Andre Reed apologizes to Jon Bon Jovi, but not really


New Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed apologized for his harsh words toward potential Bills buyer Jon Bon Jovi.

But he didn’t exactly back away from them.

Reed said that he thought he was speaking off the record when he told a magazine reporter “F— Bon Jovi.” He also suggested that Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel should rein it in, but backtracked a bit on the eve of his induction to the Hall.

Those comments were off the record,” Reed said, via Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. “This guy from the magazine ended up printing what I said. I would not say that to be printed in a magazine. I said that stuff, thinking the guy wouldn’t put it in there. He was looking for a story, and he put it in there. I have nothing against Bon Jovi. I’ve got nothing against Johnny Manziel. I don’t even know him.”

So he said it, but he just didn’t mean for anyone to hear it.

“On the other end of that, Johnny Manziel is a rookie; he hasn’t done anything yet,” Reed continued. “And people in Buffalo don’t want Bon Jovi to buy the team and move it. So basically I said stuff people would maybe say. It happened, and I apologize to Bon Jovi and I apologize to Johnny Manziel. I meant nothing about it. . . .

“I spent half my life up there, the team is important to me, the city is important to me, the region’s important to me, and I would do anything to have a voice to keep that team there. If I can be a voice for the fans, that’s what I’m going to do.”

He’ll just likely not be as colorful about it the next time he uses that voice.

55 responses to “Andre Reed apologizes to Jon Bon Jovi, but not really

  1. Way to backtrack Andre . Thought he was a decent receiver and I hope all this talk will make Buffalo struggle this year and have the worst record so the Browns would get the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Go Browns.

    OK, now all you haters(trolls) chime in.

  2. Who can blame Reed, I hate Bon Jovi just like all Bills fan. Bon Jovi is American, from New Jersey. What scum bag would try and take a team to another country? And all places Toronto. You have people running around like joetoronto.

  3. I hear a lot worse from most of the tools on the NFL Network and Sunday pre game shows. No since apologizing, he speaks the truth.

  4. That’s the growing trend now. Guy makes it to the HOF, turns into a jerk. Every year a new one tries to one up the previous year’s loudmouth. He meant what he said. Off the record doesn’t make it false, you spoke what you felt. I’m sure Bon Jovi doesn’t care, he’s got enough scratch to buy the team you love. Manziel doesn’t care. He probably has no clue who you are. All you had to do was do the humble thing, get inducted and ride off into glory. If you want to be mad, blame the owners for not selling the team right now to someone willing to keep it there. It’s not the buyer’s fault, it’s the seller’s fault. Direct your rage at Mary Wilson for offering the franchise up to the highest bidder. He’ll fit right with the blowhards on NFLN or ESPN.

  5. I’m offended that Buffalo makes fun of Buffalo’s. That is way over the line, plus it’s sexist. Why not the Buffalo Jill’s? Women can do work just as good as men…unreal, the war on women, women need to be treated fairly like the Clintons would treat women – they would never character attack a woman…change the name.

  6. Andre is still the MAN!! Bills Fans aren’t haters, we love our team, that’s all. We have been a losing franchise and a joke for the rest of the league for sometime now. We now have a front office that has changed the culture of the lockeroom and brought in a ton of young talent and seasoned veterans through free agency and the draft. We just want to win, the only teams we hate are within the AFC East. I like Pettine a lot, great defensive coordinator, made our D Nasty. Thankful for the trade up to draft Watkins, wish Pettine well with the Browns, class act all the way. Hopefully the first round pick we gave away will be a late rounder!!!! GO BILLS!!!!! #BILLSMAFIA #HOF2014

  7. Why is he going into the Hall again? Unless there is a wing for guys who consistently came up small in the biggest moments, and compiled stats when games were long decided, as if he made pivotal plays in getting to (and losing) four straight Super Bowls?

    Tim Brown should have been in ages ago.

  8. clownsfan says:Aug 2, 2014 12:08 PM

    How this guy is in the HOF & Tim Brown isn’t is an absolute joke.
    I’d say because Reed was better than Brown and it’s not really even that close. Brown was a great return man, but Reed was a much better receiver. Nobody ever was better than going across the middle than Reed. He did his dirty work their, not many guys do that. Brown didn’t. Brown might get in some day. You people saying Brown is better than Reed, go cry me a river, not even close.

  9. After The HoF festivities we can all go back to not caring what Reed thinks. For the first time in years people actually pay attention to him and he handles it classlessly. Congratulations to him for making it into the HoF, now he can go back to being forgotten.

  10. Brown was an average receiver on a bunch of crappy teams. Most of his stats came in games that were meaningless and when the opponents were in prevent defense. What were his playoff stats and I think he had one catch in his only SB game. Plus he was a crybaby, always blaming others for his crappy teams performance.

  11. He’s a loser who played for a loser in a loser town, who never should have even been nominated, much less made in into the HOF.

  12. joetoronto says:Aug 2, 2014 12:55 PM

    He’s a loser who played for a loser in a loser town, who never should have even been nominated, much less made in into the HOF.

    Enjoy your Maple Laughs chump!! I made my point. All you people from Toronto are all the same.

  13. @billswillnevermove

    Brown has more career rec, more career yds, more career 1000 yd seasons, more career all purpose yds, more career TD & more career Pro Bowls. You were right about it not being close. You just got the wrong guy.

  14. So Buffalo fans don’t want Bon Jovi as owner of the Bills. Would they rather have Jay Z and Beyonce then . Thumbs up for yes , thumbs down for no.

  15. Most of you would be rapturous if your team won just one measly Super Bowl. We won it once, then again, and again, and again, yet again, oh, look, another one. You shrivel in our shadow. We define greatness. We built the NFL. We are the Steelers. August 2, 2014, 11:30 AM CDT

    There’s a reason this fool wasn’t a Steeler. We are pure class.
    not when u make your username that long to try to point something useless out. shorten your name ,we all know that you are really steelersaregodsteam. on another note who cares what Reed said, where’s the one liners at?

  16. I don’t understand the hate on Andre Reed. Is it just people who hate the Bills? Is it people who are too young to even know who he is? Dude was a great receiver. He spoke what every Bills fan has to be thinking, I assume. And as a football fan I’d hate to see the Bills move to Toronto, he spoke what I think as a Cowboys fan!

  17. fallguy2006 says:
    Aug 2, 2014 11:50 AM
    Way to backtrack Andre . Thought he was a decent receiver and I hope all this talk will make Buffalo struggle this year and have the worst record so the Browns would get the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Go Browns.

    Funny, The Browns could surely do what the Browns do and draft a total bust, even if it were with the 1st overall pick.
    What a sad roster.

  18. But if Bon Jovi buys the Bills he could hold Obama rallies in the stadium. That would bring in a couple of hundred dollars to the local economy.

  19. george1859
    You probably couldn’t name 5 guys on the Browns roster without googling it. Take your trolling elsewhere pal.

  20. Anyone that doesn’t think he belongs in the HOF should just look at his Youtube TD video. If you still don’t, then you don’t know football. Congratulations!

  21. They should move the Bills to London and be the cornerstone of the NFL Euro Division.

    Make it a 6 team div that includes the: Berlin Big Boys, Paris Tower Men, Rome Gladiators, Portugal Wild Bulls, and Warsaw Pole Dogs.

    Have a special expansion draft, give them the first 6 picks in next years draft (Buffalo would get 1st for moving to London).

    Then have their games on Fri & Sat in prime time. After the div games that leaves 36 games combined between them to play. 18 at home, 18 in the states. Be almost like 1 team traveling overseas every other year.

    Prime time Fri & Sat NFL. Let’s do this !

  22. The world has changed a lot since Reed played his last game. NOTHING anyone does or says anymore is “off the record”. A public persona has to ALWAYS be on his P’s & Q’s when talking to some of these sleazy reporters today.

  23. He needs to apologize to his hairline fom the looks of that picture lol.

    In all seriousness though, well deserved HOF inductee…actually could’ve been a little earlier IMHO. Tough guy, great competitor, and besides Michael Ivin probably ran the best deep crossing pattern I’ve ever seen. And thats back when guys were still allowed to try and behead wr’s. Of course having a Five-head definitly helped him survive lmao

  24. No way he and Thurman Thomas deserve to be in the HOF.Everyone forgets the bickerin Bills.Biggest bunch of choke artists to put on any sports jersey.

  25. That reporter is going to have a very short career if he keeps reporting off the record comments. Word gets around fast.

  26. He was right about Manziel. And guess what? Manziel is struggling and admits it. Playing QB in the NFL is not as easy as he thought.

  27. Have always liked Bon Jovi’s music and would have worded it differently, but agree with Reed on the singer’s ideas for moving the Bills out of Buffalo. No apology was necessary.

    What a horrible choice for Buffalo fans: that egomaniac Trump or buyers who want to move the team to Canada. Here’s hoping there’s a good deal behind Door #3.

  28. My guess is Bonjovi is the the majority owner of that group he just does not really have the
    Funds to have 30 percent. Think about it if you were Wilson’s Estate would you want to wait
    For Bonjovi to liquidate a his assets to come up with enough funds to make the Purchase.
    Bonjovi has no business even being at the table. The Toronto groups main problem
    Is really Bonnovi him self. He does not have they money to do this and his big fat mouth
    Has got him in Hot water. It’s over for them. Mean while Terry P just lurks In the back ground with class. He is the savior. The Wilson estate knows this and so do the other bidders.
    Why keep the Shrade going. The reason for dead lines and bids is to have Morgan Stanley
    Figure out who should be the best owner with the most liquid assets. Know that they seen
    The cards of the 3 players. They report back to the Wilson Estate. It seems like it’s a good reason to eliminate the Toronto group when you know they really can’t go higher

    More of my opinion

    Why would the 2 articles not say all 3 groups made it to the 2nd round.
    If they did they would have reported it that way.
    They made a point to say Terry P and Trump have moved onto the
    2nd round. So I am speculating, yes if it turns out not to be true I
    Am sorry. But for now it appears that this could be the case so I started a thread.
    So let’s see what happens.

    The Toronto Group does not have the Money
    With Bonjovi as the majority owner. he has to put down 30 percent. His partners can’t be the Majority owner they own the maple leafs.
    So they can not be Majority Owner.
    NFL does not allow a Owner to own 2 Sports teams in different markets. So hence the other guys can’t be the Majority Owner of this Canada
    Group. The Canada group was fine if the bidding stayed around 1billion. But with the bidding already at 1.3 Billion and possibly ending at 1.5
    Billion. This is no reason to keep the Toronto Group around. It’s Morgan Staley’s job to make recommendations to the Wilson Estate.
    Why keep this group around if they can’t bid higher. Plus single ownership over 3 partners is preferred by the NFL and the Morgan Stanley that has to close on this sale. The Toronto’s groups biggest problem is that Bonjovi just does not have
    The funds to complete the 30 percent threshold
    That he needs to come up with. The bids are all ready past the point of no return for this
    Canada groups bid.


    It’s simple math at 1 billion dollars Bonjovi would need 300 million dollars.
    I just googled his net worth here is what came back

    According to Forbes, Bon Jovi was the third highest-paid musician in the world in 2013, bringing in $79 million. In its 2012 “Ones to Watch” list, Forbes estimated Bon Jovi has a total net worth of $290 million. Forbes estimates the Bills are valued at $870 million, as of August 2013.

    So if the bidding gets up to 1.5 Billion
    Then he would need 450 Million to
    Be in the game. He has around 320 million
    Or so that’s what’s been reported.

    When Morgan Stanley and the Wilson Estate
    Look at the numbers and his financials it easy to
    Understand why he and his group would be eliminated.

    Now if the bidding was say 900 million
    To 1 Billion dollars for the bills. Them I could see this group staying at the table and in the game
    To be picked to own the Bills.

    But it’s gone beyond that now. It’s Morgan Stanley’s job on behalf of the Wilson estate
    To move this process forward.

    It’s really over for this Toronto Group
    Bonjovi does not have the money to move forward it’s that simple.

    His group should not move to the next round.

    Tell me why wouldn’t Mary Wilson not want to pick
    A single buyer over a group with 3 buyers
    That would move the team out of Buffalo.
    Plus the highest bidder would honor her late Husbands wishes and keep the team in Buffalo
    To further his legacy. I could see Terry P naming the new stadium field after the late great Ralph Wilson. Let’s is common sense.

    Bon Jovi can’t be the Majority owner of the Bills
    The bidding has gone to high.
    It’s over for this group. It’s time to celebrate
    This great weekend that is upon us.

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