Michael Strahan greets his gap-toothed bust in Canton


That was the theme of Michael Strahan’s speech upon entry to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“My life is improbable,” Strahan said.  “I’m an improbable Hall of Famer.  I’m an improbable football player.”

It started when Strahan was an overweight teenager, and he decided to get in shape.

“I went out and got Jane Fonda tapes,” Strahan said.

It led to lifting weights with his father before learning football from his uncle to earning a scholarship at Texas Southern to landing with the Giants in the NFL.

It culminated in an improbable Super Bowl win to cap his career, and an even more improbable career as a mainstream morning-show host.

And his speech capped an improbable night of impossibly long speeches that seemed like they would never end.  Strahan’s was as long as (if not longer than) anyone’s, but it was by far the most engaging, humorous, and entertaining.