Still absent from team, Abraham issues statement on DUI arrest


The Cardinals and linebacker John Abraham had managed to keep quiet his absence from the team due to a DUI arrest in June.  While the specific reason for his failure to join the rest of the club to preseason practices has not yet been disclosed, Abraham addressed the situation generally via a statement released by the Cardinals on Friday.

“First, I want to apologize to my family and friends, the Cardinals organization, my teammates and the fans for letting them down,” Abraham said, proving that it’s indeed possible to apologize after being arrested on such charges.  “I understand the significance of my actions and right now I am taking the necessary steps to handle my personal business.  I am very thankful for the support from my family, friends and especially the Cardinals organization during this time in my life.  I am looking forward to being back with my teammates in the near future.”

Abraham, who has said that he has a good chance at making it to Canton, needs only eight more to catch very-soon-to-be-Hall-of-Famer Michael Straham with 141.5.

18 responses to “Still absent from team, Abraham issues statement on DUI arrest

  1. Maybe start showing some veteran leadership and don’t get stupid things like DUI’s!

    That may be a start if you’re a “Hall of Famer.” Which you’re not.

  2. It’s hard to root for these guys when time and time again they mess up. I mean, come on, Abraham JUST witnessed D. Washington getting a year long suspension for drugs. He watched it first hand and listened to the coaches talking about being smart about your decisions on and off the field. He had 11 sacks last year and was a key player for the Cards defense. Why he can’t call a cab, use UBER, Lyft, a limo or a personal driver I can never understand. He had 2 DUI’s already – yet still got behind the wheel after drinking – he’s got a big time drinking problem. I know he’s in rehab, but why can’t you use your brain…IF I DRINK = DO NO DRIVE AT ALL….EVEN 1 DRINK. Dang – put the rule in your brain and follow it. Shoot as soon as you order your first drink call call a driving service and have em waiting…better yet hand your keys over to the manager of the place and tell em not to give em back to you that night. Another player not injured but hurting the team.

  3. John Abraham 14 yrs
    133.5 sacks 446 tackles

    Warren Sapp 13 yrs – HOF
    96.5 sacks 435 tackles

    Cortez Kennedy 11 yrs HOF
    58 sacks 568 tackles

    John Randle 14 yrs – HOF
    137.5 sacks 471 tackles

    Strahan 15 yrs – HOF
    141.5 sacks 659 tackles

    Howie Long 13 yrs – HOF
    91.5 sacks

  4. Wait…where’s the video clip of Ray Rice standing on his soap box announcing his disapproval of a fellow player’s off the field behavior? (like when he threw Hines Ward under the bus).

  5. LMAO! Arrested for DUI, passed out at the wheel of his car at a stop light, 4am, but wait for it……….. the dude says he is still going to Canton. Are you kidding me? Stay real John. Nice egomaniac apology. Have another one big boy. Bring your pillow this time. Deployed airbags are uncomfortable.

  6. OH! HEY!

    Drinking is legal in all of the states.. we should all be a bit more lenient.



    WHO’S WITH ME!?!? AHHHHhhhhh…


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