Scuffle gets Anquan Boldin kicked out of practice


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh loves intensity, but even he has his limits.

On Friday, Harbaugh booted receiver Anquan Boldin from practice after Boldin took a swing at cornerback Darryl Morris.

As explained by Matt Maiocco of, Boldin caught a pass despite tight coverage from Morris.  The two got into it afterward, and Boldin delivered a blow to the cornerback’s facemask.

Harbaugh took exception to Boldin’s taking exception to the action after the reception, and Harbaugh told Boldin to leave.

While some veterans would relish an early exit from practice (it wouldn’t be the first time a player started a fight in order to escape the practice field), Maiocco says Boldin “angrily” walked to the locker room.

It’s smart for coaches to ensure that players learn the importance of keeping their emotions in check.  Outbursts like that during a game result in 15 yards of field position and the football equivalent of a red card.

Yeah, I watched enough soccer last month to learn what a red card is.

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  1. Remember Troy Aikman’s comment? I think we all appreciate Boldin for his fierce demeanor. But he must learn to avoid personal foul penalties.

  2. Good coaching move by Jim Harbaugh because that may not be easy with such a respected vet. Boldin is tough they come and fiery but I watched games where he could have been flagged for multiple occasions after the whistle.

  3. Hmmm… between this stuff, the injuries at various positions in camp and the Boone holdout it kinda seems like some bad mojo is settling over the Niners this preseason. That being said they remain one of the 3 most talented teams in the NFC and I’m sure when the games start to count they’ll be right there in the mix again.

  4. “Harbaugh took exception to Boldin’s taking exception to the action after the reception, and Harbaugh told Boldin to leave.”

    Oh Florio, you’re so witty and have such a “hilarious” way with words. Imagine how many people you cause to “lol” across the country with your zany antics?

  5. Hmm not really the equivalent to a red card in soccer. A red cards much worse since you can’t replace the player that was kicked out. In football, you can.

  6. quoting bnwillard
    People, it WR CORPS, not Core.

    Thank you! And it’s “jell” not “gel” unless you want your defense to melt into viscous goo rather than solidify into a cohesive unit.

  7. Boldin goes too far sometimes. I remember a game last year when he pushed a ref, he was lucky he wasn’t kicked out of that game.

  8. Thank you! And it’s “jell” not “gel” unless you want your defense to melt into viscous goo rather than solidify into a cohesive unit.


    Gel is a legitimate alternate spelling of jell. You are thinking of gel the noun; not gel the verb.

  9. shaab23 says: Aug 2, 2014 10:25 AM

    “50 push-ups…on your knuckles” – John Kreese Cobra Cai

    That was on the night before last and I watched 1 & 2. I can kick Boldins but. Wax on wax off.

  10. A fifteen yard personal foul is probably closer to a yellow card than a red since a red is ejection from a game and forcing your team to play with one less player.

    Then again, one can commit multiple personal fouls in football, but soccer only allows two yellows before the player is ejected, so perhaps there is not a good comparison between the penalties.

    Not that this has anything to do with the punch/fight/thingy, but it’s Saturday so what else are we going to do but comment on pft articles and avoid the wife’s “to do list.”

  11. A group of ref’s led by Ed Hochuli was in Green Bay this week, going over the rule changes. If the number of flags flying at practice were any indication, it’s going to be a long season for defensive backs around the league this year…

  12. Boldin is one of the toughest dudes in the NFL…never forget how he had his jaw (and pretty much his whole face) broken on a hit as a Cardinal and demanded to be back playing again two weeks later with screws in his jaw. But I’ll also never forget how he started having weird anger issues and disputes with coaching staff that led to pouting on the sidelines and stomping off into locker rooms right in the middle of a Super Bowl run. Baltimore I don’t remember any big issues and he seemed to be just good until almost single handedly shepherding the Ravens to the Super Bowl making the QB seem like a genius and getting Joe a fat contract while going to San Fran for what…a 6th rounder?! Guy needs to walk a fine line between passion on the field and getting himself in a coach’s doghouse.

  13. Cardinal fan…

    We always loved Anquan…. But he is what he is…. And that is a guy with a very sour personality. You get what you get with him…. He’s tough on the field…but cam also be a huge SOB to his own team…

    Remember… He sulked in the locker room and refused to celebrate with the team when the Cardinals won the NFC Championship, all because Todd Haley pulled him on a play in the most important drive in the History of the franchise.

    I was there….I’d love to be able to remember him for much more…but that sours my opinion of Boldin tremendously.

  14. Hey coach, where’s Aldon?

    Hate to break it to you but Smith’s going to be torched by Goodell, fair or not.

    He’s getting so much flack over Rice he’s going to overreact the other direction. He keeps claiming part of the reason he let Rice off was no pattern. How’s he going to explain letting Smith off with a very obvious and disturbing pattern?

    6 games min.

  15. Hindsight being what it is…..But – as a Raven fan – i was very happy we let him go.

    He could have gotten a PF every game he plays in and he has zero speed. So while he does put up #’s and does help the team, he never draws coverage away from anyone and on any given play at any given moment he can kill a drive with a penalty.

  16. He’s from a team of wife beaters and murderers, can you blame him?

    I suspect the argument was over who fell down the easiest after the catch…

    #Forty-Whiners (2nd worse fan base in the league)

  17. If he’s getting that upset with his cb’s wait until the season starts. Not only does he have to play the hawks twice i would expect a lotta teams around the league to try & emulate the LOB (within the new rules that is). The patriots are a perfect example with Revis, Browner, & Talib. Much of the league is going to play physical in the backfield this year so he better get used to being knocked around or, like a few commenters said, he’s gonna draw a lotta 15 yarders this season. Btw, for the record, i really like Boldin.

  18. Who would you rather root for golden Tate’s dirty plays or anquan’s antics? I would guess most would vote for the latter.

    Well, since Golden Tate is now a Detroit Lion, and not in the NFC West, I don’t see how that statement is relevant….

    Santa Clara fans…they’re funny

    Go Hawks

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