In speech, Walter Jones shows he knows his Seahawks history


Walter Jones’ career is a bridge between the Seahawks’ past and present.

The No. 6 overall pick in the 1997 NFL Draft, Jones joined the Seahawks when they played in the Kingdome and were members of the AFC.

Eventually, the Seahawks moved to new digs, changed their uniforms and became an NFC West power. And as the Seahawks started their rise, Jones was one of their constants — a standout left tackle. A nine-time Pro Bowler, Jones was a member of the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000s. His entire 12-season career was spent with the Seahawks, for whom he started 180 games from 1997 through 2008.

Early in Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech Saturday, Jones paid his respect to the other Seahawks enshrined in Canton.

“It is an honor to join Steve Largent and Cortez Kennedy as the third player to represent the Seahawks franchise and the 12th Man,” Jones said.

Later, Jones mentioned how Kenny Easley, the Seahawks’ former star safety, merited enshrinement in the Hall. He even went as far as to thank the current Seahawks organization for making him feel at home whenever he returned to visit.

For years, Jones made everyone better around him on the field. On Saturday night, one of the best left tackles of all time made so many connected to him feel a little bit better about themselves.

49 responses to “In speech, Walter Jones shows he knows his Seahawks history

  1. He knows his history just like the rest of us. There are a lot of weak comments hating on the Seahawks and there fans. Usually by niner fans who claim we’ve only been following the team for 2 years. The truth is the Seahawks have been the only franchise in Seattle that’s had a hardcore following ever since they got here. It’s one of the best fan bases in sports and there’s no denying it. Keep on coming with your lame comments niner fans. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a championship. 20 years goes by quick doesn’t it? Pretty bad when the game was recorded on VHS and the average person back then couldn’t send an email.

  2. Blue collar all class guy. Dude used to workout in the off season pushing his suburban up and down the street. Outstanding role model for current players from 1st grade to 15 yr NFL vet.

    Congrats big Walt.

  3. I still shiver when I think of him and Steve Hutchinson manning the left side of the Seahawk line.

    Congrats, Mr. Jones.

  4. A few quick comments:

    1. Imagine if the Seahawks were still in the AFC? Let’s just say that Denver and New England would still need to add more pieces to have a chance.

    2. Walter Jones and Anthony Muñoz were the two greatest offensive lineman I’ve ever seen play the game of football. Each guy was a once in a generation talent.

    3. Walter Jones and Derrick Brooks were the only two players in this class to gain entry into the hall as soon as they became eligible. Two of the greatest to ever play the game, both guys are class acts who played their entire careers for their respective teams, and those two teams came into the league together in the late 70’s. So cool.

  5. Guy was a beast, who never got the credit he deserved because the Hawks couldn’t put a team around him (minus the fluke SB run)
    Top 3 of his generation

  6. Wow, talking about a big head. This guy really believes that putting Raiders or any other nfl team for that matter in los Angeles is going to effect chargers in anyway, is completely disillusional! If chargers had any real fan base in los Angeles, then just maybe chargers could fill their stadium, but they don’t, why? The drive is not far, Oakland is much further and more people make that trip! Chargers should worry about getting a fan base in San Diego before opening their mouths about los Angeles nfl.Raiders Nation all day… speaking the truth..

  7. Jones deserves his hall call for sure, but I’m not sure how well he knows his Seahawks history if he is pimping Kenny Easley for the HOF.

    Easley certainly was a great player…for 3 or 4 seasons. But he was washed by his mid-twenties due to injuries/health. Just didn’t play long enough to even think about HOF.

    If he wants to talk about underappreciated Seahawks he should be talking about John L. Williams, the best all around true fullback (i.e. not a pseudo-tailback like Franco Harris or John Riggins) of the modern era.

  8. If anyone deserved induction from those teams it was Steve Hutchinson; when Hutch left, Jones and Alexander became irrelevant…

  9. Obviously he is the reason I wear the 71 on my current Hawks jerseys. I played same position, but was never in same league as WJ,,,respect

  10. I’m pretty sure a jet had to come out yesterday and say he was the best left tackle ever.

  11. Only 3 hall of famers, just shows how awful of a franchise Seattle has been. Only recently have fans come out of the wood work, such a joke. Keep paying Texas A&M to use their 12th man logo, you frauds

  12. Still can’t believe Shaun freakin Alexander had that many TDs in one season. And then just basically disappeared not too long after.

  13. I don’t understand the hate for the smaller market teams in the league. Seattle, Jax, Carolina, San Diego have good histories and they may not boast 8 super bowls and 20 HOF’ers but the bitterness towards these teams when they do win or produce great talent is ridiculous. Before 1970, The Steelers were a “joke” franchise and the Patriots had some real weak moments themselves and almost moved to St. Louis mind you.

  14. I love hearing 9er fans claim Hawk fans have only been around for a couple years and don’t know anything about the “past” players and their history. 9er fans should know this that success does bring new fans who may not know or understand the history of your team. BUT the only difference is the new 9er fans have a better understanding of the “past” and history because that’s all any 9er fan talks about.

  15. Congrats Walt! You were the best and a class act. I’ll never forget the stories about you pushing trucks around town. You’re a HOFer now. None of the small minded and smug individuals that see fit to snipe and jibe here today can in any way reduce your many accomplishments.

  16. Ironically 2-3 of those sacks came in his last game against the Cowboys when he played injured. Jones was the best LT to ever play. No one will see a better one in this lifetime. ALWAYS played and always dominated. It’s no wonder the movie “Blindside” used Jones as an example of what a left tackle is.

  17. This is the kind of player as a fan you would be most proud of. A player who truly respected the organization and its fans. My hat is off to him, having the respect to take the time to understand and appreciate the teams history is 100% class. Not to mention, he was a bad ass tackle.

  18. The real reason Kenny Easley played 3-4 years was because the NFL’s all-purpose pain killer, just as in the Military services, during his era was Ibuprofen (Motrin). Kenny Easley was, without a doubt the hardest hitting safety during his era. He redefined the position of safety, which is what the Hall of Fame is all about. Did this player redefine his position, when he played the game? Kenny Easley would big a very big YES!
    I watched this guy play and watched as receivers were terrified of him. He knocked the snot out of anyone daring to come his way. Everyone knew it! The only other player with his caliber at the time was Ronnie Lott of the San Francisco 49ers.
    All of you haters, who have no idea what the hell you are talking about, because you are simply trolls with nothing but piss and vinegar running in your veins, along with cowardice, have no idea who this man was back in the day.
    He would lay you out, but is now on Kidney dialysis, you freaks, because he gave his whole body of every freakin’ play!
    The brightest star, burns half as long, because it burns hotter than any other.
    Kenny Easley is absolutely deserving of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Watch his games, if you should ever get the opportunity, the guy was a BEAST!

  19. scmems07 says:
    Aug 2, 2014 10:09 PM
    Almost 40 yrs in the nfl and the mighty Seahawks have produced 3 hof players and 1 sb*. Joke of a franchise.


    You sound BITTER.

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