Another practice fight for Steve Smith


Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith has once again found himself involved in a fight on the practice field.

This time, according to the Ravens’ website, Smith and cornerback Chykie Brown were engaged in a physical blocking drill, got overly heated and started swinging at each other. They had to be separated by teammates.

Tempers were heated at the Ravens’ practice, as coach John Harbaugh threw Brown out of practice when he kicked a football in frustration after dropping an interception, and Harbaugh even yelled at defensive coordinator Dean Pees for not keeping Brown in line.

For Smith, getting heated at practice is par for the course. He also got into a fight with cornerback Lardarius Webb during a June practice, and Smith had some significant incidents during his years in Carolina, getting disciplined for punching teammates on two different occasions. The Ravens knew they were getting a feisty competitor when they signed Smith, and that’s exactly what he’s been in practice.

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  1. Will he ever learn? This was from his time at Carolina…

    “Smith was involved with an altercation with his teammate Anthony Bright during a film-room meeting. Smith was suspended after that incident, which left Bright with a fractured orbital lobe. Smith was arrested and briefly jailed on charges of misdemeanor assault, and the Panthers suspended him for one game”

  2. These guys need to carry their pieces with them onto the practice field and settle their differences like real men.

    (Not really.)

  3. its one thing to get heated and fired up in camp but punches… but there is a reason Carolina had no problem with Steve moving on, diminishing skills and you don’t want him as the face of your franchise because of this kind of stuff.

  4. i love how there’s dozens of camp fights every year but when smitty is involved out come the name calling blowhards. cheetoh fingers be quiet

  5. as a Panther Fan it was easy to deal with this when Smith was a super star but now he’s a old man in NFL yrs AND some wondered why Panthers Current GM called him a distraction in the Locker room

  6. Steve Smith is so lucky he has NFL talent. With that temper he’d more than likely be behind bars if he were just some guy on the street.

  7. Good riddance. He will do this every game Baltimore fans. Most games last season he got in more arguments with other DBS than catches

  8. Two football players got heated and swung at each other?? In training camp??? One is a repeat offender?? Good god almighty what is the world coming to?!?! I don’t know if I can watch a game of jacked up guys in body armor slamming into each other if it’s full of hotheaded characters like this.

  9. Another practice fight? When’s the main event? Who’s his rival? Is it going to be on PPV? I ain’t paying for PPV.

  10. This is normal in football and stories like this one are just what happens when places get sports writers who thought chess club was a sports team in high school and deserved varsity letters.

  11. It’s the kind of thing you put up with when he is flirting with 2000 yard seasons, the player he is now gets sent packing.

    -Dave Gettleman

  12. Punks, wife beaters, convicted felons, drug users, PED users, the Ravens have plenty of role models. Just the type of players you want your kids to look up to!

  13. This. Is. Sparta! But once again, what do you expect when you have literally the best and biggest grown men in the world fighting for their roster spot, and in turn, their big ol contract. Any man would throw down for possible millions

  14. Always great to see that Harbaugh has brought in more “character guys who are beyond reproach” just like the rest of the team. At least he will fit in with the rest of his inmates… I mean teammates.

  15. God-del how do you like how all that anger management classes Smith took has worked out?

  16. The only team Steve Smith should be on is the security team at the club…since he wants to fight so much….idiot. THEY ARE YOUR TEAMMATES.

  17. Clueless ravens now have many faces for their classless franchise that they can choose from: ozzie gruesome, ray wife beater, ray ray murderer, anger management eligible steve, and the 4 or 5 other losers who were arrested recently.

    Raven’s fans: “stop picking on ray, his wife tripped on something in the elevator, fell backward, and hit her head until she became unconscious, you weren’t there, blah blah.” Deny and defend.

  18. Exactly the type of revved up player the Ravens needed at WR. Not quite another Anquan Boldin, but not far off. Couple Smith with the strongest arm in the NFL, Torrey Smith, and other weapons, and Kubiak replacing the moribund offensive “leadership” of the over-rated Jim Caldwell, the Ravens offense should be a force.

    Playoffs for sure, AFC North probably. Maybe, just maybe, Smith makes the difference towards the Ravens securing their 2nd Lombardi Trophy in 3 seasons, 3rd overall, and Baltimore’s 6th NFL Championship since the Greatest Game Ever Played by Johnny U and Alan Ameche in 1958. Nobody believed that Harbaugh, Flacco, Ngata, Suggs, Pitta etc could do it in 2013, either.

  19. As a Panther’s fan, I truly miss the guy. He is one of the nicest guys around when is “not at work”. He, however, plays and practices at an intensity level that is unmatched. And when he gets in the DBs heads enough for then to challenge him, it drives him to another level where he rarely loses the matchup.

  20. ravens must be growing up? maybe you could learn something

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    I can always learn something, but I already know knives are for dead neat and hitting women us not something a real man does, and finally the the Ravens and their fans love their criminals.

    A least Smith is not hitting his wife!

  21. just wondering…all of you trolls commenting on a meaningless practice fight…what do you say when it’s your team involved? as far as commenting on Ray Lewis. that’s just sad and pathetic at this point. he’s retired, and the two people actually tried for those deaths were found not guilty due to self defense. meaning that if the two dead guys didn’t start the fight then they would possibly still be alive today. Ray no one is defending his actions. pick on him all you want. hopefully he is true to his word and this type of thing never happens again. only time will tell. ravens are classless? that’s just laughable. they are no better or worse than any other team in the league.

  22. Why the hell does anyone care who these guys are or what they did or didn’t do or what they have to say about anythin. If you don’t have $ on the game or in a fantasy league, why the hell are you rooting or even watching? P.S. Do you know that in the course of a 3 hour plus NFL game that there are about 12 minutes of actual game time action?

  23. @scoobies you must have had you head inside your shell for the last week to say no one is defending a Rice. Oh wait you always fail to see anything that puts the ravens in a bad light, but are always looking to point out the trolls who are telling the truth. The a Rice situation made my day as it proved what I have been saying …the Aravens are a classless franchise …fans players owner and head coach. The joke of the NFL….The Raven Nation

  24. Reality is,he was brung here for his talents.People get on these boards & act like a bunch of WUSS! You have a main guy in Steve Smith & a maybe Chykie Brown,if Steve gets hurt,what happen from there? Or Chykie who’s fighting to be the 3rd corner & see a opportunity to get paid like Graham.Both are them fightning to compete.If you any of your played sports,this happens all around in sports.Especially,football & basketball because guys are playing close to one another.Smith have a few dollars & now Chykie see what Graham made be a 3rd DB,so,he feels he can do the same for his family.

  25. Steve Smith a very good player who had the worst collection of QB I’ve ever seen.

    Stop hating him.. guy plays !!

  26. ravenswinsuperbowl47, S Smith is in the down slide of his career, T Smith doesn’t take over a game, and I could be wrong but I seem to remember all the praise Caldwell got after he replaced Cam but after Flacco once again underperformed and/or fell on his face Caldwell became the scapegoat. The above average QB getting top money is more than likely the issue and once all the restructuring starts to get that big cap number down the Ravens will be seeing more sub.500 seasons again.

    I see the Ravens fighting for third in the North with the Browns. Bengals win the division and go 1 and done for a fourth straight year.

  27. coming from a fan of a team that still employs Ben, your comments are useless. so keep on believing that your team is any better than any other team

  28. A lower cap hit only means Flacco’s interceptions per $1M ratio will be higher than last year. You still get the same player.

  29. “point out the trolls who are telling the truth”

    That’s an oxymoron. Like “absolutely likely” or “military intelligence”. Claiming you are taking the righteous route but then declaring an entire organization and fan base as classless without even acknowledging these are real people and they have good is itself pretty classless not to mention ignorant.

  30. Scoobs, the Steeler offense is in better shape then the Ravens but on defense the Ravens will have the edge. The Ravens had 2 of the 3 worst YPC RBs in the league last year, added an over the hill WR that had 745 yards and 4 TDs in the regular season and 74 yards and 1 TD in the playoffs, and TE that’s over the hill.

    The Steelers are in better shape to make a playoff run. Young on both sides of the ball with 2 veteran cornerstones on each side of the ball.

  31. I would hope Steve would lose that temper but just not in the cards, I guess. His behavior will divide the team and when you do not have a team that is together and in sync you go nowhere except to the next brawl.

  32. The Ravens are lucky to get Steve Smith and the Panther fans are just jealous because they know they lost a good receiver! He may be feisty, but he is all heart!!!

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