Tony Romo might not play in preseason opener

Even though Dr. Jerry Jones has proclaimed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo “100 percent,” it’s far from certain he’ll play a full preseason schedule.

Via Todd Archer of, Romo said he will play at some point in the preseason, though he’s not sure if he was going to suit up for the Aug. 7 opener against the Chargers.

“You’re constantly evaluating it and you’re constantly, I don’t want to say adjusting because you stick to the plan, but it’s a progression,” Romo said. “It’s leading up to San Francisco [regular season opener]. I am going to play in the preseason, obviously. I think it’s important. The first game, we’ll talk about it as we move into the weekend.”

Romo’s getting periodic days off after offseason back surgery, and everyone says he’s going to be fine. He said it was more of a matter of adapting to a new routine of strengthening his back and supporting muscles,

“It’s just a little unknown so you’d rather play it safe than be silly and just go out and do everything over and over again and all of a sudden have to sit out for a week or so,” Romo said. “I think more than anything we’re playing the long game and I think that’s smart.”

It’s probably early to start the panic, as he didn’t play in last year’s preseason opener either. But until he proves the owner right and shows that he’s 100 percent, it’s reasonable have concern.

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  1. Glad i’m not a Cowboys fan. What a dysfunctional bunch! Ha Ha! We play them week four of the regular season in Dallas. Can’t wait to watch Drew light that “Great” defense up! Ha Ha! Rob Ryan is gonna love slaughtering is old teams offense too! Geaux Saints!

  2. Good move.

    I encourage Bengals owner mike brown and head coach Marvin Lewis to rest Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Giovani Bernard, Leon Hall, Domato Peko, Geno Atkins, Ray Maualuga, Kevin Zeitler, Vontaze Burfict, Carlos Dunlap, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Tyler Eifert, etc. …. for ALL pre-season games.

  3. 34 year old quarterback coming off two back surgeries in 2 consecutive seasons… its smart to take it slow.. because preseason games are sooooo important right.. Game three of the preseason is when the starters get the most play time as they begin game planning for week one.. I expect him to play by week three.. why risk taking a unnecessary hit against some rookies who probably won’t be in the league by September 7th.

  4. Romo plays, and leads his team on winning drives, with broken ribs and collapsed lungs. He’ll be fine.

  5. I can’t believe preseason tickets cost the same as regular season. But hey, let’s not change it to two preseason games and an 18 game regular season! We wouldn’t want people to actually get their money’s worth!

  6. Don’t most starting QBs play a series or two, a quarter at the most, then sit? I don’t see why this is a concern here.

  7. But then again, Romo might not play in regular season games either. 34 years old with 2 back surgeries in 2 years. It’s only a matter of time before he gets forced to retire.

  8. Preseason games are a joke anyways. Starters don’t even really play until the second from last games.

  9. Romo is a top five quarterback. Outside of Brady, Manning, Brees, and Roethlisberger, tell me who is better.

    Don’t give me this Russell Wilson nonsense. A historically phenomenal defense won the Super Bowl last year. And Eli Manning is a scrub with hardware (See: Trent Dilfer).

    You could make the argument for Cam. But guys like Kaepernick, Stafford, or Flacco would be benched if they had defensive support Romo had last year.

  10. @medialovesthecowboys, Rodgers, Rivers, possibly, Shaub, the other Manning and maybe even Cutler. those are just the ones the have tenure in the league and stats to compare. otherwise I would include Luck, Smith, RGIII based off 2012 stats and Josh McCown based off a few games

  11. I’d rather have a 34 year old still trying to win a SB. Than a 38 year old that sucked in his last SB. Would rather have Romo never win a SB, than have him go to a SB and stank it up. At least we know that Brady an Payton will never win another SB. But Romo still has a chance. So let’s just see what he does this season. THEMBOYS4LIFE!

  12. NEWS FLASH…He likely won’t play much of the regular season either! Tony “the Glass House” Romo will go down like a two dollar tire after the first big hit he takes! America’s Mediocre Team….LMAO!

  13. cincyalldaway: you clearly do not know much about football, so I won’t waste my time explaining how ignorant it is to describe Romo as a china doll.

  14. . . . At least we know that Brady an Payton will never win another SB. . ==========
    I’m not a Pats fan, but I think they’ll beat the Saints in the Super Bowl this year.

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