Despite looming suspension, Stedman Bailey stepping up

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The bad news is that Rams receiver Stedman Bailey will miss the first four games of the season, due to a PED suspension.  The good news is that, when he returns, Bailey could be ready to make a big impact.

The second-year wideout, a third-round pick and teammate of first-rounder Tavon Austin at West Virginia, continues to draw positive reviews for his performance in training camp.

“Sted made a lot of plays today,” coach Jeff Fisher said after the team’s first practice of the year inside the Edward Jones Dome, via quotes distributed by the team.  “He’s there.  He knows how to get open, and knows how to make the plays.  Yes, we’ll miss him, but he’s going to push right through camp and we’ll get through his ordeal and we’ll get him right back in the lineup.”

The upcoming suspension won’t result in Bailey getting less work during the preseason.

“He’s going to get plenty of work and so are the other guys,” Fisher said.  “We’ve got four preseason games and there’s plenty of snaps, plenty of practice snaps to have him ready.”

Quarterback Sam Bradford agrees with Fisher’s optimism.

“Stedman’s been great all camp, all spring,” Bradford said.  “I think he’s going to be a big part of what we do when he gets back.  Obviously, it’s a bummer that he’s not going to be with us the first four [games], but when he comes back, the timing and everything that we’re doing right now is to make sure that we’re ready when he does get back.  He’s been very productive. . . .  He’s a very smart receiver. He’s always in the right place. He’s got a great instinct, just about feeling different zones and getting open. I think he’s going to be a big target in the offense this year and I think it showed today.  He caught a lot of balls out here today.”

The Rams have spent the last few years loading up on wideouts, but waiting for the payoff.  As to Bailey, it could come this year.  If it also happens for other young receivers, the Rams could indeed be ready to disrupt the Seahawks-49ers domination of the division.

27 responses to “Despite looming suspension, Stedman Bailey stepping up

  1. The obvious problem is that it’s still Sam Bradford throwing the ball to him.

  2. I like Bailey. I think he can be a good player. I still think he is a better pure wide receiver than his college counter part (don’t get me wrong Austin is still the better overall player because he can do a ton of different things) I just don’t like the QB. I never did. Even if he can stay healthy for a full season I still don’t think he is a very good player. The rams should have jumped into the trade for schaub. I think he would have been perfect for them.

  3. Nice to hear from a coach who could care less what one of his players put in his body and can’t wait to “get him right back in there”.

  4. You know their worried when you get that much hate. Guess I might as well get use to it, youngest team in nfl we are going to dominate in the west for quite some time

  5. WVU homerism, eh???

    What threat??? Bradford is the QB.

    He’s been an example of timidity since entering. How can WRs do well with him playing??

  6. Yea knocking your wife out cold and dragging her out the building is a fine thing these players should be doing, that’s a good way to represent the NFL, you think there’s one football player out there who ain’t taken a crap load of stuff to get bigger and stronger? Should just ban everything right? Protein? Should we ban stakes and hott doggs too?

  7. This WVU homer is pointing out a positive headline that talks about a former WVU player looking good in shorts while calling the Combine the “Underwear Olympics.”

    Where’s the objectivity??

  8. Until the NFL gets serious about cheating- or spousal abuse-and starts suspending for a full year– this despicable behavior and cheating will NEVER stop.

  9. Sam Bradford would be a second rate QB in the CFL. At what point do the Rams figure out that they’ve paid 70mil for a worthless player?

    Cut your losses and move on. Tank for Winston.

  10. The PED stuff is a joke, Robert Mathis’ suspension, sted’s suspension, Dunbar’s last year, all came after SEATTLE’s TWO STARTING corners where “suspended” but they appealed it and won 2-3 yrs ago, how did only TWO not actually deserve the suspension outta the NUMEROUS players accused…….just sayin that’s an awfully big coincidence….long time ago, but Austin Pettus had 2 sit his 4 games that yr 4 aderol? So I still got a grudge

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