Jimmy Graham draws flag in scrimmage for goal-post dunk

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has vowed to ignore the new rule banning goal-post dunks during games.  And while it remains to be seen whether Graham will go through with a plan that would sacrifice 15 yards of field position and cost him money via a league-imposed fine, he dusted off his signature move after scoring a touchdown during Saturday’s intra-squad scrimmage.

Referee Gene Steratore, who has spent the past few days at Saints camp and sat down with PFT Live in an interview to be broadcast on Monday, threw a flag — to the loud disapproval of the fans in attendance.

Steratore explained that any use of the goal post during celebrations will result in a penalty during games.

“If it’s a clean dunk or a finger roll, I mean, come on,” Steratore said, via the New Orleans Advocate.  “[That’s a] prop. We just have to go prop.”

The goal-post dunk and the Lambeau Leap survived the NFL’s prior ban against props.  Graham’s violent dunk during a Thursday night game last year, which knocked the crossbar askew, prompted the NFL to include the maneuver within the reach of the rule.

So who will be in charge of stopping Graham from doing a dunk during games?

“Nobody,” Saints safety Jairus Byrd told PFT Live in an interview that will be shown on Monday.  “Listen, as long as he’s in the end zone, that’s what we want.  So that’s his decision to make but as long as he’s getting in the end zone, you know, that’s a great thing.”

Kicking off from the 20 instead of the 35 won’t be a great thing, especially if it results in the opponent matching Graham’s visit to the end zone.

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38 responses to “Jimmy Graham draws flag in scrimmage for goal-post dunk

  1. Another look at me selfish rich brat. There are plenty of people who would love to have the amount of his fine so they can feed their kids.

  2. Idiot. You just put the refs on notice to watch you closer than usual because you have shown you have no intention of following one of the absolute simplest rules to follow so why should they think you intend to follow any others. Idiot.

  3. So your celebration is more important than being a team player. Maybe he should be declared a wideout. He certainly acts like a diva.

  4. So let’s check the math:

    Knocking a woman out off the field = OK
    Knocking a woman out after a TD = not OK

  5. Dumbazz. What if he lands wrong and breaks a foot? Big and talented he is… bright, not so much.

  6. Aren’t y’all the ones who were hollering for him to get paid? Sounded like you really liked and appreciated him then. Was that just posturing? I’m shocked.

  7. I don’t get the whole individual celebration concept, unless you are surprised to score a touchdown or don’t expect to ever score another touchdown. Hand the ball to the ref, celebrate on the sidelines with your teammates, and get yourself ready to get back in the end zone on your next drive.

  8. Hey Jimmy…why didn’t you dunk on Kam Chancellor? And why didn’t you catch passes on a hawks safety 6 inches shorter than you during a regular season and playoff game?

    Just wondering….

  9. If anyone really thinks that Sean Payton will allow him to dunk during games and incur a 15 yd penalty on the kickoff, you’re crazy. Not going to happen.

  10. It was only for the scrimmage. JG already said he isn’t going to do it in a game. Take the hooks out of your mouths.

    “I am going to listen to the rules and I understand the consequences,” said Graham. “I don’t want to hurt the team but I really just don’t know what to do now (laughter.) It’s all I have ever done for a touchdown. I am trying to figure that out – it’s still in the works. Now that I am back with the guys and we will be at camp for a month, I am sure we will figure something out.”

  11. What happens if a game deciding field goal is involved and the kicker misses it because the goalpost is out of alignment??? This reminds me of the old days in the NBA when guys would try to shatter the backboards. I don’t mind the individual celebrations, but when the showboating interferes with the course of a game by knocking the goalpost off balance, I think a line needs to be drawn. Just score your touchdown, and go sit down, act like you’ve been there before…

  12. Next time he damages a goal post he needs to be billed for the repair/replacement on top of his fine.

    Teams should be allowed to access ‘stupidity’ fines – for just this sort of situation.

    Will multiple penalties and fines for this offense be included in the ‘repeats can get you suspended’ batch of penalties?

  13. Hilarious. Every one of you clowns would love to have Graham on your teams.

    I’m guessing he didn’t catch a pass against Chancellor…because….drum roll…

    Seahawks secondary holds on every single play!

  14. Been at training camp watching him and he’s a talented kid who’s been through a LOT. He’s close to Drew Brees, who is a class act and I think he will do the right thing. Will he dunk a time or two in a regular season game? Probably!! It is who he is!! Do I care about the penalty? Not a chance if done at the right time…like when we are beating the daylights out of our opponents, just because it’s fun to see him do it!!! And yes, we all cheered him last weekend at training camp when he did it. Love #JimmyGraham #WhoDat

  15. He’ll do the right thing when the season comes around.

    That said, the league should just add extra supports to the goal posts. Maybe do an “H” shape or that with another vertical post in the bottom middle.

  16. isn’t it showing off if a player jumps in the stands ,or doing silly dance move (some which make you think ,geeesh he can’t dance),but I understand that its a pita to straighten goal post and let the LOSING team get 15 minutes to wonder what to do next time they get the ball j.s. WHO DAT !!!!!!

  17. He will go down as one of the greatest at his position in the history of the game.

  18. Graham is a clown. Dunking the ball for a TD during a scrimmage?…. against his won team? Wow. So imporessive

    What a loser.

    The NFC west will shut graham down. N.O. will regret keeping that loser.

  19. Why don’t the haters wait until he actually does this during a real game to go crazy over how selfish and stupid he is? I doubt he is actually going to hurt his team by invoking penalties in something more meaningful than a scrimmage. If he does, by all means go at him, but until then this just comes off as a lot of haterade from people who would love to have him on your team.

  20. Graham did not invent it but no doubt he makes it look the best . Grahamz a beast and any team including the seahawks would love to have him . This rule is stupid and excessive and takes some of the fun from players . I hope it is overturned or reformed so graham can have fun catching 10+ TD a season for the next 4 years

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