators’ Boss does. They should be used to these kind of tactics by now. However, i too agree that the NFL just took two steps backwards in the war on domestic violence by sending two profoundly bad messages with Ray Rice’s lenient two game suspension: bad message number 1 is that its okay to ‘mistakenly knock your spouse unconscious’. Bad message number 2 is that the NFL actually encourages men to beat their wives because it is their duty to ‘lead’ their wives because wives are subordinate to their husbands! This same commissioner suspended a head coach an entire year for something the defensive coordinator did and it didn’t involve any spouses getting knocked unconscious. Crazy! What a world! Geaux Saints!

  50. and while you are at it Senators make the NFL publicly disclose every bit of information they knew about concussions, make them disclose where all the money they “raise for breast cancer” how much goes to actual charities.

    focus on real issues that need disclosure from these scumbags.

    demand also an answer from Goodell about why Jim Irsay hasnt been fined or suspended yet, why Haslem and Wilf havent lost their franchises yet due to their corrupt business actions

  51. I’m encouraged most posters here see this pandering by politicians for what it is, but someone must be influenced by this or they wouldn’t do it.

  52. Senators should have better things to do than worry about suspensions and names in sporting leagues. The fact that they’re focusing on this, is a problem. Goodell isn’t going to reconsider his punishment, and he shouldn’t be asked too

  53. Wackawhatever flacco.
    Maybe I am wrong. Domestic violence seems like a big deal to me. But that’s just me.. A slap on the wrist for what rice did is a total joke. Applauding him is just as bad

  54. Let’s criticize politicians for making their opinions know, cause it’s sooooo time consuming and this isn’t isn’t the least bit important. Shouldn’t I also be too busy to post in the comment section?

    Don’t democrats have anything better to do than be sarcastic on the interweb?

    Yawn… same old same old from the comments section. The word “senator” appears in the headline and I can already know what 60% of the comments will be.

  55. @ billsfan1:

    “but you sound rather typical for a liberal junkie. Once incident and you generalize everybody….”

    Pot, meet kettle.

    “what do you expect when Dems trot out clowns like Polosi and Clinton… Not exactly shining beacons of light for women. ”

    While I am not a fan of either woman, how are they not “shining beacons of light for women”?

    Nancy Pelosi (with an “e”) rose to become Speaker of the House – the only woman to ever hold this position, and is now House Minority Leader. She came from a modest background without money or connections and is the highest ranking female politician in American history.

    Hillary Clinton also came from a modest background without money or connections and helped her husband to become POTUS, thus becoming First Lady. She also served as a US Senator and as Secretary of State. She is now considered the Democratic favorite – should she choose to run for the Presidency.

    What do the Republicans have to offer? Sarah Palin? Governor of Alaska who quit?

    I’m curious, what exactly does a woman Democrat have to do, in your eyes, to become a “shining beacon of light”?

  56. This is going nowhere and is a huge waste of time (despite how heinous Rice’s conduct was). This is not the Senators’ call. Further, with players’ union, this dies on the vine. But it is good campaigning, part of the larger narrative of the war on women. This just happens to be a legitimate wrong (and an extremely sad one at that), and not the false indicators that are out there. Still no sign of White House increasing pay of women there to their male counterparts, however. Also, no mention of a former Democratic president whose wife might run, and his incomprehensible treatment of women. No war on women there. And all those women that were told they can keep their healthcare if they liked it…I digress.

  57. Normally, I think that the govt should stay out of the NFL’s business. In this case, I actually see where the are coming from. The NFL is the most popular sport in America, and domestic violence is one of the more prevalent and underreported issues on American soil.

    They are looking at this as a way to use such a large platform to shine a light on a huge issue.

  58. What a joke! Demanding the NFL and the Ravens punish people outside of our courts? Selective justice and punishment? Talk about a rights violation! We have a legal system in this country that should be designed ultimately, not to punish, but to rehabilitate criminals so that their crimes are not repeated. Deterrents are a factor, but only a small factor. Ray Rice entered a court supervised diversion program that counsels him and hopefully helps him to realize his mistake.

    the whole reaction to this story is a joke!

  59. First of all,Senate works on multiple issues. Secondly if Roger would have done his job the Ravens Purgatory may be over. I have said in previous posts that the lack of punishment would hurt Ray and the Ravens much more than you ever know. Are ya starting to see what I mean? Thank your NFL Commish!! The lenient one has given Ray the short road back to football but the looong road back to society. Ravens and Ray are now tarnished for life because of the way this situation was handled and supported.

  60. All,

    This is something he will live with for the rest of his life. He will have to look at his wife and know what he did to her was reprehensible. He will have to talk to his duaghter about this and see the disappointment in his daughter eyes.

    At the end of the day, a 2 or 4 or yearly suspension from the NFL is small compared to what he will be dealing with the rest of his life.

    This is ridiculous that the government is getting involved.

  61. This is so strange. The say absolutely nothing about the criminal charges. That is at least something that I could see them getting involved in. You know issues of the state and all. Instead they want the NFL to invoke a harsher punishment, not the state of NJ.

    I think Rice got off easy and the suspension should have been longer, but this … this is just insanity.

  62. So we can assume that if a Senator fled the scene of a car accident where his/her passenger drowned, his/her fellow Senators would provide an appropriate punishment?

  63. Get out of places where you don’t belong Congress! No one in congress is qualified to be a morality policeman. Rice should have his butt kicked for what he did, however no one needs any congressional interference to see that. Especially since everything else is going so well.

  64. valentino8100 says: Aug 1, 2014 11:11 AM

    There is no way to overstate the way in which the NFL and Ray Rice is the purview of Congress. Didn’t they just have to postpone their little vacation because they can’t get their act together on the things they really need to worry about?
    These were Democratic Senators. It was Republican Congressmen who were fighting between themselves who had to postpone their vacation because once again they can’t get anything done. Do try to keep up.

  65. I am a Ravens fan and I don’t agree with the minimal suspension myself but shouldn’t these Senators be worrying more about domestic and international affairs? I guess they will do anything at this point to keep their names in the media.

  66. First, Ravens cannot inflict their own punishment in this matter because it can only come from one or the other. Other than cutting him, which is not going to happen, there is nothing else they can do. Second, can you imagine what the league will turn into if the U.S. Senate can have the ability to influence decisions made in the NFL?

  67. MADD finally got there way!

    You’ll spend more time in jail if you have a glass of wine with dinner and get pulled over on the way home, then if you beat up your domestic partner.
    And this is also reflected by the lawyers that run the NFL.

    Maybe these “Madd” mothers should be a little bit more concerned about the welfare of their abused sisters!

  68. “These were Democratic Senators. It was Republican Congressmen…”

    Boy, I really hope you know that all Senators are Congressmen. The disctinction is Senators and Representatives. It might seem like I’m nitpicking, but if you’re going to anonymously talk to strangers about politics on an NFL blog, you should at least know that.

  69. I found this on the internet, so it must be true. This is from and was a year 2000 study:

    29 members of Congress have been accused of spousal abuse.
    7 have been arrested for fraud.
    19 have been accused of writing bad checks.
    117 have bankrupted at least two businesses.
    3 have been arrested for assault.
    71 have credit reports so bad they can’t qualify for a credit card.
    14 have been arrested on drug-related charges.
    8 have been arrested for shoplifting.
    21 are current defendants in lawsuits.

    * And in 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving, but released after they claimed Congressional immunity.

    I wonder what kind of punishment they hand out in their own workplace?

  70. He would have gotten a 6 game suspension if he had just said the name “Redskins” when he punched her. We all know that the name “Redskins” is more damaging than domestic violence because 50 Senators appose the name “Redskins” while only 3 appose domestic violence.

  71. Okay, laying this out here once and for all:

    The reason Josh Gordon gets a 1 year suspension is because the CBA has guidelines that give SET SUSPENSIONS at different phases.

    Josh Gordon was in stage 3, meaning if he screwed up, he got 1 year suspension; well…he screwed up, that’s why he got 1 year. It was at least his 3rd offense.

    The CBA, DOES NOT (to my knowledge), have guidelines for domestic violence cases. There is no stage 1, 2, and 3 for this case.

    Furthermore, if Goodell gave Rice a 1 year suspension, the NFLPA would without a doubt take him to court because there are no guidelines in the CBA. Additionally, Brandon Marshall had domestic violence issues in the past and to my knowledge he got 2-3 games. He was also a repeat offender.

    Not done yet….the American Judicial System allowed Ray Rice to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

    What stuns me is the fact that everyone is getting angry with the NFL when they “technically” didn’t have to discipline Ray. These people should be upset with the judicial system, not the NFL.

    Don’t forget Ray is also being docked ~$500,000 in salary. What did the justice system fine him?….That’s what I thought…

  72. “Tea Party members think they are doing this country good with their no compromise attitude, but that’s how things happen…. compromise. It’s stupid and irresponsible the way these guys have hijacked our legislative system.”

    The house (including those evil Tea Party types) has passed 300 or more bills since Obama took office.
    If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that the Senate majority leader (the guy who brings the bills the house writes to the floor of the senate, for a vote) is Harry Reid. He’s your culprit, if you really believe that more laws would fix things, as opposed to ya know, enforcing the ones that are all ready on the books.

  73. Please keep politics out of sports. Sports is the one escape we have from all the chaos in the world that politicians have either created or have done nothing about. Until they remove money (or lobbyism) from politics and they truly represent the people’s best interests, then I’m not playing.

    Now back to sports!

  74. I hope the same letter was sent to the Atlantic City police…if everyone is upset with the NFL shouldn’t they be yelling at the AC police or prosecutor for not giving him a more serious charge?

  75. While domestic violence is a serious crime woven into the fabric of our societies reality, the main issue is compatibility unchecked.

    I’m not condoning what Ray Rice did and although I condemn his actions as ultimate stupidity, I don’t see what else the NFL could do especially when she is pleading for a light punishment for him.

    She’s the victim of her circumstance and although we express our feelings, we have no right to expect that we can use a public out cry to increase punishment to our liking.

    All of us have done something that we wish we hadn’t and that someone else wanted a more severe punishment, yet we were looking for mercy.

    We look for reduction of penalties, reduction of prices and in fact we look for the lowest negative impact of everything pertaining to this life.

    Ray Rice found mercy from the woman that he loves and obviously loves him. What punishment would stop him from ever doing this again if that’s the train of thought?

    He may or may not ever do this again and they may or may not ever reach this point of lost control over whatever the case was.

    As bad as this looks for on lookers, apparently there’s some facts about this that we certainly don’t have and the NFL went to the limits by what they had.

    Better decisions need to be made from the beginning of relationships and lines of respect need to be followed so that things like this are reduced and stopped altogether.

    For the many who have never been in the fire of volatile situations, you must judge the whole situation and not the end result of a situation gone bad.

    Laws can be manipulated by people who attempt to control other people by them. The politicians should hang their heads in shame for the way that they have disrespected and disregarded the authority of our nation’s CEO.

    Ray Rice is not their issue of concern. They need to figure out why they have allowed the green eyes monster bring railing accusations of incompetency against everything this president does to help people to the point of a crazy law suit about the health care act that has already been passed.

    Ray Rice knocked his fiancé out, but she still became his wife?

    Congress has yet to deal justly with their indiscretions that have maimed and stifled the American people. How many have died from the lack of treatment while waiting on the health care that’s now in place?

    Ray and his wife are still alive to iron out whatever the situation is, so when are the opinionated senators going to reconcile and resolve to stop swindling and manipulating the American people.

    We would like to see you politicians focus on the issues of America that you have vowed that you can do something about and let other people handle their business by the resolve that’s amenable to them.

  76. Funny, especially coming from the side of the aisle that refuses to enforce the immigration laws we currently have on the books. The Left is going to push too far and there is going to be a reaction, one that they will wish never happened.

  77. Love the liberal comments. Yeah. I guess it Bush’s fault too. Get over it. This country is sucking hard and the democrats have not helped out to make it any better. And no, republicans do not hate women… We love women and children unlike the pro-choice crowd.

  78. 3 things for these Senators-
    1) Butt OUT
    2) Worry about how to get people working, stop pissing on OUR Constitution, and figure out how to keep our jobs on US soil instead of India, China, and Mexico
    Just because this case gets a lot of attention because he’s an NFL player doesn’t mean there aren’t cases all over the US where people get off easy as well. We just never hear about them because they don’t have a lot of $$$$$.
    If I were Ray Rice and you made them suspend me for more games, I’d say piss on you and not give a crap about helping others thru Domestic Violence. At least he’s trying to right his wrongs…..and this is a guy that has been a good citizen up to this point.

  79. Why is it the NFL’s responsibility to be the punisher? How come no one, particularly the senators, expressing any outrage over the criminal justice system? If Ray Rice completes his pre-trial intervention than he will have no criminal record or conviction.

    If fact, Ray Rice is being punished far more seriously by the NFL than the United States’ laws that these senators are responsible for creating.

  80. Democrats don’t know what to do with all the time they have left over from raising money and waiting on the GOP far right wing nuts who think the Federal Government works best by doing absolutely Nothing…

  81. Who can we send letters to complaining that these clowns don’t do the job they were elected to do? Seriously…don’t stick your noses somewhere they don’t belong.

  82. If fact, Ray Rice is being punished far more seriously by the NFL than the United States’ laws that these senators are responsible for creating.

    Yeah, the Senate creates New Jersey state and local laws.

  83. to micknangold:

    Actually, federal laws trickle down to the local level. Case in point, drug laws. No local or state law can trump a federal law. So, yeah, the Senate creates New Jersey state and local laws.

  84. Hey Mr. Darin Gantt (all Democrats, such that it matters) yeah it really freaking does matter who voted from what party .

  85. Why do Senators need to do anything about this again? Ugh, highly disappointing!!

    There’s so much misinformation about this case, starting with TMZ and their sensationalism of labeling a drunk, conscious woman as an unconscious, “knocked out” one?

    Its getting really old trying to explain/show people that SHE WAS NEVER UNCONSCIOUS!!! Ray Rice never “KNOCKED OUT” his girlfriend/fiance as she moves SEVERAL times throughout the video, including breaking her fall with both hands when RR initially drags her out of the elevator! I guarantee Goodell saw the video from INSIDE the elevator and it shows her violently attacking Ray Rice and he defended himself by shoving or knocking her down. It doesn’t make it right but what else is Ray supposed to do in that instance, inside a closed elevator?!? It certainly doesn’t make Rice out to be the “knockout” specialist the ignorant public thinks he is nor does it mean he gets 6+ game suspension for defending himself!

    We can all agree the Police saw the in-elevator camera footage so ask and answer yourself these questions:

    *Why were Ray Rice AND his then-fiance BOTH initially charged in this incident?

    *Why would the AC police allow Ray Rice to leave with her the next day if he TRULY knocked her out? Wouldn’t that be placing her in a potentially dangerous position?

  86. Note to all politicians: Stay the f out of my football! You are not there to tell them how to discipline there employees OR what to name their team.

  87. While I think the Rice suspension is ridiculous, this shouldn’t be the concern of any Senator. They make the laws. If they want Rice to be punished more they should make laws so that he can be. They have no business in the NFL’s business.

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