Still sick, Jim Kelly won’t miss Andre Reed’s enshrinement

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Jim Kelly, the great quarterback of the Buffalo Bills in the 1990s, is still ailing as he battles cancer. But no matter how sick Kelly is, he wouldn’t dream of being anywhere other than Canton, Ohio, this weekend to witness his receiver Andre Reed’s induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kelly’s wife, Jill Kelly, told the Buffalo News that it won’t be easy for Jim.

He’s pushing it,” Jill said. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if he’s all better and good to go. There’s still the looming test in August, the not knowing if treatments worked, the fact that he’s still on a feeding tube. His life is still in that place of uncertainty, not knowing really what’s going to happen with all of this. So he’s still beat down; he’s still tired, he still gets sick quite a bit. But he would not miss this for the world.”

Kelly wants to be there for Reed in large part because Reed has been there for Kelly, traveling with him to support him during cancer treatments.

“Andre was at the hospital,” Jill Kelly said. “He was at the house the day we flew to New York City. He came to New York and again when we got back. Every time Andre was there, Jim was down and out, struggling. But it was always the conversation. It was a given that Jim was going to be at the Hall of Fame.”

Kelly will stay in Canton for a day after Reed’s enshrinement, as he’s been chosen to toss the coin at the start of the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night.

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  1. An unusual start to the PFT this morning. An uplifting story about what is good in football.

    I now have to watch the hall of fame game

    Good Luck Jim!

  2. So many memories of these two playing throw and catch for so many years..
    Glad to see Andre finally gets his well deserved recognition and God bless Jim Kelly!

  3. Im glad Kelly is able to make it, and that he is physically able to flip the coin.

    Kelly always sounded like a standup guy.

    Best wishes Jim Kelly!

    And congratulations Andre Reed! At a position of divas and loudmouth idiots, you were always a player of humble disposition. Im happy you made it in

  4. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY BUFFALO BILLS!!! people outside of WNY don’t and can’t understand how much this team means to us. stay strong Jim and congrats Andre!!! I’ll be there this weekend

  5. I always rooted against the 90s bills. That being said, I always knew they were good, I just didn’t know what great men they were. I’m rooting for them now.

  6. To the few jerks giving any of these comments a thumbs down: may your thumb get permanently stuck in some orifice so all the world can see just how foolish you really are. I bet these guys suck all the intelligence and light of any room they enter.

  7. This site is turning into something that no one needs. I think Florio had good intentions when it started but it is just turning into a site that brings out the worst in people. I’m a Dolphin fan and I hated Kelly/Reed when they were killing my team every year but I can’t imagine anyone not rooting for Kelly now. I wonder what your mother would think?

  8. To the individuals giving these posts a thumbs-down…you will reap what you sow if you continue, because your lack of empathy for others betrays a bitter soul steeped in darkness. Think carefully about your course of action, because God is watching our actions and taking notes for the judgment….and He is a fair and impartial judge.

  9. Not a Bills fan, and have made fun of the Bills for awhile……..but like people have said, no snarkiness/sarcasm in this post. This shows why a lot of guys love the game and have a hard time leaving. The comradery and bond between teammates is something that is forever. I’d actually bet this means more to Andre than it does Jim. Classy on both sides.

  10. A family member of mine is battling cancer right now and it is just heart wrenching. My prayers go out to the Kelly family.

  11. mobil4life says:
    Andre Rees is not Hall of Fame material


    Who is Andre Rees?

  12. Even Packer fans, with their hatred for anything non-Packer, must be rooting for Jim Kelly.

  13. Great story. Not a Bills fan, but this will be must-watch TV. To the thumbs down people – be careful … the universe is watching.

  14. Anonymity makes these thumbs down folk brave. If real names were attached, they’d be afraid to come out of Mom’s basement.
    Too funny…..Kudos to the ones seeing the “Andre Rees” fubar
    Sunday should be Great!! Football get underway; Jim and Andre get a special day!!! It’ll be a great day in Canton!!

  15. The mans dying and his family would like to see a smile on his face… Is that so hard PFT commentators… Get a grip with the reality he and his family faces… Amazes me the thumbs down to well wishes

  16. Yea well I miss these day when Jim and Reed were playing together. 4 super bowls in a row is still a record even though they couldn’t pull one off. Most respect to Jim and Andre. Get well soon Jim. And who ever is the one downing the comments. Your most likely a moron.

  17. I think PFT has one troll with multiple accounts, and nothing better to do than downvote comments.

  18. Kelly has always been a class act and never really has gotten the recognition he deserved (a funny thing to say about a HOF guy); 4 Super Bowls and playoffs every year sounds a little distant in Buffalo these days; a very underrated player in a non-media market.

  19. Browns fan. Many memories of Kelly and Reed–and Thurmond Thomas–light the league up. While “wide right” has entered into the pantheon of classic games summed up in a single word, I still remember the lightning fast buzz saw that was the Bills offense. Congratulations to Reed, get well Jim and to the people of Buffalo I hope you get to keep the team and maybe a new stadium.

  20. I always liked and rooted for the Bills back in the 90s – mostly because of Jim Kelly. He seemed like the guy that you wanted to have a beer with who just happened to be a top NFL quarterback. Good luck to him and his fight. Cancer can be beaten, and Jim Kelly is the one to do it.

    As far as all of these idiots giving all of the thumbs down – my guess is it has to be the viking fan trolls who regularly invade the Packer articles. Nothing about the Packers so far today, so they have no where else to spew their pent-up jealousy and hatred. The proof is in the anti-Packer or anti-Packer fan comments above on an article about a Buffalo Bill quarterback and his fight against a disease that could take his life. What a bunch of losers – no wonder everyone hates them.

  21. Good for Jim. Hope he can make the trip to Los Angeles next year to see his team after they start playing in a city that can really appreciate football.

  22. This so bums me out, especially to see a guy that it seems like I watched just yesterday on the field going through this. Hope he gets some good news later this month.

  23. It really shows you how far we as a society we have regressed. It’s all for schock value now. For an individual to click “thumb’s down” for a cancer victim, shows me what we have become. Everyone hides behind their pc/ipad/cell and just says what they want without any conscience. It sickens me as I lost a parent to cancer and I don’t think its even remotely “funny” to click thumbs down. And I know you will click thumbs down to my post as long as you know what a lowlife sleaze bag you are for doing so. I don’t wish it but if it ever happens to you, your family members or friends let’s see how “funny” it is to you then.

  24. Its and easy fix. Florio just take off the “thumbs up/down” completely. All’ it does is provoke idiots to continue the stupidity.

  25. Two of the best things that ever happened to the NFL are Andre Reed and Jim Kelly. Hang in there Jim better days are ahead.

  26. NFL players of today need to see what being unselfish is like and Jim and Andre shows that by being by each other’s side in good time and bad. Its not always about the money…it’s what you build on and off the field that really counts.

  27. PFT take the thumbs off for this one…….and ban any losers that voted thumbs downs.

    Pure Class Mr Kelly and Mr Reed.

  28. The human spirit is a remarkable thing. It can find ways to help people triumph over sickness and all of life’s adversities. Sometimes you just have to stand back silently and marvel at the ability of a human being to overcome in spite of the obstacles arrayed against them. Congratulations to both Mr. Reed and Mr. Kelly–they are obviously admirable men with strong spirits.

  29. I lost my uncle two days ago to throat cancer. Rotten disease. Best wishes to Jim and his family!

  30. If there were ever a group of teammates who embraced the city for whom they worked, our Bills are those guys. I don’t want to know a world absent of Jim Kelly. Stay strong!

  31. Liberals are giving all the thumbs down of course.

    God bless Mr. Kelly and his family.

    Mr. Reed, good to hear you were there with Mr. Kelly so much.

    Congrats on your HOF selection.

    Bears fan.

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