Bears G.M. open to bringing back Kyle Orton


It’s unclear whether free agent quarterback Kyle Orton plans to play in the NFL again. But if he does, Bears General Manager Phil Emery would be interested in bringing him back to Chicago.

I have great respect for Kyle,” Emery said on ESPN Radio. “When I was in Kansas City, we brought him in. That’s the famous claim the Bears figured they would get [in 2011]. We claimed him. He came in. He started against the Bears; got hurt first or second play. At the time in Kansas City, we won the game. The next week, he starts against Green Bay, an undefeated Green Bay team [which] had the longest winning streak in football at that point. [He] beat them; beat them in Kansas City. Great leadership skills, guys really like playing for him, big arm. So the skill set is there. But as far as where he’s going in his career… that we don’t know.”

Orton was released by the Cowboys after staying home from all offseason work, and there’s been some talk that he plans to retire. But Orton hasn’t done so yet, and it’s possible that he could play if given the right opportunity. Orton was drafted by the Bears in 2005 and played in Chicago for four years.

Backing up Jay Cutler in Chicago may be that opportunity. Jordan Palmer and Jimmy Clausen are currently competing for the No. 2 spot in Chicago, with rookie sixth-round draft pick David Fales expected to make the roster as the No. 3. If Orton is motivated, he’d be a better option than anyone currently in Bears camp. Unfortunately for the Bears, Emery seems to believe that Orton will retire, and so Emery is more focused on the guys the Bears have in camp.

“We’re extremely excited about Jay, and we’re extremely excited about the competition we have for the backups. If we see a player at quarterback or any other position that can help us, we’ll certainly take a look,” Emery said.

Orton knows that if he wants to play, Emery is just a phone call away.

48 responses to “Bears G.M. open to bringing back Kyle Orton

  1. Why would anybody other than Dallas want this guy? Didn’t he lose his job to Tim Tebow a few years ago? This guys been washed up since he was drafted.

  2. I’d be thrilled if comes back as the Bears #2 QB. Then I’d be even more thrilled if he never has to play.

  3. Emery is saying all the right things here, but between the lines it’s clear that he does not think this is going to happen.

    I doubt Emery would be willing to pay Orton as much as he thinks he is worth, to be completely honest. He has a draft pick on a rookie salary and a couple projects making minimum. He invested in Jay, so obviously believes that he will play a full season, no matter what the rest of us may think.

    Orton won’t be back in Chicago this season.

  4. One thing about this game — you do have to play with the guys you’ve got — not the guys you want.

  5. It’s still unclear why he wanted out of dallas. If he wants to play, what better place than behind a qb with half his back already out on the porch in a rocking chair?

  6. Honestly from listening to Emery, the ball is in Orton’s court.
    I don’t think he would have said something like that publicly unless he had talked it over with Trestman.

  7. Tebow was talked about and compared because this idiot lost to Tebow who isn’t even in the NFL (because of how bad he is at quarterback).

    Just cause you are an evangelist doesn’t mean God wants your team to win.

  8. “We’re extremely excited about Jay, and we’re extremely excited about the competition we have for the backups. If we see a player at quarterback or any other position that can help us, we’ll certainly take a look,” Emery said.

    “Oh please, oh please, oh please lol!! Can’t wait for the crapstrom brewing.”
    the rest of the potential NFC “Wildcard” teams.

  9. People whime and cry, this or that team is going nowhere, they have no back up QB. People state it like the team they are speaking of does not have what 31 other teams have. 95% of the time a team is toast if the starter goes down. You see the 1-15 Colts without Manning more often then what McNown gave the Bears last year. There are not 32 good starters. We worry too much about the backups.
    Heck the Cowboys were 0-1 with Orton last year.

    Meanwhile, Emery basically said our backup options are so bad we would rather have this guy who isn’t really motivated to play. I hated the Farve escapades where he fed his ego waiting for MN to come beg him to play. But at least he had a legendary career and not the Jerry Goldsein like career Orton had.
    Why is anyone even thinking about this guy?

  10. I would take Orton as back up all day long. Considering the Oline blew and there were no receivers when he played in Chicago- he did Ok.
    That is no longer the case- like to have him on the bench and never touch the ball all season after preseason unless we were blowing out the Patriots when we play them

  11. For the most part Orton was a good Bear. He would win a lot of games (2005), then Grossman would come back from Injury, and blow all the momentum Orton had built up. His major problem was lack of touch on the long ball. He would be an upgrade for sure.

    And we all know the only reason he lost his job to Tebow was because Tebow was a first rounder.

  12. And what about the fact the broncos were like 4-22 and the point at which he lost his starting job to tebow. But let’s over look that. And how about the fact he scored no points in Chicago and rode that defense’s nuts. Some people will make excuses for anyone but kill others in similar situations.

  13. u people really don’t get it do you? Orton doesn’t want to be a back up QB, he wants a starting job, which won’t happen so he’ll most likely retire.

  14. Orton is a good quarterback, but does not have fourth quarter magic. He’s a solid player, but if the game is close don’t expect him to lead a game-winning drive. Denver fans got tired of mediocrity and losing close games. Tebow would play like crap, but he always a clutch guy who would peak late in games. Orton could move an offense, put up decent stats, control turnovers, but he won’t produce a game-winning drive.

  15. Well, maybe Bears only seeing Cutler beating out the cheese heads games but losing to other NFC North and need Orton to start bc Cutler is going to get crushed and put to bed by Barr. But again, Orton is going to be a HOF. In contrast to Cutler is a back to HOF. Great HOF players who will never win anything!!!!!

  16. I called this the day Orton’s release was announced. Since then — with none of the Bears’ backup QBs looking good in camp at all — it makes more sense than ever.

  17. The one drive I’ll never forget with Orton as a bear was 2008 in Atlanta. Drove us down and hit Muhammad with a 35yd td lazer to back left corner of end zone with 12 seconds left to take a 1 pt lead. Coincidentally the next play a rookie by the name of Matt Ryan hit roddy white in stride for a 60 yarder that set up Atlanta’s game winning field goal. Our DEFENSE gave up that game, not Orton. He’s not the best but he’s more than serviceable in a pinch.

  18. He should be ashamed of himself. If he wanted out he should have held the Cowboys harmless. He has taken their money. If he wants to play (and signs with another team) he should return what he extorted from them.

  19. HEEEELLLOOOOOOOO! What exactly dont you guys get? Did you see how Tresman turned McCown into a 10m Starter (even though I dont think hes close to living up to it)? Do you think that Tampa would be going after McCown if he didnt play on the Bears last year? Theres things you dont/cant see beyond the screen or your vision of what potential a QB has and Tres can see it. One of the very reasons idiots are ridin Jay, because they cant see what true potential is, they have no idea that Jay led a Division 3 college Offense undrr Lovie. They just see “Jay doesnt win?”

  20. Did a Viking’s fan really just call the Bears the punching bag of the division?

    Why the Viking’s fans feel it necessary to talk trash about the Packers and the Bears on a consistent basis I don’t understand, but you guys love to make your fan base look ridiculous.

    You’re team is the embarrassment of the NFC North since you came into the league. Win something or at least finish ahead of the Bears/Packers/Lions and then talk….

  21. C’mon Phil, show us Fans you have the cojones to call him. But that’s it. Just call him to say hi, discuss his kids health, maybe invite him to dinner, but but by no means invite him to Training Camp.

  22. 1973to1991packerssuckedbigtime says:
    Aug 3, 2014 1:34 PM

    Ah, the trolls are out. It didn’t take long for someone to bring the Vikings into an article where they were not mentioned at all.

    So many people with no time on their hands and not much of a life.
    And then there are (purple) people who have no choice but to live in the past.

  23. detdominance says:
    Aug 3, 2014 4:49 PM

    He’ll be in the lineup by week 6. Cutler will be down with an injury to his ovaries.


    I’m a Bear fan and to have to admit, this is funny.

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