Glenn Dorsey likely out for year with torn biceps


Last year, Glenn Dorsey helped the 49ers tremendously by replacing Ian Williams after Williams was lost for the year with a broken ankle.  This year, someone will have to replace Dorsey.

PFT has confirmed that Dorsey is expected miss the season with a torn biceps muscle.  The news was first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Dorsey could be back to 100 percent within four months, if the tear is clean.  If the muscle is frayed, Dorsey would miss five to six months.  That distinction creates a window of opportunity for the 49ers to placed Dorsey on injured reserve with the designation to return.

A decision about Dorsey’s status is expected to be made after surgery on Monday.

Dorsey suffered the injury during practice on Friday, the worst kind of 29th birthday present he could have imagined.  Before practice, coach Jim Harbaugh praised Dorsey’s growth in the team’s system.

“It’s been A-plus, plus,” Harbaugh told reporters on Friday.  “What a great thing having him last year.  Fit in so seamlessly with that group of talented defensive lineman.  Was a great contributor, a starter for us. Known friend and trusted agent.  Just thank him for being good, thank him for being who he is and how he goes about his job.  He’s a team guy all the way.”

Dorsey, a top-five pick of the Chiefs in 2008, appeared in 16 regular-season games with 13 starts last year.  He also appeared in all three postseason games, starting two of them.

61 responses to “Glenn Dorsey likely out for year with torn biceps

  1. Sorry santa clara but this just isnt your year.
    All these injuries + the circus of no shows + kaepernicks training camp inaccurate passes.

    Just throw in the towel and maybe pete will go easy on you guys

  2. Maybe he can get his orchestra back together while he rehabs…

    Seriously, I feel for this kid. Got a 2nd chance and was making the most of it. Looks like the 49ers are finally having to learn to deal with injuries like the rest of the league.

  3. “Looks like the 49ers are finally having to learn to deal with injuries like the rest of the league.”


    They didn’t have to deal with injuries last year when 3 of their top 4 WR’s were out most of the season?

  4. This is a typical time table for this type of injury. Ray Lewis made it back in less than four weeks. Luckily for Dorsey, it’s almost deer hunting season.

  5. Not sure. Hate Harbaugh or Seattle more. Pretty sure its the psyche ward known as Seattle more.

  6. Niners went from looking incredible to looking like they’re now in trouble after just 10 days of Camp. Way too many key players going down

  7. This is a huge loss, especially when coupled with other losses and Smith’s 6+ suspension.

    Right or wrong, Smith is going to get the hammer by Goodell.

    The whole Ray Rice joke punishment has really drawn heat on Goodell and the league. While trying to explain / make excuses, Goodell has hidden behind the excuse that Rice didn’t have a history or pattern of bad behavior. How in the world will he justify not spanking Smith? He’ll not risk another PR fiasco.

    6+ suspension.

  8. axx1 says:
    Aug 2, 2014 2:15 PM

    Just throw in the towel and maybe pete will go easy on you guys

    You mean that Pete will not give PEDs to his players? “The Cheat” will never change and the Niners will kick the SeaAdderalls butts this year.

  9. San Fran doesn’t have very good cap shape for now and next year to take on Suh compared to other teams that have a lot more cap space and likely better draft picks to offer, and since they have more space they likely would offer more in trade than the 49ers would be willing to.

    If the 49ers wanted to trade for Suh then it would be much easier for them to find some players as opposed to projected low draft picks to use, since that could free up some cap dollars to make that kind of a transaction. But the Lions don’t have a lot of cap space to work with either, so that makes it tricky to find a trade match with them. However a 3-team trade could very much open up more possibilities.

  10. axx1 says:
    Aug 2, 2014 2:15 PM
    Sorry santa clara but this just isnt your year.
    All these injuries + the circus of no shows + kaepernicks training camp inaccurate passes.

    Just throw in the towel and maybe pete will go easy on you guys

    circus of no shows? What? Boone? Hardly qualifies as a circus.
    All the injuries? yeah. Dorsey was important and so was Hunter.
    But this one takes the cake: Kaepernicks (sic) training camp inaccurate passes. Funny how the exact opposite was being reported by Maiocco and co.

    Stick to the facts. It’ll serve you better.

  11. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Aug 2, 2014 2:44 PM
    Niners went from looking incredible to looking like they’re now in trouble after just 10 days of Camp. Way too many key players going down


    Not entirely. Hunter was important as a back-up but it also allows Hyde (best runner in this year’s draft) to get good reps and will be a capable back-up. LMJ was never going to get reps as RB….only as a kick returner and he returns before the opener. Dorsey was important but no other team in the league has more depth at the D-line than SF. Dorsey’s loss sucks, though, he did a fine job last season.

  12. A bad match-up with Hawks keeps getting worse for SC.

    Their big improvement is supposed to be receiver, but that plays into Hawks’ strength. They likely got worse in the defensive backfield or at least less experienced. Now their D line will be weaker too as will their linebackers. And their options at RB are slim.

    Hawks are much better at receiver and likely at RB. Hawks defense will be another year older and likely just as good.

    SC better worry about getting the wildcard because NFC West Champs looks unlikely.

  13. Hahaha love how people say for them to throw in the towel so far in camp they haven’t lost anyone that’s gonna hurt them too much ,big deal ,hunter wow,Dorsey hahaha I wouldnot be worried if I were a miners fan

  14. They have just over 10 million in cap space. IF they really wanted a particular person they have all the ammunition they need to make it happen. That isn’t how they operate though. Quinton Dial you’re up. Final note…. At least there is ONE classy hawk fan in here.

  15. This is a big bummer for the fact that I really like Glenn Dorsey as a player and that we could have had a really nice rotation at DT, but this isn’t a devastating blow to the D-Line. Dorsey was Ian Williams’ backup going into last season and now Williams is back. There have been some pretty strong reviews on Quenton Dial as well so as long as they can stay healthy, the D-Line should be fine. Still, I appreciate Dorsey for how he really stepped up for us last season and I wish him the best through his recovery process.

  16. Hyde would have taken the #2 spot over hunter anyway ,hint #2 spot keep doubting gore he’s gonna be the same old gore as always so why say losing a rb that’s competing for #2 spot is gonna devistate your team lol

  17. That hurts bad. A little less, tho, that it didn’t come from a dirty illegal hit by the Cheathawks this time.

  18. Tough news for the 49ers. This is big blow the depth on the defensive line. Dorsey was pretty good last year.

  19. The sky fell when Ian Williams was taken out by a cheap move by the CheatHawks. Dorsey came in and played well. Niners got Quintin Dial who’s looking good and Ian Williams will be coming back soon. Wish Dorsey a quick recovery but its next man up for 49ers.

  20. I love the rivalry my Hawks have with the 49ers. I would prefer to see both teams @ 100% when they play, as it makes for ridiculously good football to watch.

    From the perspective of one human being to another, I hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

    Go Hawks.

  21. This sux big time. But this too shall pass! This team will overcome the loss of Dorsey and WILL contend for SB49, 50, 51, 52….so hate on.

    49er Faithful For Life!!!

  22. Hating hawks fans won’t get WINERS any closer to a championship.

    What I don’t get is why does the team with the obviously more talented team, other than defensive backfield, continue to fall short against the Hawks…One win in 4 against them, and that was a squeaker home win by a couple of points.

    What gives? Regardless, best wishes to Dorsey on a rapid recover…biceps tears are very painful!

  23. I remember when he came from KC I didn’t think much but watching him play NT in the 49ers defense he was immovable at times and blew up run plays.

    I am a fan of a rival team but would rather see teams at full strength giving us great football than hearing good players down with injury. Hope he comes back this season.

  24. sonoco says:
    Aug 2, 2014 2:26 PM
    This will make the self-righteous haters (Hawk Fans) Saturday.
    Nope…because Karma always bites hard in the butt.
    That being said, I hope he has a strong recovery.

  25. 49ers came close to winning it all I blame coaches , kaps poor decision making and unorganized play in last minutes of crutial games they beat themselves ,its all hyped about the so called best corner in the NFL Sherman which I disagree he gets all the credit on that last play ,kap went to the wrong target similar play from the yr before (stupid) play call also ball was under thrown what about the guy that made the interception can’t give it all to Sherman it’s hilarious how everyone talks it up like he’s god when there were many factors besides him no interception there would have been at least another play

  26. Everytime a seahack troll uses Santa Clara as an insult it just reflects their insecurity at what a PODUNK town Seattle is.

    And what’s with the seahacks not being being able to beat the Niners since 2008?

  27. osiris33 says:
    Aug 2, 2014 5:04 PM
    It’s going to be so much fun winning SB50 in your brand new stadium!



    I think you meant re-PED

  28. Get well soon Dorsey! Ian Williams and Quinton Dial will do a great job as a replacement until he comes back. Silver lining….this opens up another roster spot on the D-Line.

    Lawrence Okoye is looking good in Training Camp and he just learned how to play football a year ago.

  29. The lame, boring, suburbia known as the Bay Area, will be flooded with the tears of 2nd year 49er “faithfuls” this season. I guarantee it. It’s ok tho, you guys are in the midst of a serious drought as usual so it might help a bit.

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