Bon Jovi clarifies “intentions” regarding Bills


The man who has made millions working crowds all around the world by simply mentioning repeatedly the name of the city on the sheet of paper taped to the floor of the stage has failed to date to engage in similar pandering to Buffalo.  So Jon Bon Jovi has taken a sheet of paper and tried — perhaps too little perhaps too late — to persuade Bills fans that, if he buys the team, it won’t move.

In a letter provided exclusively to the Buffalo News (which Bon Jovi surely hopes will get the publication to be help persuade the masses of his message), Bon Jovi attempts on behalf of the rest of his proposed ownership group to “clarify our intentions to the fans of the team and the people of Buffalo.”

Bon Jovi writes that his group is “committed to working with the State, City, County and business community to identify the best possible site in the Buffalo area for a new stadium and to then develop and implement a plan to finance and build a state-of-the-art NFL stadium for the loyal Bills fans.”

He explains that he has been “working toward” being “part of the NFL” for a long time, a goal that began with his purchase of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul a decade ago.

“My family and I are prepared to make this life-changing commitment to be part of the Bills,” Bon Jovi writes.  “This is not a hobby or an acquisition.  Building a winner on and off the field will be job one and I intend to spend as much time on the ground in Buffalo as needed to accomplish that goal.”

His use of the term “on the ground” makes being there seem like an obligation, not something he genuinely wants to do.  Instead, he genuinely wants to own an NFL team, and the Bills are the only one currently available. 

Because he most likely lacks the ability to buy the franchise on his own, Bon Jovi has aligned with a group based in Toronto, which in recent weeks and months has resulted in the widespread impression that the group will try to find a stadium solution in Buffalo, eventually declaring defeat at or about the time that he can pull up the stakes, take the team to Toronto, and not really feel too guilty about it because the team will still be within driving distance for those loyal fans.

With Bon Jovi, by virtue of his membership in a broader group, unable or unwilling to buy the team on his own, it’s still unknown whether he’d be the majority, controlling owner or simply the front man of a band funded by someone else’s cash.  As explained by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Bon Jovi will have to come up with 30 percent of the purchase price to have his face on the bus and his hands on the wheel of it. 

Indeed, Bon Jovi may have simply been given a seat at the table by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment executive Larry Tanenbaum and Edward Rogers of Rogers Communications to help legitimize what otherwise would be an obvious effort to buy the team and eventually take it to Toronto.  Without control of the team, nothing Bon Jovi says really matters.

And even if Bon Jovi’s letter is true and accurate, “intentions” can change.  Likewise, a commitment to working with the powers-that-be to build a new stadium could fail.  Bon Jovi stopped short of saying what the fans want to hear — that the Bills will not leave.

Even if Bon Jovi had said that, Bills fans wouldn’t have believed it.  After an extended, inexplicable silence, Bon Jovi’s letter comes off as an effort to stop the bleeding before it’s too late.  For Bills fans, especially those wearing the “No Bon Jovi” T-shirts in Canton last night, it’s probably too late.

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  1. He looks like a shyster in that picture. World class marketer, great showman, barely average singer… wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him

  2. Ultimately the league will decide where the Bills play football. Everyone getting pissed at Bon Jovi and his partners should actually get pissed at the other owners if the Bills are sold to a group that moves the team because neither of those things will happen without league approval.

  3. This is all just “late in the game” damage control. The Bon Jovi group now knows that their original plan to move the team to Toronto won’t fly, so they are saying whatever it takes in hopes of getting the team. If they did end up with the winning bid, they would start laying out their master plan to move to Toronto the NEXT day. They would pursue all court challenges etc. to try and speed up the process. That is how the Toronto connection operates. Long live the Bills in Buffalo!

  4. Oh, the Bills will no longer be in Buffalo, that’s a guarantee. Besides, Canadians still think Bon Jovi has good songs…they probably jam to ‘Bed of Roses’…

  5. Bon-Jon is still around ? No way anyone has bought any of his music in years. Only makes money on the senior music tour.
    If he gets the Bills, they stay maybe 3-5 years, then move to Canada. Bad move. Canada stinks. Even worse than Buffalo.
    Go away Bon-Jon …… and get a haircut, you’re not 21 anymore ….

  6. Nothing moves unless it’s approved by the other owners … If the sales goes thru to Bon Jovi blame the owners … Hate the game not the player.. Everyone knows his intentions…..

  7. Business time…

    Is the team more valuable, and of more value to the NFL (tv contracts/merchandising) in Toronto or Buffalo?

    Not for nothing, but the owners and folks running the NFL don’t strike me as the nostalgic types, not when theres money on the line.

  8. This sounds like the same lip service Sam Battistone gave New Orleans back when he acquired the Jazz. He knew he couldn’t get a franchise for Salt Lake City so he bought the franchise for New Orleans and then moved it.

  9. i think bon jovi the businessman’s messy attempt to be involved in the purchase of the bills will hurt bon jovi the band.

    their popularity may have peaked. except of course for 50-60 year olds in the ny-nj-phila region.

  10. JBJ is a multi-millionaire because of free market capitalism.

    However, he endorses politicians pushing for Big Govt Socialism and promises “you can keep your health care plan. Period!”

    JBJ is a masserati marxist and hypocrite.

    JBJ should not believed re: keeping Bills in Buffalo.

  11. Yep, too little , too late JBJ…. you haven’t been paying attention or are you that clueless?

  12. Last ditch effort since his group hasn’t been publically acknowledged to continue through the bidding process. The Trust will probably continue the bidding process with Terry & Kim Pegula, Donald Trump and B. Thomas Golisano.

    All the owners are concerned about is how much the team will sell for. The highest unofficial bid is $1.3bil, approx. 50% higher than Forbes valuation. I think Jerry Jones is quite happy with that.

    Moving the Bills would be a PR nightmare and NYS politicians will request exposing the NFL to Anti-Trust laws.

  13. Didn’t know he needed fans’ permission to buy a franchise. I think it would terrible to leave Buffalo, but all he really needs to do so is the cash to make the right bid, and a fanbase with cash of their own wherever he may decide to move it.

  14. I’m not sure where all the personal hate on Bon Jovi is coming from. I think his music is crappy but he’s serious about being a good owner.

    He can’t say for 100% sure the ownership group will keep the team in Buffalo though as the City/State have a say in a new stadium etc.

    Any potential owner that would be stupid enough to give up all their leverage with the City of Buffalo is probably an ownership group you don’t want running your on-field product either

  15. This is only coming out because He was embarrassed after Andre Reed practically called him out on national TV. Too little, too late. Bills fans will never believe in you Bon Jovi. The only thing that sucks more than your music is your ability to lie.

  16. Even the lowly bills don’t deserve to be stuck in buffalo.
    If they don’t want a winning a team let them move to a city that will at least try to build one.
    The pats get the easy road to the playoffs every year because they are guaranteed 6 games against crappy teams every year.

  17. Those “loyal Buffalo fans” will not make the drive or be loyal to a Toronto team.

    Does the NFL really want an owner who has to break the piggy bank, return cans and dig through the couch to come up with the cash to own 30% of a team? JBJ is embarrassing himself… and for some reason Goodell is willing to entertain his fantasy.

    This is a pathetic effort.

  18. He doesn’t care about WNY, he just wants a team. If the NFL franchise was in Turmenistan he would writing letters to their newspapers. He has been exposed as wanting to do what will make him the most money possiBle all the while getting to stroke his ego as he gets to own an NFL franchise. If only it wasn’t for that one little detail of the fans who support the team he would be fine. He lost them in this. A guy who people have been yelling his name for decades took the fans for granted.

  19. It is amazing how rich people can tell huge lies so easily and with apparent conviction

    Probably how many got so rich

    this guy is as phony as a $3 dollar bill

  20. Lead singers in rock bands are usually not the most trustworthy of people. Just sayin.

  21. He wouldnt have any control with his partners if they decided to move the team to Toronto. He would simply end up saying ” well i tried but outvoted by my partners.”

    Bad idea to sell it to him. Im a Tampa Bay fan and i am with the fans of Buffalo on this one.

  22. Yes, the league would have to approve a move. Don’t assume they wouldn’t, even if it has been made plain that the intended landing spot would generate less revenue than the current one.

    The management group that has chosen to put Bongiovi in front is made up of the guys in Toronto who have already demonstrated that they don’t care much about the football side of the team. Tanenbaum and Rogers had five years to help make the Bills a legitimate Thing in Toronto; They failed. Everything they did suggests that the team itself is not a priority. Their priority appears to be a combination of profitability, which has been demonstrated throughout North American Sport to be maximized by competitive success, and Membership.

    Toss ’em.

  23. Problem is that the NFL won’t give an expansion team to Toronto as it would kill the Bills.

    Therefore, only way to get a team in Toronto is to take the Bills themselves.

  24. Who the hell would vote “Yes” in that poll? I ask because I have numerous bridges I would like to present to them as investment opportunities.

  25. Anyone watching the enthusiasm of the Bills fans in Canton last night should be convinced the only logical place for the team is Buffalo! And all this despite nothing to root for in the last 15 years.

  26. Whenever someone tells me they love Bon Jovis music I immediately question their intelligence .And if anyone thinks he will the one who decides to relocate them to forgotnl you’re even dumber.All he is is what Magic is for thenDodgers.Hes the figurehead while the real bosses are the ones with the real money that will make the decision to apply or relocation.Buffalo fans are like adsorbed fans.Talk about the past and then the stadium is half empty by week 8.

  27. He is already terrible at making music, and now he is going to make the Bills Live on Prayers every week since Bon Jovi knows nothing about football.

  28. Serious question. Do the Bills have attendance problems like the Florida teams? I don’t recall them being blacked out or anything but wondering why the Toronto threat continually comes up. Thanks

  29. For Buffalonians old enough to remember the NBA Buffalo Braves before they left to become the Clippers, Bon Jovi’s remarks are eerily similar to those of the former KFC owner John Y. Brown when he bought the Braves and subsequently sold them.

  30. Too bad we live in a country where inheritance tax kept Ralph Wilson from giving the team to his children. That was pretty much the only thing that was going to allow Bills fans to go to home games without their passports. At least the 1% doesn’t get richer though, right? That’s what’s important, right?

  31. It would be a tragedy if the Bills moved out if Buffalo. They haven’t made the playoffs in 15 years and fan support has barely wavered. No other team in any league has that degree of loyalty. If you watched the HOF induction ceremony last night you know what I mean.

  32. It won’t matter as Pegula has already dropped a bid that had Toronto nervous…. He has 1.75 billion sitting around.. This will be his team and if the team is sold to Toronto then there will be a conspiracy… And hidden agenda with the league…

  33. I’m just curious. Has anyone in Buffalo put together a plan with incentives for whoever buys the Bills? Can Buffalo offer certain finances based on the new owners staying . I’m not a Bills Fan but I am a fan of football. The Bills have a team with tradition and loyal fans. Buffalo Bill fans need to push city officials to help ensure the team stays in Buffalo. As far as Bon Jovi you can hate the music but as a musician he is one of those that didn’t squander away his income. He does give back to charities that are for good causes. He has invested smartly enough to build his wealth and yes he still makes a great living playing and or writing music. Officials in Buffalo need to come up with some proposal for a new owner to keep the team where it is. The Fans deserve it and Buffalo deserves it.

  34. The game plan lan goes like this…

    1. Do and say whatever is necessary to get the team.

    2. Make a bunch of outrageous demands all at taxpayer expense.

    3. Add AND every time the city agrees until they can’t say yes anymore.

    3. Get turned down.

    4. Cry in shock and disbelief that the city won’t help them be competitive.

    5. Move the team.

  35. I don’t see how this is relevant. Some things we know:
    – Pegula was estimated to have hundreds of millions in cash before selling land recently to raise another 1.75b in cash.
    – Pegula is reported to given an initial bid of 1.2 billion for the franchise
    – JBJ needs, already, to put up 400 million to get to 30% to be the principal owner at the current bidding level.
    – Pegula has at minimum about another billion in cash to continue to raise his bid(who knows, maybe more)

    There’s just no way JBJ has the cash to stay in this game.

  36. My guess is Bonjovi is the the majority owner of that group he just does not really have the
    Funds to have 30 percent. Think about it if you were Wilson’s Estate would you want to wait
    For Bonjovi to liquidate a his assets to come up with enough funds to make the Purchase.
    Bonjovi has no business even being at the table. The Toronto groups main problem
    Is really Bonnovi him self. He does not have they money to do this and his big fat mouth
    Has got him in Hot water. It’s over for them. Mean while Terry P just lurks In the back ground with class. He is the savior. The Wilson estate knows this and so do the other bidders.
    Why keep the Shrade going. The reason for dead lines and bids is to have Morgan Stanley
    Figure out who should be the best owner with the most liquid assets. Know that they seen
    The cards of the 3 players. They report back to the Wilson Estate. It seems like it’s a good reason to eliminate the Toronto group when you know they really can’t go higher

    More of my opinion

    Why would the 2 articles not say all 3 groups made it to the 2nd round.
    If they did they would have reported it that way.
    They made a point to say Terry P and Trump have moved onto the
    2nd round. So I am speculating, yes if it turns out not to be true I
    Am sorry. But for now it appears that this could be the case so I started a thread.
    So let’s see what happens.

    The Toronto Group does not have the Money
    With Bonjovi as the majority owner. he has to put down 30 percent. His partners can’t be the Majority owner they own the maple leafs.
    So they can not be Majority Owner.
    NFL does not allow a Owner to own 2 Sports teams in different markets. So hence the other guys can’t be the Majority Owner of this Canada
    Group. The Canada group was fine if the bidding stayed around 1billion. But with the bidding already at 1.3 Billion and possibly ending at 1.5
    Billion. This is no reason to keep the Toronto Group around. It’s Morgan Staley’s job to make recommendations to the Wilson Estate.
    Why keep this group around if they can’t bid higher. Plus single ownership over 3 partners is preferred by the NFL and the Morgan Stanley that has to close on this sale. The Toronto’s groups biggest problem is that Bonjovi just does not have
    The funds to complete the 30 percent threshold
    That he needs to come up with. The bids are all ready past the point of no return for this
    Canada groups bid.


    It’s simple math at 1 billion dollars Bonjovi would need 300 million dollars.
    I just googled his net worth here is what came back

    According to Forbes, Bon Jovi was the third highest-paid musician in the world in 2013, bringing in $79 million. In its 2012 “Ones to Watch” list, Forbes estimated Bon Jovi has a total net worth of $290 million. Forbes estimates the Bills are valued at $870 million, as of August 2013.

    So if the bidding gets up to 1.5 Billion
    Then he would need 450 Million to
    Be in the game. He has around 320 million
    Or so that’s what’s been reported.

    When Morgan Stanley and the Wilson Estate
    Look at the numbers and his financials it easy to
    Understand why he and his group would be eliminated.

    Now if the bidding was say 900 million
    To 1 Billion dollars for the bills. Them I could see this group staying at the table and in the game
    To be picked to own the Bills.

    But it’s gone beyond that now. It’s Morgan Stanley’s job on behalf of the Wilson estate
    To move this process forward.

    It’s really over for this Toronto Group
    Bonjovi does not have the money to move forward it’s that simple.

    His group should not move to the next round.

    Tell me why wouldn’t Mary Wilson not want to pick
    A single buyer over a group with 3 buyers
    That would move the team out of Buffalo.
    Plus the highest bidder would honor her late Husbands wishes and keep the team in Buffalo
    To further his legacy. I could see Terry P naming the new stadium field after the late great Ralph Wilson. Let’s is common sense.

    Bon Jovi can’t be the Majority owner of the Bills
    The bidding has gone to high.
    It’s over for this group. It’s time to celebrate
    This great weekend that is upon us.

  37. “I never drew first when I drew first blood…… shot down, in a blaze of glory……”

  38. I didn’t see anything in that statement that looked like a commitment to keep the Bill’s in Buffalo. It’s highly possible he would “keep” them in B-lo, but half their home games would be in Toronto.

  39. Perhaps Trump taking it to LA will make people in Buffalo happier. Be happy, this man will keep the team local regardless for years to come. Nobody else bidding, not even Pegula can guarantee that right now.

  40. It’s a joke how transparent this is. Not even a firm commitment. Just a promise to do their best to keep the team. Translation is pretend like we’re trying but never commit to anything. Then they can say “well, we tried”. If anything this just helps Bills fans be more assured that they don’t want him to be their next owner.

    If he get the team, the NFL had better be prepared for 5-8 lame duck seasons in Buffalo in front of an empty stadium, and all the embarrassment that would come with that for the league.

  41. Hey, that’s what Art was saying while helping Jacksonville and Carolina get their franchises even though Baltimore was offering the best package….

  42. I don’t see what the problem is, you’ll still have the Bills for 6 more years.

    Then their ours forever. 🙂

  43. Who are the 20% who believe this?

    Surely there are not many of the Jawarski clan that have voted in this poll

  44. Bills wont move because the NFL would have to change its name. INFL (international football league) just doesnt sound very good.

  45. @sunzhu717

    1) Not sure what you don’t understand about people of WNY not considering a move to Toronto local. They’re 2 hours apart and aside from that have no connection. Suppose the Cavs moved to Pittsburg. That’s only 2 hours away too. Would you the suggest Cavs fans shouldn’t care, because it’s still local? No. Of course not. This is no different.

    2) it is 100% false Pegulla couldn’t guarantee the Bills stay put. The man is worth billions. You don’t get that way without a polished business acumen. You don’t think he would be able to use that same savvy in his efforts to keep the team where it is? Please.

  46. Goodell would let Bon jovi move the team to Canada in a heartbeat.

    This is the Same Goodell that wants an NFL team in London

    In Goodell’s NFL, the fan doesn’t matter. It’s all about the money, baby.

  47. Instead of whining like banshees, the 250,000 Buffalonians should each pony up $20K, which would raise 5 Billion, enough to buy the team, keep it in the city and build a state of the art stadium, all owned by the fans, like in Green Bay.

  48. He would keep then in buff if they build him a new stadium with psl’s and luxury boxes. Buffalo: money talks and bs makes u walk to Toronto!

  49. I’m getting a good laugh from all the people who hate Bon Jovi’s music, yet they know all the titles and lyrics to his songs.

  50. You guys are dopes. Clearly he is keeping it in Buffalo and the Bills fans will be happy to have a owner like Bon Jovi.

    If he had plans to move it away, why bother write a letter? Serves no purpose at all. It’s not going to sway anything.

  51. If the team has more value in another location they WILL move. It happens in every sport.

    Are there really Grizzlies in Memphis or nice Lakes in LA?

  52. @joetoronto- then their ours forever. Don’t think so Joe and you might want to stop digging the hole deeper and deeper. There is no chance the Bills will end up in Toronto or any other franchise for a long period of time. I would be shocked if the new Bills owner will not have an agreement with the NFL making sure that a team will not be allowed to move north of the border for a set period of time. If 20% of the Bills fans come from Ontario, they will not want to risk Toronto getting a team. Put on an Argonaut jersey Joe, that is the only football you will watch in Toronto.

  53. What the hell is this term “stadium solution”. The potential owners are multibillionaires with assets worth billions in a league worth billions. Surely they could *gasp* build their own stadium or *gasp* get a loan from the banks. There are more than enough assets and returns for the banks to give the loans.

    Oh, by “stadium solution”, you mean “how are we going to trick/ threaten/ bribe politicians/ blackmail the taxpayers” into giving these billionaires a FREE place to work. Eff you NFL.

  54. Not a Bills fan but Bon Jovi is lame in every sense of the word. As a fan of the league I don’t like to see teams moved. It’s devastating to their local fan base & it’s equally as damaging to their cities. The Bills are a HUGE part of Buffalo & that shouldn’t change. We’ve already seen this w/ the Colts moving out of Baltimore, Cleveland losing their franchise to the Ravens, & Houston losing the Oilers. Enough already. If the league wants to add a team in L.A. or a team in London or wherever then it should be a NEW team that doesn’t come at the expense of an existing team.

    If Goodell & some of the more vocal/greedy owners like Jerry Jones & Robert Kraft weren’t such pigs they’d say that whoever buys the Bills MUST keep the team in Buffalo. That’s where the team was founded & that’s where it needs to stay. Baltimore got the Ravens, Cleveland got the Browns back, & Houston got the Texans but if Buffalo loses the Bills then they’ll never have another NFL team again.

  55. The only thing sadder than Bon Jovi being the new owner or even the new part owner of an NFL franchise is his music. Stick with the Arena league where you belong.

  56. The NFL is a better league because the Bills are in Buffalo. Did anyone else watch the hall of fame last night? Bills fans took it over. What other franchise has done that?

    Jon Bon Jovi needs to move on and try relocating a franchise where the fans won’t break out torches and pitchforks because I’ll tell you this, if a miracle was pulled off and Bon Jovi somehow owned the Bills, the fans will make him regret it.

  57. Wow, such spin and conjecture in this article.
    Bon Jovi had a “group” buy the Philadelphia Soul too…
    Does that mean he doesn’t have the means to buy an arena team too or being a smart business man and 1) lessen the risk and coat to himself and 2 a group to run the business (team) while he rocks out to divorced MILFs in mom jeans.
    The guy loves football.
    Did he move the soul to NJ? Nope!
    And God knows Atlantic City could use the help right now.

    There are plenty of rumors about Toronto, but one if the posters said it best. The NFL will determine where the Bills go, not some 80’s hair spray addicted rocker.

  58. Pretty convincing results in the poll so far; time for Jon’s legal & public relations teams (who I’m sure wrote most if not all of this thing) to recognize this pathetic attempt as a total failure. If anything, his long-term intention to move the team is even MORE clear now, thanks to his refusal to make anything even vaguely resembling an actual commitment to keep it in Buffalo.
    Laughably poor and transparent effort here, Jon; time to throw in the towel and focus your efforts elsewhere.

  59. How come the members of his band are “paid employees” and do not get a cut of the overall profits?
    Nice to see my Cleveland Gladiators kick the Soul’s (|) last night … and YES … I was there at the Q. What a great win !
    Big game ending field goal baby,
    How’d dat taste?

  60. You people have no idea of what your talking
    About. When Terry Pegula buys the Bills which as
    Of right now he was the high bidder of 1.3 Billion
    In round one. Only 3 bids came in
    Donald Trump and the Bon Jovi Canada group

    So when Terry Pegula buys the Bills you’ll fully understand who this guy really is.
    His wife his from Rochester. He grew up as a Buffalo
    Sabers and Buffalo Bills fan. He has bought the whole
    In harbor in downtown Buffalo. He has a enough Money
    To buy the Bills for 1.7 Billion and build a Billion dollar
    Stadium and still have billions in the bank.
    He is reported to say that he will build a new stadium
    For the Bills.

    He will instantly become the 3 wealthiest owner in the
    In the NFL. He owns the Buffalo Sabres and the Rochester
    Americans AHL hockey team. He loves Western NY and Buffalo.

    His goal is to transform the entire downtown inner harbor.
    NY state has invested a billion dollars into Buffalo in the last
    18 months.

    The town is changing for the better a sleeping giant
    Is about to awaken. This new stadium is the lynch pin to
    A whole entertainment district with shopping and hotels
    And night clubs and condos and a buffalo hall of fame.
    Along with a new convention center.
    Future ncaa Basketball and college football
    Championships will be played there
    A future Super Bowl and concerts and political
    Conventions with all be in this new domed stadium.

  61. People who live In Western NY know what a great place
    It is to live and raise a Family.

    Terry Pegula even donated 103 million dollars to Penn State
    To build a hockey stadium for there Hockey program.

    Terry just sold and closed on 1.7 billion dollar land deal in PA
    For the natural gas his land produces.

    This guy is flush with money and he just keeps making money by having his company drill new gas wells.

    It’s almost like he has a License to print money.
    New gas wells dug mean more Billions.

    This guy is has owned season tickets to the Bills and Sabres
    In the past. He has tail gated and lived and died with these
    2 teams. He lives and breathes Western NY and loves
    The area and it’s fans and it’s sports teams.
    So if you think for one minute this team will end up any where
    Else you are sadly mistaken. The other thing about Terry Pegula is he does every thing first class with honor and grace.

    This area is very lucky to have this guy as it savior.

    Not to mention that all ny state politicians. Such a Andrew Como
    And senator Chuck Schummer have said there is no way
    They will let the Bills leave

    3 media sources in the last 24 hours have hinted that the Toronto
    Group will not move forward to the 2nd phase of Bidding

  62. Who in their right mind would want the former frontman of a cheesy 80s hairband running their franchise? I would take Khan over Bon Jovi for peets sake….

  63. @timpiker says: Aug 3, 2014 3:06 PM

    So where is the Buffalo Billionaire promising to keep the team in Buffalo? I missed that story.

    Timmy, do you even know what you are talking about?
    Terry Pegula is putting big money into downtown Buffalo and that is not including owning the Sabres, Rochester Americans in the AHL and the Buffalo Bandit lacrosse team. He will build a stadium in downtown Buffalo. The man is committed to the city of Buffalo.

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